Beginners Tips for Using Google Keyword Planner Tool for Researching and Ranking Keywords

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How to use Keyword Planner Tool for Researching and finding targeted keywords for your niche?

Here you would get basic ideas about what Keywords Researching from Google Adwords (or Google Ads) Keyword Planner Tool for digital advertisers.

Basic Tips on how to get started on researching and planning targeted keywords for your content of choice through Google Ads.

If you have your own website, then you will want to make sure that you are getting enough hits to keep your business or blog going! Traffic is important, and you will obviously want more visitors to come into your website. This goes especially for those who depend on PPC ads and sponsors to make a profit. How exactly do you do this? Through keywords!


Luckily, Google has created a tool in order for you to learn about the keywords to use for you to entice viewers to click your search ads, thus giving you more profit! This is all thanks to the Google Keyword Planner. If you haven’t heard of it yet, we give you beginners’ tips for using Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool.


Tips for Beginners on How to Use Google Keyword Planner Tool for KW researching


On 24th July 2018, Google AdWords became Google Ads. They have changed their name, logo, and url to reflect the brand name change. Going forward Google Adwords would be known as Google Ads. It includes all types of advertising campaigns at one place. Google Ads could now be used for Search, Display and Video ads.


How to Use Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool?


Google Adwords is the most popular source of paid search traffic all across the World. They have this Keyword Planner tool which is favored by all the webmasters and Internet marketers all over the globe. You can use it to find new traffic opportunities, leads, competitors ideas, search volume for a particular search query, etc.

Follow the below mentioned steps to make a good start on this amazing Keyword researching tool:-

1. For starters, you will need to register for a Google Adwords account. If you have already created one, log in and head on straight to Tools->Keyword Planner on the Toolbar. Click and Go to Keyword Planner.


Here you will get 2 options:


A. Search keywords-

If you are using Keyword Planner for the first time then click on this option. It is for getting keyword ideas about your website/business/products.


B. Get Search Volume and Forecasts-


Here you will see search volume for your keywords in the past research, as well as forecasts for how they might perform in the future.

2. You will now be directed with the keyword planner asking what you would like search. In the search box put anything like- words, phrases, a website url related to your business.

Focus on SEO-keywords, choose to search for new keywords or multiple keywords for new ideas.

3. You won’t need to use “Get traffic estimates” option, as that is for advertisers. You can use if you want to use Google Ads for paid advertising. There are only two main and important features you would like to use when getting keywords.


Here are the following things you’ll need to know for using Keyword planner more effectively:


#1. Searching for New Keywords


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Research your Desired and profitable Keywords using the Adwords KW Planner


For the “Search for new keywords”, you will then be directed to put in some information. This is all about your website, its niche, and what you are trying to sell.  When putting in keywords, choose to put in about 3 keywords of the same topic, but for slightly different audiences.

You will also be directed to several options, such as your target market (depending on the country you are from), and other keyword filters and options.Clicks, Impressions, Cost, CTR, Avg CPC, Keyword competition, Search volume, Keyword bids.

What to look for:  Search for the keywords that have high search volume and low competition. Ranking higher for such keywords is quite easier.


See how Keywords are arranged in many parameters


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#2. Bind Multiple Keywords into Groups


This tool gets keywords and combines them in order to get effective keywords that will garner visitors. Some of the words may sound silly, but there will be a few good ones once you start looking through the list.


Simply enter keywords into various lists, adding more lists if needed. Once done, you’ll be directed to the list of keywords created by the tool. This is important as it shows what people will look or search for on search engines.

4. If you want to advertise on Google using this tool then take a note that you need to bid on the keywords you choose from, so it’s best to bid wisely and know which keywords sound relevant for people to search, and what would garner the most hits.

But don’t worry, as signing up is completely free. Searching and researching on keywords is free. You only pay when you put paid ads on Google.


5.  Go for broad to exact keywords, making sure that you enter all the possible keywords you can use on your website. That way, you will have better results and more relevant keywords to choose from.

6. Remember to check the keyword competition, as you wouldn’t want to be using very popular keywords that will tie you down to the next pages of a search engine, which people will not be interested in looking at.


7. Before using the Keyword Planner tool, it’s best to be knowledgeable on the different terms ( that Google will use in order to create an effective keyword that will show your website on search engines. Practice using the keyword tool before you start making your bids.

It’s best to be familiar with the whole interface and the meaning of keywords that are used in the tool so you will not be wasting time and money figuring it out.


In Conclusion


With many websites out there, it may be difficult to garner traffic and gain profit with pay-per-click ads. Luckily, you are now able to change all that and increase your traffic through the help of keywords. Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool will definitely be of great help, showing you what keywords are perfect for the ads you will be showing on your website. That way, more visitors will start clicking on these ads and giving you more profit!
With these steps and beginners’ tips for using Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool, you will now be able to start garnering more profit from pay-per-click ads on your website.It has never been this easy, so what are you waiting for? Check out this Keyword Tool today and reap the benefits it has to offer!
Did you enjoy the article or have any more suggestions? Then comment down below and let us hear what you have to say about Google Adwords Keyword Planner!

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