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Blog Directory Submission Sites List 2020 – Top 20 SEO Blog Directories [Free/Paid]

Find here a list of the 20 Top Blog Directory Sites where you may Add url free and can get one way free backlinks for SEO and Website Ranking: Blog Submission sites [Free/ Paid]


If you are a serious blogger then you must already be knowing that earning good backlinks to your blog is very important in terms of SEO. There are several methods by following which you can get backlinks from various high authority websites. Blog directories are such of the submission sites where you can promote your blog and get free one way backlinks.


If you submit your url to good blog submission sites then it could be very helpful for ranking your blog in Search engines. Having good number of backlinks from such blog directory sites can increase SEO for your blog or website.

Today, blogging is not just about writing articles and answering the comments of your readers, but much more than! You would have to make it search engine friendly and for that you will have to follow some primary SEO rules.


List of the Top 20 Blog Directories on Internet-932x700
List of the Top 20 Blog Directories 


List of 20 Most Popular Blog Submission Sites to add url Free for SEO and Backlinks

[ With Free/ Paid/ Reciprocal link addition options available ]


Free and Paid Blog Directories with High PR+DA and Great backlink Quality 


These are some of the best Blog directories for you. Most of them have High PR and High DA. Use these blog submission websites to promote your blog online. It will be a great thing to boost search engine optimization (SEO) for your blog.


Your blog will get good quality backlinks from these High Domain Authority (DA) directories.


Apart from SEO, you need to market your blog on the Internet using social media platforms as well.


Because, similar to SEO, Social Media is a very strong indicator and search engines rely on them while ranking a blog or website. They notice the social media signals for your blog and based on that they rank your blog in organic searches.

#1. Dmoz- the Biggest Blog Directory on the Internet, edited by humans



DMOZ - The Directory of the Web_dmoz-odp_600x400
DMOZ – The Number#1 Directory of the Web


DMOZ is the largest human edited directory. It is the oldest, most authentic, and most respected directory sites for blog submission. All the blogs are organised very systematically on this site. It is very dynamic and and is updated regularly for the ne submissions. It maintains a high sense of quality.


It has kept pace with the growth of the Internet making your blog reach a multitude of people on the net. DMOZ powers the directories of the largest search engines such as Google and AOL search.

Add your blog to Dmoz


#2. is a free blog directory



All for Blog I Lifestyle_Business Blog-allforblog-com_600x400 A top Blog Submission Site


Here you can post your blog URL and get massive traffic for your blog. The site is well organised and neat so that it will be easy for you to find the relevant category to put your blog. There is a real variety of blogs which are published on this site.


The biggest catch with this site is that you do not have to pay for a thing but your blog gets promoted and receives the traffic it needs., is human edited blog submission site which ensures that you get high quality traffic.


This site is reviewed meticulously by humans which is a great advantage as it ensures that only the quality blogs get ranked. There are a variety of blogs listed on the directory for different categories, such as health, art, news, advertising and marketing, blogging, SEO, digital, tech, entertainment, etc.


Submit your Blog free at All for Blogs


➤ 10 Best ways to Promote your blog using SEO and Social Media

➤ 25 Top Bookmarking sites for SEO



#3. is a service where you can add your blog or website for free


It automatically informs subscribers about new content once it is posted on the site. This is great for those who frequently write blogs as anytime they post anything, many people will be notified at once. increases the speed with which search engines index your content. It supports visibility of your content across the online space not just on search engines but also on social media sites, ISPs and aggregators.


Visit Webblogs to add blog url

#4. Scoobe Business Directory


Scoobe is a major directory site which allows you to improve your website’s publicity and to get your website known so that people actually find it online. Blogs are organised well so that anyone visiting the site will find what they are looking for.


When you list your blog in this directory it will give you visibility on search engines. You submit your links for a price on this platform.

You have two options here- regular Links (Free) and and Featured links ($29 for lifetime).

Scoobe Biz web directory


#5. Sportsblogs- The Directory also show latest content from your blog via RSS feed


Sportsblogs is a sports oriented directory and it helps to improve search engine visibility of the blogs related to sports based content. It has an aggregation of RSS feeds which gives this site the ability to enlist latest posts from the submitted blogs.


It is a site which helps people keep up to date with their sports giving information to sports lovers on their respective sports. Once you contribute with an article covering the sport of your choice.

For advertisers, Sportsblogs offers custom ads and custom text ads in order to reach many audiences.


