30 Best Free Blogging Platforms for Online Advertising and Business Marketing

Best Blogging Platforms for Advertisers, SEO, Bloggers, Internet marketers, Small business owners, sellers, and online services providers.


Blog Advertising Sites to Promote and Market your Business via Blogging.

30 Best Blogging Websites where bloggers, content marketers, online advertisers, and SEO personals can promote or market their content effectively. These blog writing sites are free for everyone. Anyone can create a free blog in minutes at them and start posting content. These blogging sites are popular among Internet marketers and SEO consultants for blog posting.

Visit these Press Release Websites and do publish a press release about your online or offline business to increase your online visibility.


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Top 30 Blogging Platforms for Blog Posting, Digital Marketing 


You can use these sites for various reasons, like online advertising, business service promotions, content marketing, lead generation, quality backlink building, referral traffic generation, adverts posting, etc.


Free Blogging Sites List for SEO


Blogging platforms where you can Create Unlimited Blogs for your Business Promotion and Free Referral Traffic.

If you are blogging to promote your small business over the Internet using free search engine marketing, then these top blogging platform sites are great places to Submit your business free.


These platforms work as best websites for business promotion, Search Engine Marketing, and for improving free Search Engine Traffic.

Use these blogging platforms or CMS and create free blog posts to list your business, or make a portfolio, or advertise your products. No need of any domain name or web hosting.


How to Get Started?


Just visit the below listed Blogging sites and create free blogs in minutes. It’s all free! Then update and decorate your blog with all the necessary widgets, links, and plugins.


For an example, you create 5 different blogs on 5 platforms then you will have 5 dedicated source of referral traffic to your main blog or site.


In this way you not only increase the traffic to your main site but also the SEO value as well!

You can link back to your original web content from these blogs and get free high authority and high quality backlinks as well. But, don’t use too many links from there otherwise it may seem to be a ranking manipulation or unnecessary link churning.


Create a new blog and then adding content is really very easy at these blogging platforms as they offer very simple and user friendly CMS. Learn how to create SEO friendly blog posts.


And don’t forget to use a ranking analysis and optimization software for your original blog. You can find one such popular software for SEO and Blog ranking here.


List of Top Blogging Platforms to Create a Free Blog


Search Engine Advertising and Marketing for business: Post free business ads on blogs using these 30 free blog sites. Blogging sites are very good for making business portfolio and sales pages free on the Internet.

Content Advertising and Internet search engine marketing for business or products using free Blogging CMS sites for anywhere in the World.

Tips for promoting your content ]


It is simple to create a web page these days, as the blogging platforms have turned handy with many professional features. A blog’s success depends on the type of software (CMS- Content Management System) that has been using to create them. If you are into blogging, then you would know about various blogging platforms or CMS’s.


Best Blogging sites and Platforms for business-332x275 Best Blogging sites and Platforms for business

The following is a list of Top blogging platforms for bloggers and the benefits that one can enjoy out of it.


#1. WordPress.org


The WordPress is undoubtedly the best blogging platforms, ever since its inception using by millions of people for publishing blogs and building websites. It has many customization features that are easy to use by any blogger. Even if you are a beginner, you will it is easy to use the blog platform.


Wordpress-org-cms-based-best-free-blogging-platform-400x200 WordPress.org -CMS based #1 Best Free Blogging Platform Globally


WordPress lets their users install their own plugins and even themes to make the web page look like the way they want to have it. WordPress offers domain as per their WordPress.com plans and you need to have an active plan for registering a domain. With each plan, you will get one free domain registration. You can have an unlimited amount of domain registration on the same site but against additional payment.


#2. Blogger


Blogger.com -Blogspot Free Blogging Platform-by Google


The Blogger lets their users to add widgets and even edit their HTML on their blog, which many of the blogging sites won’t offer for free for users. This unique feature makes Blogger one among the best blogging sites available on the web world.



#3. Squarespace


Squarespace is a service based content management system, offering a total solution for individuals who want to create engaging websites. It is excellent when it comes to customization, and the best part is that you can do the whole customization even if you don’t know coding principles.


#4. Tumblr: Social Media Marketing Platform


The Tumblr is a famous blogging platform for younger audiences. It is a very simple platform focus mainly on GIFs and pictures, and not on text contents. If you are a visual blogger, then the experience you get out of Tumblr will definitely amaze you.


#5. Quora: Generate Referral and social traffic


Quora is one of the best question and answer sites, designed to serve its community members. It is an interactive blog forum cum platform, where you can edit your question and propose edits to other’s suggestions or answers. They have been recently collaborating with many different websites to bring out the best Q/A type of blogs all over the world.


#6. Ghost.org


The Ghost is yet another blogging platform that has a simple, easy to use interface. It has a live preview option that shows a small preview of your post and the way it would look even before posting them in the first place.


#7. Drupal


The Drupal is more than a blogging platform, and many famous business people around the world use this platform to publish their blog. It gives immense opportunity by creating a blog with Drupal, to explore more with web pages and other types of online content. Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS), offering back-end framework.  It is ideal for business collaboration.


#8. Joomla


If you are looking out for an entirely open source content management system, then Joomla could be your preferred choice. It is very easy to use, and it has many learning curves when compared to its competitor WordPress. It provides a lot of flexibility that makes way for a wide range of content creation options.


