Fighting Spam – 10 Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2022 to Stop Spam Comments

Top 10 WP Plugins to Stop Spamming on WordPress Blogs


Now You Can Stop Comment Spam In WordPress With These Popular Tools – Faster Than You Ever Imagined!


Comment spam is more like a pain for any blogger and not every blogger has the patient to deal with it. Some of them bear these because they are not aware of it and they don’t have any idea how to tackle these spam comments on their blog. The result of which comes out as, they get banned from search engine index.


Today, WordPress is the best CMS which is loved by bloggers all across the globe. But this site too receives spam comments in bulk. Infact 99% of the comments received will be spammed ones. It sounds harsh but we can’t turn our face from reality. This is a staggering figure to handle without a good tool to stop comment spam in Wordpress.


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Best Plugins to Stop Comment Spams In WordPress


This issue is very sensitive for bloggers and this is the reason that various ways are discovered over the period of time to combat comment spam in WordPress one of which being the use of plugins.

Yes, you can prevent comment spam easily by installing WordPress anti-spam plugins that are available in wide range. You can even configure WordPress discussion settings to reduce spam comments.


When using WordPress, it is necessary to have built-in tools that can protect the blog from receiving spam comments. Therefore, keeping this concern in mind we bring to you this article highlighting some of the most popular and widely accepted WordPress anti-spam plugins.


List of 10 Best Plugins to Fight Comment Spamming for WordPress Blogs:


Let us read about these in detailed form:


1. Akismet


Get Akismet Plugin for WordPress This tool tops the list of all anti-spam plugins that are available for WordPress. It was developed by Automattic and consists of powerful features. It is the best spam blocker for WordPress that we ever got. It checks and filters spam from comments, trackbacks, and contact form messages.


Akismet: A very Old and Trustworthy WP Plugin to Stop Spam Comments

This plugin sees if the comment looks like a spam or not and also lets you review the comments it caught as spam. The comments that are marked as spam gets deleted in the end and the rest that successfully passes the inspection stage are published on the site.


Some of the main features of Akismet Plugin include:

– Checking all the comments automatically and filtering out the ones that looks like spam.

– Shows URLs in the comments section so that misleading links can be caught.

– Saves your disk space by discarding the worst spam right there directly by discard feature that also fastens the speed of your site.

This tools checks about 50000 spams every month. It does this for Non-profit organizations, personal sites and individual blogs. For commercial purposes and businesses, paid subscriptions are available too. The important thing to note here is, it requires you to have an API key to get started with.


2. Anti Spam Bee: a Powerful Solution to Fight Comment Spamming


Get Anti Spam Bee for WordPress Standing as a competition and alternative to Akismet, this is yet another powerful plugin we have for WordPress. It blocks spam comments on your site and trackbacks effectively and without captchas.

AntiSpam Bee – A Popular Plugin for WordPress Websites to tackle spammers


Anti Spam Bee is available free of charge and has about 1 million downloads already. The number of downloads can best describe the status of this plugin as to how effective it has been.

Anti-spam Bee Ratings as on 1st Nov 2022

It does not require you to go through any registration process. Coming onto comments section then total transparency is maintained in their inspection. Monthly statistics can be seen on the dashboard and that too with spam numbers. You will not find any annoying ads and the best thing is data privacy is assured.


3. WordPress Zero Spam

Get Zero Spam Plugin for WordPress

Another very easy to use plugin that does not require API key or any additional set up.The spam in comments as well as registration spam is automatically blocked by Zero Spam plugin. Javascript is used by this plugin to block the spam registration and comments.


In order to provide great performance it supports caching plugins. Spammers are blocked by IP address. No captchas and moderation queues are required. You just have to install it and forget about it.


One interesting feature about Zero Spam is its optional logging with which you can even track who is actually trying to spam. Overall it is a great spam fighting solution available for WordPress users.


4. CleanTalk Plugin

Get CleanTalk for WordPress


It is the premium plugin that protects all kinds of spams be it comments spam, registrations spam, email spam, booking spam, subscription spam, order spam and more.


Formerly known as “Anti-Spam by CleanTalk”, this service provides invisible protection against all kinds of spams for websites without captchas, puzzles, questions or math.