Sports Blogs Directory


#6. BlogCatalog- a Free and Paid Blog Submission site


BlogCatalog has both options: free and paid. You pay for business blogs. On this directory, you are able to get traffic and make money off the internet. There are paid options which are designed to help your blog rank up.It is a search engine optimized directory which helps your content more valuable in terms of SEO.

Blogcatalog- Ads2020 Online advertising marketing blogs for business


#7. Jayde- Blog Submission Directory and a B2B search engine


Jayde is both a web directory and a business to business search engine. Everything is designed to help users find what they want. It has been around more than a decade giving business people exposure and marketing power.

You can list your blog for free on Jayde. It uses a search algorithm known as ClickRelevance which pushes your blog up or down in search results for the related keywords as per the user interaction.

Submit your blog free on Jayde



#8. EatonWeb


EatonWeb is an invaluable directory. Your blogs will be listed on huge sites like Huffington post and Gawker. If you consistently produce good content, it will be placed on top of the listings.

Your blog is measured on strength, momentum and overall performance.

Eatonweb Blog directory


#9. Ping-o-matic- The Powerful Ping System that helps your blog for better crawling and indexing


Ping-o-matic gives your blog free exposure. It does not do listings but ping other content hungry directories and platforms. It lets people know that your blog has been updated and there is new content been published on your blog.


Once your websites and blogs get that ping, the directories and content syndication channels crawl and index your blog or site.


Add your blog’s post urls to Pingomatic whenever there is a new post published



#10. Best of The Web (BOTW) – a PR8 Paid Blog Submission Directory Engine


Best of the Web is a collection of websites which aims to look for the best blogs and sites. Their blog directory is not free and it is edited by humans.This directory has a high authority score. It has various categories.

Its services should be paid for. Their annual fee is $149.95 and for life time listing they charge $299.95.


Add your blog or site into Best of the The Web Blog Directory


#11- Blogarama: One of the Oldest Blog Directory

[ 138000 live blog listings and counting ]


This is an oldest blog submission directory site on the Internet. They have Millions of visitors who come to their blog directory for browsing, reading, and submission purposes. Blogarama has hundreds of thousands of blog subscribers.


So, you stand to get a very good visibility and SEO benefits if you submit your blog there. Blogarama offers Free url submission and hence you get free advertisement of each of your blog posts! They offer Free, premium and business packages for blog submission.


You can submit a blog url free for the following main categories at Blogarama:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Blogging
  • Books & Literature
  • Business
  • Design
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Food & Drink
  • Friends & Family
  • Gambling & Games
  • Green
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home & Garden
  • Internet
  • Life
  • Marketing
  • Politics
  • Shopping & Gifts
  • Software
  • Spirituality
  • Sports
  • Technology

Submit your blog Free at Blogarama


#12. Ontoplist


ontoplist_com-Free_Blog_submission_site_600x300 Free Blog submission site



Ontoplist offers both free and paid services. It is free and human edited but you can make Paypal payments to hasten the listing process. Your blog is ranked according to authority.


It receives a high number of submissions due to its efficiency and ability to reach many people. It has a wide range of audience, so your blog gets good exposure across their online community of bloggers.You need to register an account at there for submitting your blog url.


Ontoplist also provides analytical details and performance of your added blog where you can see the important stats for your listing.

They also publish feed urls of the newly published posts from your blog. Hence, your latest publications are also seen by your blog subscribers and fans at

OnTopList- High PR Free and Paid Blog Submission Site


#13. Loaded Web




With Loaded Web, you can get sufficient traffic on your blogs. It deals with other platforms such as social media, like Twitter, Facebook, etc. It is a geo-centric directory.

They accept Blog or business submissions from the following countries only-

  1. United States.
  2. United Kingdom
  3. New Zealand
  4. Canada
  5. Australia

Submit your Blog or business Free at Loaded Web


#14.IndiBloghub- the Largest Blog Directory for Indian Bloggers





This is a hub place for influencers bloggers from India.


Submit your blog links and home page url here for free. A PR4 well Indexed Indian blog directory platform where you can add a Blog and promote it further to a big community of Indian bloggers (Free/ paid).


IndiBlogHub is a quite popular platform for bloggers in India where they can showcase and promote their blog in front of several thousands of community members. It is well SEO improved online directory for any kind of bloggers. You can also add blog feed as well, so that your latest posts are published there.

This Blog directory has good reputation and domain authority. Even its inner pages have good Page Rank.

Submit Link URL has hundreds of sources with SEO tools which ensure that your blog ranks well in search engines.

