How to Become a Successful Amazon Affiliate? Beginners Guide

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How to Start Making Money Online from Amazon Associates Affiliate Program. A Beginner’s Guide!


Amazon Affiliate Program Success Tips. How To Become an Affiliate at Amazon. A Success Guide For Beginners.


If you are a newbie in the market with a website or blog, the Amazon Associates program is an excellent way to add affiliate money making opportunities. A perfect way to add up money to your account on the commission basis with just clicks that too by someone else. You can easily make your own ‘aStore’ with an individual selectivity and choices of the products from the Amazon website.

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Amazon Associates affiliate Program: A Guide for Beginners


Although earning substantial income will take some time, you need to be calm and have the patience to make money from Amazon affiliate program. As an Amazon affiliate, you do not require a product store or hold the product in your account.


Further, you do not need to sell any product. Selling will be the sole responsibility of Amazon, and they will do it. With systematic planning and effort as an affiliate, you can make moderate income.  Now learn the quick and easiest way to become an Amazon affiliate.


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Easiest Steps to become an Amazon Associate



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Steps to Join Amazon Affiliate Program

Set up your website or your blog


To become a successful Amazon Associate partner, you need to have a website address, with all its specifications and details revolving around your products or listings and who the audience you are targeting.

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Navigate to


If you already have an Amazon account, just sign in to your account. It will make you log in to Associates account under your old existing account. If you wish to make a separate account, register to Amazon through new Amazon option. Scroll to the bottom and tap on to “Join Associates.”

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Tap on “join free”


Now, click on the new customer option on the login screen. Enter all your personal details such as name and email address and select a perfect password for your account.


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Fill in the necessary details


After the above steps, it is time to fill all your personal details such as name, address, zip code and other information required.

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Get Familiar with the features


As you are now a part of Amazon associates, you need to be familiar with all the features of associates program. You can find the discussion forums, the Associates blogs, and other features helping you to learn knowledge about the program.


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Enter your website address or URL


After the above steps, you should enter your website domain. Also answer the questions such as about your website, its products, and all the details revolving around your website.


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Read the Agreement Carefully


After reading the Amazon Associates agreement, you are free to click on the finish option. It is necessary to read the agreement carefully to avoid any future misunderstandings.


Wait for notification to activate your associate account


After completing the above steps, you need just to relax and wait for the approval from the Amazon. After approval, you can start adding affiliate products to your website. From this moment onwards, you are on the threshold to start earning money.

The above were some easiest steps, which can help you in becoming an associate with the Amazon and can make money quickly.


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Pros of becoming an Amazon Affiliate


Trusted brand: Amazon is a perfect online store to buy all the products easily from home. It is the safest and fastest e-commerce website among the rest.

Commission as high as the product values: Although commission on a book is mere 4%, you can earn more when you promote high-value products. The commission amount increases when the costs of the product increase.

Customers end up buying many products: It is evident with human nature, ending up buying more than 2 products with one search option. It will add up commissions as the product number increases.

Seasonal sale: Amazon is perfect partner at seasonal holidays with bumper sales. It will help you in adding bucks to your commission accounts.

A broad range of products: You can easily find all the stuff you are looking for at Amazon, whether it is educational or trendy. Almost every niche is covering under Amazon proving an ideal place to have a kick-start career.


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Cons of Online Affiliate Marketing


Although affiliate-marketing companies are proving to be the best option for earning, there exist some disadvantages too.

Every coin has its two sides; the same way is with the online affiliate marketing companies.

Mere commission: The commission of the Associates is quite low. They start up with mere 4% and ends as high as 8% depending on the products. Often people buy low priced products such as books; the commission adding to your account is quite low.

Low cookie time: As you affiliates to Amazon, the cookies send by you should have to use within 24 hours; otherwise, it would stop working.


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Amazon Affiliate Program Success Tips for Affiliates


Start as early as possible:


The bloggers should start using Amazon’s Associate program as soon as possible. It is the best way to populate your blogs with the links converting into the best earning option.

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Experiment out with widgets


Experiment out with the tools and can visualize the best result with your audience. Try to rely on the widgets and aStore of Amazon and you can get the best outcome from it.


Transparency with your readers


Should it necessary to disclose your links are affiliate links or not? The answer will probably lie depending on your location. If you stay in US or Australia, you are required to disclose, but in other parts, this is not necessary.


Your readers on top priority


When you are engaged in affiliating marketing, you should keep your readers’ interest at the highest priority. A solid reputation and loyal leadership should have to develop in between you and your readers.


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Pick up high-quality products


If you promote quality, it becomes easier for you to be genuine at same times you can gain commissions too. Whenever you recommend any product, ensure its quality.


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Keep an eye on Amazon


The best and the most important tip are to keep an eye on Amazon. You should be totally involved with them as what they are doing, learn from them, and learn the perfect art for online marketing.


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Amazon Affiliate Marketing Success



Most of the people who join affiliate programs are finding a quick way to find easy money. First of all what comes to your mind when you hear the word Amazon affiliate marketing?

This is a marketing program where web advertiser trains some freelancers or webmasters to place the merchant’s advertisements banner or buttons on their websites.


The advantageous part is whereby the webmasters get a commission from every sale the dealer makes. This can happen when the customer has clicked the affiliate link. Interestingly, Amazon has an affiliate program.


Let’s take an example if I was a web designer, then I would put the Amazon link on my websites and every time a customer clicks on the link, I get a commission out of it. So if I am to getting involved with Amazon affiliation in order to have a market success.


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Having an active blog or website


If I want to make sure that I have a market success, then I should make sure that I make blogs and websites that I am able to manage. I can use this chance to tell my followers or my customers of the services that am providing apart from the Amazon products, or what is on the website.


After some time during my interaction with them, they would have gained my trust. This means that I could I could stick the Amazon affiliation on my website. I could have a better chance of increasing my commission. And by so doing I would have approached the horizon of Market Success.


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Social media:


Anything that is related to the internet, must have the aspect of the social media. I could use this to my advantage too. As an Amazon affiliate, I should ensure that I have many followers, subscribers, and friends all over the social media handles.


When I put the Amazon affiliate links in all my accounts, there should be a number of customers who are going to click the link. As much as few they may be, there is going to be a huge impact after all. Market success counts for the little that you do as an affiliate.

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Product relevancy:


It would be better for me if I centralized in one particular niche of products. When I do this, I am meant to attract more customers who are interested in the products. Not only that but also they would be longing to get other similar products from me in the future.


They would be familiar with me as their platform for getting such Amazon affiliation. All this will require me to market relevant products at all times to achieve a market success.

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This is the most important aspect of such businesses. In order for me to have a market success, I don’t spend most of the time just throwing links everywhere to the customers. I also take the time to talk to the customers at a personal level. When they know that I can be approachable, I can be in the position to advise them on the products that they need.

If all I do is push products to the customers, our conversation rates are going to decrease. Hence my tips to them would be irrelevant.


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When I observe all these tips, being an Amazon affiliate would be so much fun and also beneficial. My marketing success is supposed to be elevated to greater heights. This can be a great deal since I know that once the customer has made contact with the Amazon, then there is 99% chance that I would get the commission out of it.


The above steps and tips are the best way for the beginners to learn and become a successful Amazon Associates. Everyone wants to earn money, and this could be the easiest and the best way to make money.


Although generating money may take some time, it will surely bring success, and you can have a regular income. You just need to be alert and be a regular Amazon user.


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