You get to enjoy free trial for initial 14 days. After that the subscription cost does not exceed $8 per year per site.


You pay for a year and get a lot of security, protection and benefits in return like it saves your time, gets you clear statistics, more traffic to your site and loyal user-base. Installation is quite easy and 24/7 technical support is assured.


5. Hide My WP Ghost: Security & Anti-Spam Plugin

Free Download Hide My WP Ghost for WordPress

It makes your theme, WordPress plugins, and other dashboard and backend related items hidden from attackers, hackers, detectors, and spies.

Comments and registration spam are tackled by this WordPress plugin. Removing all the automated spam from your website is the aim of it. The best thing about this plugin is that it deals with the spam comments before they enter into the database of WordPress.

It is called as all-in-one anti spam plugin for WordPress for the very reason that it does the work of eliminating comment spam, trackback spam, contact form spam as well as registration spam altogether.

This is why we cannot doubt about how extremely powerful it is. You get better security, makes your site user-friendly, saves your precious time which otherwise you would waste on refining your comments queue and improves the overall performance of your website along with other various benefits.


6. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin (GSAP)

Get Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin


About 99% of automated spam bots are stopped itself via plugin. GSAP adds a client side generated checkbox to the comment box that ask users to confirm that they no spammers. It can’t get any better and easier than this.


It is checked therein whether or not the checkbox is ticked by the user or not before the comment gets submitted. In order to ensure that you are flooded with comments even by the legitimate user, maximum limit of comments that a user can post can be set.


It is the ease of functions that has lead to the success of this plugin and the download figure of about 250,000 is enough to justify that. Know that Javascript is enabled for it to work effectively and properly.


Also note that this plugin works only with the default WordPress comment system. Developed by Andy, GSAP has the easiest way to get rid of automated spammers and is available free if charges.


7. Stop Spammers Spam Prevention

Download Stop Spammers Plugin


This plugin performs a very aggressive spam check by undergoing 20 distinct checks to prevent block comment spam, trackbacks, contact form spam, registration spam and against any kind of malicious practice.


It holds the power to protect spams from over 100 countries. On detecting spam, it gives another chance to the user to login or comment. The request that gets denied are presented with captcha screen which is a warning page to the spammer.

The captcha can be denoted as OpenCaptcha, Google reCaptcha, or SolveMedia reCaptcha. The only time captcha will appear on user screen is when as spammer it is denied access.


8. Stop Spam Comments

Stop Spam Comment Plugin


This plugin is way too easy and effective requiring no user interaction of any kind. Stop Spam Comments plugin does not require set up of any kind.


All you have to do is simply activate it and start using. Lightweight is one of its feature that cannot be overlooked as there exist no additional database queries or so.

You won’t find any tricky questions or captchas added. You can even call it an invisible plugin due its very features. But you cannot deny the fact that it is one of the coolest one available for us.


9. Spam Destroyer

Get Spam Destroyer Plugin


This WordPress plugin does what it says in its name. It destroys, kills spam right away as and when it tracks one.


This is the most effortless to use kind of plugin which does everything invisibly.


You don’t have much to do in case of Spam destroyer, Simply install it and let the game begin. It does not put off your commenters and yet blocks the automated spam.


Ryan Hellyer was the one behind this plugin. A hidden input field and a cookie verified by Java script is used herein to protect the website from spammers.


10. WPBruiser

Get WP Bruiser Plugin

Captchas are very annoying when you are sign up to any site. Although they are very effective as they prevent from messing up your comments and more but the bitter truth is that it also decreases the sign-up rates as the users find it burdening to take an extra step that too which might look complicated to them.


Now, we have this WordPress plugin WPBruiser (formerly known as Goodbye Captcha) that identifies spam bots and block them without any Captcha.


You don’t need to go through the annoying step of filling captcha or other field to get started and also it is completely invisible to the end user as and when you install this plugin on your WordPress site, it totally wipes off the spam comments, spam registrations, form spam and other harming attacks.

It automatically blocks IP addresses.




Making your WordPress site spam free is much needed. With the above listed tools it has become easier to fight against spamming. Try to keep your WordPress site maintained in the best way possible and not making a mess out of it. To run it smoothly, you can use/ install any of the plugins from the above that goes with your need and understanding.

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