Submit blog url at IndiBlogHub



#15. Blogville blog directory


Blogville blog directory offers a great way to promote your blog online. Your listing will be manually reviewed and the highest quality blogs rank higher.

You can tag your blog with suitable and relevant keywords. All blogs are checked against Safe Browsing malware.


Blogville – USA Blog Directory Site

#16. WordPress Blog Directory for the WordPress made Blogs


Here you can submit only the blogs made on WordPress platform.On WordPressBlogDirectory  you get advanced customization options, you can have your articles published apart from url links.

It is simple, flexible and search engine optimized as well as multilingual so that you can reach a wide variety of people.


WordPress Blog Directory- Submit your WordPress Blog


5 More High PR Blog Submission Sites where you could add a blog url Free:-


#17. Link center

#18. Blog 

#19. Submit Biz Web Directory

#20. InfoListings – For regular and Featured Links

#21. Blog Hub

#22. BlogFlux- add your blog free


Submit your blog Free at Blogflux. Blog categories for Art Blog, Business Design, Entertainment, Family, Fashion, Food, Health, Humor, Internet, Life, Marketing, Movies, Music, News, Parenting, Personal, Photography, Politics, Reviews, SEO, Technology, Travel, and Writing.

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You can optimize your blog by submitting it to the popular blog directories mentioned in this list. The blog Submission sites list 2019 is manually checked/verified and it includes the best online places on the Internet for SEO.

It is time you visit these blog directory sites and rank your content higher in search engines.


Quora Social Media Marketing- 13 Tips to Drive Massive Traffic to your Website from Quora

13 Ultimate SMM Tips to Get Huge Traffic from Quora Social Networking Site


Quora Social Media Marketing – the Important Things to Know to drive daily traffic from Quora


Quora is a very famous community based social media networking website where people give answers to the different questions and increase their reputation points so that they could become able to improve the rating of their account. People consider the reply or questions of those persons who have got good reputation at the network.





Quora could be among the most apt answers to the web traffic deficiencies in your website and it is one of the best social media tools to receive free social networking traffic.


Getting free referral traffic is one of the very important factors that are helpful in promoting your business website to the next higher level.


How to use Quora for Backlink building?


3 quick points that will be helpfully responsible in driving the referral traffic from Quora to your website-


  1. Your author or member bio that keeps your website url links.
  2. Links embedded in your blog post content (yes, you can create unlimited separate blog posts)
  3. Inserting links in your answers  given by you to the different questions and queries related to your business niche.


Best ways to drive traffic from LinkedIn



SMM Tips for Using Quora to Promote a Website or Brand



Promote Your Business Via Quora-320x240
Promote Your Business Via Quora


A lot of traffic can be driven to the website via this space “Quora.” All you need is a brand name that makes you ready to promote yourself and makes it easier for people to find you.


The content you post on Quora ( on the the blogs, the questions, the answers, etc) will bring audience to you which you can take to your Website as well as to other social media accounts.


This platform is mainly for Information and Knowledge hungry people. You can find a lot of intellectual discussions going on here from any topic under the Sun.


But, there are the people who also be there to market their professional brand as well their business. Quora gets you the best answer to any question.


You get to learn from the experts in different fields, find new ideas to talk about, get to learn what’s on the top of your customer’s mind and so much more this space has to offer you when used at its best.


How to get Traffic to your Website from Quora: Beginners Tips


[13 Content Marketing Strategies to Get Free ( Social Media) Referral Traffic from Quora Community.]


It is a wonderful way for improving your website ranking and diverting the traffic toward your website. Just keep answering to the different questions asked by community members that are related to your website’s niche and improve the rating of your Quora account.


Do not answer to those questions regarding what you do not know. Only prefer to give answers to those questions, regarding which thing you know better.


13 Marketing Tips to get Good Referral Traffic from Quora


5 Things to remember for getting success on Quora community:

Follow the below mentioned content marketing strategies for driving free referral traffic Towards your Website from Quora:



1. For driving the traffic to your business website through organic marketing, you need to engage in the activities at the Quora community, you need to give the answer to the certain questions with complete information so that people give votes to your answer and promote it.



2. Promote your answer by getting the appreciation of the people in shape of votes option. When people will like your answer regarding any question, they will automatically give you vote and your ranking will improve that will help your further for directing the traffic towards your website.


Learn how to get referral traffic from Pinterest


3. Choose the questions carefully and do not answer those questions regarding which you do not know anything because the moderators at Quora keep an eye on all the activities of the forum and ban that person who does spamming there.


