Top 10 Content Curation Sites for Digital Marketing your Content Insanely

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Content Curation- What are the Best 10 Online Tools for Curating Content


There is no doubt that original content is amazing. It gives you a good feeling creating it and more than anything, it is original, useful and also entertaining for the readers. But it is not always possible to keep producing original contents day after day, sacrificing your other vital aspects of business. In such a scenario, it is important to hire content curators. OR you can use these Content Curation tools for that purpose.


Who can Use these Online Curation Tools-


  • Online Marketers.
  • Small online business owners.
  • Bloggers and publishers.
  • Web masters and SEO Professional.
  • Content Marketing Freelancers.



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The Most Popular Online Tools for Free Content Curation for Marketers



Content marketing is the trendiest thing in the content business and it has shown tremendously positive results for several companies. It boosts sales, ROI and builds long term trust and permanency. But it is not always an easy journey. Building a successful strategy in content creation is often comes with several challenges and is usually a lengthy process.

Challenges mainly include creation of epic content, integration of content marketing Tools in the marketing strategy, and poor budget are some of the many difficulties managers has to face on a regular basis.


What are the Benefits of Content Curation:


➤ Saves energy and time.
➤ Heightens brand visibility.
➤ Establishes authority and thought leadership.
➤ Relevant to your followers and audience.
➤ You can turn yourself as a curator and make worthy profit.



Top 10 Sites that everyone Loves for Content Curation:

Some Amazing Tools to Boost Your Content Creation!

Here is the list of 10 Best Websites to Boost Your Content Curation Strategy:


1. Pocket


This tool is great as it helps to collect bulk content all in a single place. It can save contents from Flipboard, Twitter, and Pulse. Available on most platforms, it can integrate with more than 1500 apps.Once you settle your contents in pocket, you can access it from your PC or smartphone even without an internet connection.

That gives you the edge to share or read contents later.



2. Medium


Medium–Read-write-share-stories that matter_600x400



If you have a long-term vision for content curation, it is advised to use Medium. It is a combination of social media and blog that amalgamates socially distributed content with the original content. It also allows you to display principal story events and pin content. This tool provides easy editing options and has many news sections like design, technology, and business.

Although there are a great many tool options you can choose from, it is better to try them individually and find those few that works out for you. Apart from that, you can visit social media channels and blogs that match your specialty which will give you exciting topic ideas.


3. Pinterest


Pinterest- A Great Platform for Content Curation



Considered as one of the best platforms for curating inspiring and beautiful content, Pinterest provides you countless useful ideas varying from home decoration, recipes, gardening, and a lot more.


Apart from providing amazing contents on different ideas, it also lets you share and organize your own content. Also, another great benefit is that it provides you inspiration which you can take from several Pinboards to create your own.



4. The Tweeted Times



The Tweeted Times: Content Curation and Publishing Tool

This amazing tool lets you find out and publish incredible tweets. It can discover and curate specialized content  which is original, fresh and relevant for your audience to follow. This tool also automatically shares news with your Twitter stream which are ranked according to their popularity. Perfect for budding businesses, this Twitter daily is a real time newspaper and aids you in becoming the future leader.


5. Feedly



Feedly: content curation platform


Feedly, a popular blog reader is also famed as the most followed RSS in the world. It is an absolute tool you can’t miss when you are in content curation.

Here, you can get subscriptions for your favorite publications, websites, YouTube channels and blogs.

Feedly also lets you read, save, and share contents on social platforms. Here you can also arrange feeds into collections. Although free to use, you can opt for paid version that lets you login with your group.






ScribbleLive-Trapit Content Curation Tool



This outstanding tool is very useful for content curation as it is equipped with special algorithms which offer you the most relevant content.

It has the capacity to store content from more than 100,000 sources such as professional journals, blogs, podcasts, and videos.

It lets you explore hard-to-find, latest, quality, and trending information. Also, it has the intelligence to guess your preferences after you vote your preferred stories. In Trapit you can make your content stand out from the crowd.


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7. DrumUp


This tool is the leading content marketing app and social platform in the world. It has the capacity to cut down management time of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn up to 90 percent. It browse through the millions of contents in the web to bring you the most relevant and freshest stories.

You can conjoin several social networking accounts with your dashboard and provide links for your blogs to those accounts.


8. allows you to organize your contents in lists and is preferred by almost everybody.About 30% of all internet contents are fond in the form of lists. It helps to create well-curated, short, and organized content for your readers. Being social, it also accepts people’s opinion and includes their valuable suggestions.


This helps it in remaining up-to-date and providing better content for your followers.



9. Pearltrees



Pearltrees acts as a digital library that lets you collect images, web pages, and contents that interests you. You simply need to drag your digital objects, URLs, and structure them into sub-collections and collections. By making your collections open to everyone, this tool helps you become a part of the curation community where your collection is connected to other collections.

Here you can expect rare contents and better team collaboration.



10. Quartz Daily Brief


Keeping up-to-date is the first and the foremost thing of being a great content curator. That is why it is important to be familiar with the everyday news. Quartz Daily Brief provides a very convenient platform for your content as well as your business. This tool provides various topical subjects that help provide inspiration for genuine posts.

You can get all the latest updates on politics, finance and markets while enjoying your daily morning coffee on The Quartz. It presents the daily news in a witty and funny way without creating much fuss.

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