#9. Medium


The Medium is a blog forum where you can use it to share your own thoughts and scribes to a wider audience, which works like a social journal. The medium does have a built-in audience for your blog, which makes it a debatable one. You can easily embed Vimeo or YouTube videos with your writing on Medium. It works similar to Twitter, but you can write more characters.


#10. Weebly


The Weebly is great when compared to other blogging platforms as you can easily create the websites and blogs separately from one another. It’s the best platform to create a blog if you are looking to update and create a blog for your business without any hassle.


#11. TypePad


The TypePad offers a wide range of easy to use beautiful themes for the blog. Hosting your blogs has been made easy as they have the option to host on their own servers. The blog platform targets non-technical users and offers various features, such as multiple author support, mobile blogging, and photo albums.

It can be used in different languages other than English.


#12. Wix


The Wix is a blogger Platform for people who want to build their own websites even without knowing the intricacies of coding. The main key feature of Wix is that it has multiple device support abilities, making it easy to use on any devices, be it tablets, smartphone or your desktop.


The user will have the advantage of using third-party applications as well as social plug-ins, e-mail marketing, community forums, e-commerce and contact forms. For advanced use, you can purchase premium packages.

Why Wix is a Great Online Store Builder to Build an Ecommerce Site with?


#13. Kirby


Kirby is a highly recommended platform for developers, yet, it has some of the default options suitable for every other amateur bloggers. These types of blogging platforms for bloggers are for the professionals who would rather play more with the codes. It offers two types of licenses, the professional and personal.


#14. Postagon


Postagon is a simple and neat blogging platform. It has all the essential features that every other blogger would love to work. It has a clean interface and excellent support of Google Analytics which will let you have a better understanding of the blog visitors. With all the positive elements, Postagon is one of the most popular CMS among the top blogging platforms listed in this article.


#15. Jekyll


The Jekyll helps in transforming your text from an ordinary text editor to the blog or websites. Jekyll is simple, blog-aware, static site generator. It converts any standard static website to valid Jekyll project. It can convert pages and blog posts into Markdown by keeping the contents into the templates.


It allows you to use the command line on static files on your computer instead of installing in the server-side software. The static approach shall have a better advantage over WordPress performance in real terms.



#16. Anchor CMS



The Anchor is the most lightweight CMS that has drag and drop option and many other simplified themes in them. Creating a blog with Anchor takes less than ten minutes of your time. It just has 170 kb, is the fastest and smallest content management system. It has much-improvised performance than other leading CMS blog platforms.


You can just write in HTML or Markdown, and Anchor will take care of it. If you feel like having some custom
modification by adding JavaScript, CSS or even an image, just drag it over Anchor and leave it. You shall have complete freedom without any admin restrictions.


#17. Movable Type


It is an all-powerful CMS for creating better content and publishing. You will have the freedom to create any
site with this software, from a simple blog to an e-commerce site. Simplified website editing features make it different from other CMS.


It comes with bundles of flexible templates, which are editable according to your preferences. You can have static or dynamic sites, and also can hot multiple blogs. Post scheduling, SSL compatibility, and features to protect confidential information are some of the highlighted features of Movable Type blog platform.


Top 30 Blog Sites for Online Advertising and Search Engine Marketing for Small Businesses


30 Best Blogging Platforms for advertisers and ad posters, Top blog writing sites for online advertising for business services, buy sell ads. Free Blogging sites for Url submission, SEO, and website promotion.


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https://www.blogger.com/  9

https://wordpress.com/  9

https://www.weebly.com/  8

https://myspace.com/  8

https://www.livejournal.com/  8

https://boingboing.net/  8

https://bravenet.com/  7

https://www.webs.com/  7

https://angelfire.lycos.com/  7

10 https://www.idealab.com/  7

11 Squarespace 7

12 Edublogs  7

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13 https://thefreesite.com/  7

14 https://www.tumblr.com/  6

15 https://open.salon.com/  6

16 https://twoday.net/  6

17 https://blogowogo.com/  6

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18 https://weblogs.us/  6

19 https://www.vox.com/  6

20 https://www.blogher.com/  6

21  https://blog.com/  6

22  https://blogs.botw.org/  6

23  https://blog.co.uk/  6

24  https://freevlog.org/  5

25  https://www.bloghub.com/  5

26  https://portal.eatonweb.com/  5

27  https://www.blogsearchengine.com/  5

28  https://diaryland.com/  5

29  https://9rules.com/  5

30  https://blogdrive.com/  5




The best way to find your right platform among these Top blogging platforms, is by disseminating your needs and the customization level that you want your audience to go through. Pick the ones that have the option to upgrade at times, because people would love to visit pages that have unique features.

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      There is this new trend going on now a days among bloggers and content marketers in which they create 3-5 same niche blogs at the above mentioned blog posting sites. They post content regularly at them, they make them searchable. They create good backlinks and traffic to them. Then they use them to drive referral traffic to their original blog or website by inserting links of th main blog and mentioning and highlighting them in these blog sites. It's very different from Private Network Blogs (PNB) as they are hosted on these popular CMS's!

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