So, be careful while answering to the questions and always prefer to give informative answers that would help people.



4. When you become a senior member on Quora and your account ratings become higher, then place your website link with complete information in your bio so that people could visit your official website by reading your helpful content.



5. Only place your official website link on those answer questions that become related with your website, otherwise, due to pasting your official website link on this website, you might get blocked there.


Tips for Advertising Free on Tumblr
Top 50 Social Media Mobile Apps


Quora Tips for Promoting Your Business, Website, or Content:


Follow the below given Tips to get good results from marketing over the Quora community:


1- Following Topics


Herein you must follow the topics which can either be narrow or broad. Whenever there is any new question related to the topic you choose, you will receive notification. There are different ways to follow topics on Quora.


If you see the topic name anywhere, you can just hang on to it and and search for the option to follow. Secondly what you can do is, you can click on the green “Follow Topic” button from any topic page.


You will find this button located below the topic name and description. Other than these, you can also access Quora via mobile phones.



2- Profile Building



Next step to be taken is that of profile building. You can either signup for Quora by connecting to Facebook or Twitter. You can also mention you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account and carry on with creating a profile on Quora.


Write about the industry you belong to, the expertise lies within you, the vision you have etc. Let people have a clear idea about you as they visit your profile. You should include links that take your visitors to your main website & social media accounts on your profile.


This will help in bringing traffic to your social profiles along with the main website. A unique profile highlighting your expertise on certain topic can be created with each topic you follow ultimately adding credibility to your answers.



3- Active Participation


Actively participate on the topics related to your industry. Post questions that involves a great thought process and could lead to valuable and helpful answers. Spamming would not work though. Therefore do not spam and be relevant.



4- Connect with similar fellow users


Moreover try to find out the top answers and followers of a particular topic and connect to these people. You can get more insight on the relevant topics that would be of great help to you. Networking is important on every space and so is here.




5- Content Sharing/Blogging


Create a Quora blog and share the valuable and insightful information that in your view people would want to know and follow. Creating/generating the content and then contributing to boards on topics related to your industry would work wonders for you.


Each Quora blog must include the summary of the highlights of the blog as well as the link back to the blog for the audiences, if want to read more.


6- Sharing your answers on Twitter & Facebook


Take your social media profiles along. Share the answers on Facebook and Twitter for your social media audience. Now with the quora RSS feature this has even become automated.


Whenever a question is answered, it automatically gets shared on social media. The trend of automated features/tools have made things a lot easier and time saving.

How to Use Instagram for Business


7- Ask People To Follow


Encourage people to follow you on Quora. Guide them the procedure of following like go to Quora resource page and click on Quora follow button. Let people notice you. Once they follow you, they can be your voice and ask others to follow you as well. The thing is make your presence felt/known.



8- Keep A Check


If you want to know what kind of topics attracts maximum people and gets noticed at large then for that there is a page on Quora named most popular topics, this will show you the most trending and famous topics on Quora. Now how you utilise this information depends on you.


9 – Share your links on Quora


share-a-link-of your website-on-quora-500x354


Just like any other bookmarking sites you can share your links on Quora. Add links of your blog posts or website pages on Quora. Just paste url of the page you are going to share and provide description for the url.


You can add any number of links to Quora platform provided that you don’t spam and overdo things over there.

Create Spaces (collections and communities on Quora)


Spaces is a new feature on Quora where users can create and curate collections on a topic. Spaces allows use to create group of the users with shared common interests. Group members can share and add content around the the main topic of the Spaces. 


Spaces are monitored by admins and anyone can follow the topic or Spaces and can add content to the topic but admin(s) review the submission. Though, anyone can become a contributor and submit to the Spaces and if the admin allows it after review then your content gets published there.

The major benefit of publishing content on Spaces is that it is seen by a huge audience who is active on Quora and the fellow members get notification for the content and so it has big chances of being seen by a large number of people.

Visit here to curate content on Spaces


Final Thoughts:


And, most importantly you could also create a separate blog of your own. Add useful Content on this blog and make it more visible by giving its link into your questions or answers.


In this way, it is better poised to get you good natural and referral traffic.Not hard to achieve traffic success at Quora, provided that you have quality, honesty, and transparency as offerings!


Whenever the community is concerned, only the decent and genuine efforts win! I have seen many kinds of people at Quora, including very successful and very much failed 🙂


These are the some helpful tips through which you can direct free traffic from the Quora social platform. It is a wonderful place for social networking and for finding the quality information regarding different things and it helps the people to learn about new things with others experiences.


Join Quora to get an answer to the website traffic needs


Social Bookmarking Sites 2020- Top 40 Bookmarking Submission List for SEO

List of Free Bookmarking Sites 2020 for SEO: Best Social Bookmarking Sites for  India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia.


2020 Best Social Bookmarking Sites to Improve SEO and Obtain Free One way Backlinks!


I am sure you already know that social bookmarking websites play a great role in ranking any website or blog in any search engines. They add value to offpage SEO and hence search engine ranking. Social bookmarking sites provide good social signals and, so they send positive indications to Internet search engines.


Due to the above mentioned facts most of the Bloggers and Webmasters are always in lookout for good bookmarking websites. We have prepared this list keeping the same thing in mind and we hope it will prove very beneficial to your SEO targets.


This collection of bookmark submission sites is updated in 2020 to provide you latest information on the popular bookmark posting sites that add value to your website’s SEO score.



Social Bookmarking sites list-800x600
Social Bookmarking Sites List




Social Bookmarking Sites that are Topping the charts of Bookmarking Sites in 2020



Make sure you submit your blog url to the maximum number of below mentioned sites for building backlinks and gaining social signals towards your content. The sites will surely help you in marketing your blog as the backlinks you receive from them will be of high SEO value.


Most of the Social Bookmarking websites in this listing have High Page Rank (though, Google does not consider it of any value, at present) and high Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority(PA), and Moz Rank.

You can also check DA of any website by yourself through this site here.


Sr Social Bookmarking Sites  Google PR

#1. Pinterest- Bookmark or Pin your Blog Posts   PR9
#2. Tumblr- A Great Micro Blogging Platform for Sharing PR8
#3. Plurk Bookmarking Community PR8 (Taipei, Taiwan)
#4. stumbleupon- an Interesting Social Sharing Site   PR8
#5. The Synonym for Online Bookmarking PR8
#6. diigo- a dedicated Bookmarking website  (USA)  PR8
#7. Medium- Get backlinks sharing small microblogs  PR8
#8. a very OLD and reputed Bookmarking site PR7
#9. PR7
#10. PR7
#11. PR7
#12. ScoopIt- Social Bookmarking and Curation Site PR7 ( San Francisco, California, United States)
#13. Reddit- Bookmarking Made Interesting n Un-boring! PR8
#14. Plurb PR7 (Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA)
#15. PR5
#16. PR6 ( Italian site)
#17. Bibsomany PR5  (Germany based bookmarking platform)
#18. PR5
#19. PR5
#20. PR4
#21. PR7
#22. (Lund, Sweden)
#23.  ( Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
#24. (Austria / Europe)
#26 pinboard (not free, $11 per year for signup)
#29. Microblogging Sites for Social Backlinks 


USA Bookmarking Sites


Most of the bookmarking sites in the above list are from USA. Some people search bookmarking sites for specific countries. They think that it will be good for local SEO.


Though, you dont need to do that if you include only the high authority sites for link submission. Below are some more USA bookmarking sites which are quite popular. (San Francisco, USA) (North Carolina) Technology related site for article submission, bookmarking , link sharing. Millions of developers are connected with dZone. San Francisco, USA New York , USA ( Save links to Read later)




UK Social Bookmarking Sites


If you came here searching for UK social bookmarking sites then i would like to say a few words in this regard. There are not much bookmarking sites that are specific to UK country. Social bookmarking sites are very unstable.


They keep coming and going out of the scene. Most of the new bookmarking sites dont last more than 1-2 years.


So, it is no use of using such sites, instead try only the establish high authority bookmark submission sites.


The above listed 20+ bookmarking sites are also great for UK as 20-30% of the traffic to them comes from UK.


For example, the below given sites work greatly for SEO in UK countries:-



Social Bookmarking Submission for Website Backlinks:

social bookmarking-400x200
Social Bookmarking


All the sites listed here all completely free and are best for SEO and website submission for generating quality backlinks.


After Bookmarking your website you should ping them to these best Ping websites for quick indexing.


We are going to explain you here about the social bookmarking websites that are special like good business forums for promoting small businesses online and you can generate massive traffic to your business portfolio blog or website constantly on a daily basis.


We have talked about in the previous articles about the ways for business promotion on the Internet, like Search Engine Methods, Forum Promotion, Content Marketing, advertising posting, PPC, email marketing, Free Press Release submission, blog commenting, social media marketing, etc.


Now, in this post we will focus on how can we increase online presence of any website or business through some good social bookmarking websites.


There are several thousands of bookmarking websites on the internet, but you must use only some selected ones from them as the policy of ‘getting backlinks blindly’ can harm the online reputation of your website.


HOW and WHY to Use Social Bookmarking for Ranking your Website?

Social Bookmarking Websites – Build Backlinks Faster and Improve your website SEO



HOW and WHY to Use Social Bookmarking-730x300


➤ Social bookmarking websites are exploding all over the web giving internet marketers a huge opportunity to build massive backlinks to their websites in very short period of time.


➤ Websites like, Pocket, Pinterest, Diigo, and are giving users an opportunity to employ one of the most powerful methods of online advertising using social bookmarking.


➤ As users post their links to sites they like, other readers can grab those links and post them to their own lists giving marketers an opportunity to enjoy the power of viral traffic generation.


➤ One of the biggest attractions to using social bookmarking websites like Digg is the fact that a tremendous amount of traffic frequents these sites on a daily and monthly basis.


If you are diligent about your keyword research and have the ability to craft a newsworthy article, your potential for a massive spike in traffic can be instantaneous.


➤ While creating newsworthy content certainly has its’ benefits, what if your content isn’t newsworthy? is it still worth it to go ahead and bookmark your sites? Absolutely, yes.


Due to the high page rank these sites enjoy, you can still benefit from bookmarking your website as the search engines see these incoming links as votes for your website from these high authority sites.


➤ It’s important to note that the page rank for the social bookmarking site linking back to you may not be passed if there is a nofollow tag associated with the link, but you can still siphon some of the traffic from the site into yours giving you an opportunity to get some immediate traffic.


➤ The very nature of social bookmarking sites is that they are indeed “social”, so it’s important to link to other sites that are not yours as a way of contributing to the community.


➤ More backlinks means more traffic and social bookmarking websites provide a very simple solution for achieving a larger number of backlinks faster while supplying instant traffic at the same time.


Social Bookmarking Sites for SEO


You can easily Promote your blog over the Internet by using this Social SEO Bookmarking list.


The sites mentioned in this list are the social bookmarking websites that every blog or website owner must use to drive free search Engine traffic and promote their professional or business website.


You can safely use this List of Bookmarking websites that are safe in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for any blogger or business owner.


We have picked only high quality, relevant, and high domain authority High PR bookmarking websites for your business which you can use to drive organic and naturally good traffic to a business service company blog.



A Few Word of Caution before you proceed:-


I have seen many instances of business representatives asking bad (low quality/ irrelevant) websites to remove the links of their company website from such sites.

So, ‘think before you act’ and only include quality bookmarking sites in your SEO project list.


List of Similar Sites that are good for SEO


You should also submit your website to these High PR and High Domain Authority Directory Submission sites for SEO here.


Submit your Blog to High PR Blog directories

Along with submitting bookmarks to these social bookmarking sites, you should also submit your website to some of the great RSS directory websites


To promote a website, you need to make sure that it is well indexed in all of the major search engines on the Internet. If you haven’t already submitted your website, you can visit here to add your website url free to best of the search engines.


PDF and word document sharing platforms are also great places to be for marketing a business website online. Check out this post to submit your website to 30 best PDf and Word Document sharing sites.


Have you submitted your business or website to some of the most prevalent Press Release Sites yet? If not, then visit here to find the list of 40 best websites to submit a free press release for your business or website.


SocialAdr for bookmarking automation: Visit Social Adr for sharing your content automatically on top 29 social media sites.

Ask the Internet- Top 10 Q&A Websites List to Post Questions and Answers

Question and Answer Sites List: Best Online Places to Ask Questions related to  Personal, Professional, and Business domains


10 Best Q&A Websites, like Yahoo and Quora to Seek Answers and get Free Referral Traffic and SEO Benefits.


In present date we have many sources to find answer to our queries, we can get answers to questions either by means of articles and blogs and videos and so on.


But many times we come across the situations when we don’t find any right or satisfactory answers to the questions. Here the Q/A sites come in action and plays an important role. With the help of these Question and Answers sites, we can find the answers to even those questions, we don’t find by other sources of information.

So today I am going to share the top 10 Question and Answers on the internet where you can find answers on any topic and even expert advice. It is because experts also do have accounts on these sites to help the people.

Top 10 review Sites


Who can find these sites useful?


In general, these sites could be very useful for anyone who is searching for answers on any kind of topic. So, if you are in a confusion or if you have any doubts or need clarity then you should put your query on the sites mentioned here. All of these online platforms are backed by community members (like you and me) who are registered on these sites.

Well, mostly 3 types of people come to these sites:

Who want to find help in getting answers for their questions (any type of questions)

Who want to monitor their brand and business presence among the common users and who want to find the trends and what people are talking and enquiring about a certain business or product.

Who are interested in backlink building opportunities for their website or content. These sites have great online scores and ratings (Alexa rank, DA/PA and Moz rank) and the backlinks earned from here carry a lot of value.


Top 10 sites-to ask questions and get answers of anything-550x350
Top 10 sites on the Internet to ask questions, seek help, get answers and information on anything


10 Best Question and Answer Sites on the internet!


List of the Question and Answer Sites on the Internet- Best Places on the Web to ask questions, get Help and Information on any topics and subjects.


#1. Quora- Get the Best Answers to Any Questions

[ How to get massive Free Traffic from Quora ]




Quora- Get the Best Answers to Any Question-500x400
Quora- Get the Best Answers to Any Questions



Quora is undisputed leader on the web as of today for asking and answering questions online. You can ask anything or find any kinds of questions there.


Quora is number #1 Q&A site on the entire Internet today. And, why not? See, how they have developed this platform with loads of interesting and valuable features. There are millions of registered users on it in which there are every kind of people who have knowledge in different areas of the human life whether it is related to personal, professional, health, mental, society, business, personal development, scientific, or academics.

Quora makes questions-answers very presentable and they send the updates to their millions of registered users based on their topics of interest and choice. You can find hundreds of Q&A on Quora community that get thousands of likes within hours after posting on daily basis.


The user engagement on Quora community is unbeatable, outstanding, and unmatched.


Quora Inc is a silicon Valley venture and it was started in 2009. To tell its popularity i would give you its viewers base which is 200 million monthly unique visitors ( for the year 2018).

There are so many reasons what make Quora the number #1 Question-Answer site on the web.

On Quora, you can find many categories under which you can ask questions and get answers to your questions.


Many industry experts are there on Quora to answer your queries. You can also give answers as well if you are an expert on a certain topic. Likewise, Yahoo answers you can also upvote the answers which you find problem-solving. On Quora, You can also put your blogs in the blog section.


And also can follow specific questions, people, and topics to stay updated with latest things happening around.


Quora is much much more than mere a Q&A platform. To find its useful features and know its usage, please read this guide on how to start using Quora to the fullest benefits.


You can be friend with me on Quora by going here and i will connect with you there!


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 96

Alexa Rank India: – 14

Alexa Rank USA:-98

Top 10 Sites for Online Education and Learning


#2. Yahoo Answers- Get answer and Information from Experienced Users

[ How to get free Traffic and advertise your business on Yahoo ]


Yahoo Answers-The oldest and reputed site to get any kinds of answers



There was a time when Yahoo Q&A was the #1 best place to go online and ask questions and answer others. But, this changed around 5-10 years back when some online platforms seriously took this concept and started dedicatedly to improve the users experience by adding lots of new and advanced features. Unlike Yahoo, they put in lot of efforts into the development and advancement of the way Q&A sites were being held and used.


Yahoo Answers is one of the most trusted and well-known Q/A website on the internet. You must have already seen how frequently Yahoo Answers appear on Google Searches for so many queries. This is why this is thought to be very good site for SEO and good quality backlinks.


It has around 29 individual categories, related to all sectors ranging from business & finance to Home & Garden, Games & Recreation to Society & culture and so on.


Thus, on that note, you can get answers to almost anything on this Question and Answer site.  You can also give answers as well if you are an expert on a particular topic.


And the best thing about the site is that it does not entertain any unnecessary links in the answer. It keeps them only and only when it is truly crucial.  Along with that you can also award best answers to you question.


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 5
Alexa Rank USA: – 5


And according to stats millions of monthly visits occur on Yahoo answers.


#3. StackExchange – Made up of 160 Expert Communities


stackexchange-a popular Q n A site to get expert answers


StackExchange is also amid the list of best Q/A sites. StackExchange is, in fact, a collection of different websites (sub domains) for every individual category.

For example, if you are searching for mathematics then it has a complete website for it where you can ask any query related to math and so on.

You can get an idea about their full list of sites of StackExchange for different categories with the mentioned link.

Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 159

Alexa Rank in USA: – 137



#4. – Knowledge Exchange via WikiAnswers, ReferenceAnswers, VideoAnswers one of the popular sites to get answers is third in the row of best Question and answers sites. With you can find answers to any of your questions which come under their around 29 categories and sub-categories. You can also promote your questions, join community forums and even contribute on the website to make answers better if you are more into answering then asking.


Additionally, you can also write articles to explain the things in your area of expertise better by becoming an Writer.


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 498
Alexa Rank in USA: – 183


#5. JustAnswer- Get Answers from ‘Verified’ Experts


JustAnswer-a good site for question-answers-500x400 a popular question answer site


JustAnswer is also among the websites that answer your questions with 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is a paid Question and answers site to get answers 24*7.  It is also available with many categories to provide answers in those categories.

Here on JustAnswer, you can apply for becoming an expert & becoming an affiliate to earn money.


Alexa Worldwide: – 3541
Alexa USA: – 995



#6. AllExperts – Oldest & Largest Free Q&A Services


allexperts-com-question-answer-site-500x400 of the Oldest question and answer community site


According to Details mentioned on Portal itself: – “ is the oldest & largest free Q&A service on the Internet and has more than 2 million questions answered.


AllExperts is indeed a great portal to get the answers, and one thing which makes it different from other Questions and answers site is that it only provides a login credential to experts with their means Expert Login.

You can also apply for being an expert by means of their Expert Application.


Alexa Worldwide: – 38,328

Alexa Rank in US: – 13,444


#7. Blurtit- To Ask, to Learn, to Share, to Grow


Blurtit-social-community for question answer is one of the famous q&a websites. Here you get answers to any question of your interest. They deal with 22 categories to provide answers in different sectors.  You can ask questions, give answers and also can follow individuals.You can also ask questions anonymously without being a registered user. And if you want can make an account on it by registering through mail or any of these social networks: – Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Alexa Worldwide: – 44,920
Alexa India: – 9,570


#8. Able2Know- A Free Forum to Ask and Share Answers is one of the best online Q&A sites. Here you can ask questions and get answers, also can answer questions and help others. There are total 24 categories on the portal for Questions and Answers. With Able2Know you can also see your ignored users. Registration is must to perform any activity on the platform.

Alexa Worldwide: – 97558

Alexa USA: – 54566



#9. The AnswerBank- For answers on Quizzes, Puzzles, Law, News, Crosswords, etc



The AnswerBank is an excellent Question and Answer Website to get your queries solved. The website has around 31 categories in which you can ask questions and also respond to questions. And for that, you have to become a registered member of the platform.


You can also use their website to ask and answer questions with the means of their Mobile site named Mobile AB.


Alexa Worldwide: – 134282
Alexa USA: – 43523



#10. Ask Me Help Desk- Get an Expert Advise on any Topic


Ask Me Help Desk is last in the row and is also one of the best Q&A websites on the internet. It has twelve categories in all with a huge number of subcategories. If you love to surf the internet on mobile, then you can also use their mobile website.


All you have to become a registered member of the portal to do any activity. On their portal, you can also view the list of their experts of different categories.


Alexa Worldwide: – 134282
Alexa USA: – 43523


Hope that this list of Question and Answers websites will help you to get the best answers to your queries and can also contribute to establishing you as an authorized expert. Let us know about your views. Best Websites for Checking Grammar Online


Where to Get Quality Backlinks FREE for SEO and Website Ranking

Backlink Building Guide for Beginners: 8 Major Ways to build backlinks for your website

In this article you will learn to generate high authority quality backlinks to your website.


It’s not a secret that the backlinks are one of the most important factors in determining the position of any web page in search engines. Of course, their relevance and quality is also equally important.

Forget about black hat SEO and try only natural, organic, and genuine back links to your site if you want stable organic traffic.

There is no successful online business without search engine optimization and this fact is accepted globally without any doubt.

All the successful bloggers and internet marketers heavily depend on SEO.

As you all may be already knowing that only the backlinks acquired from good ways ( and good sources) work positively for your website ranking. In the same manner, bad backlinks can destroy your website ranking completely in a very short span in the eyes of the main search engines around the Internet world.


How to Get Backlinks to Rank your Website-500x400
Tips to Get Free Backlinks to your Website

SEO and Backlink Building


The new generation has really evolved and now technology is readily exposed to everyone. A smartphone and computer are in almost everyone’s homes, hence using social media sites one can get backlinks.


Search engine optimisation is a good and free way to create traffic for your site. Getting good quality backlinks depends on from where you get the links. Content quality and even uniqueness of the site from which you want a backlink is crucially important.

Creating a website and publishing content is usually an easy job, how to create traffic is where the hard work comes in.

This is because a website which scores low on SEO points ( onpage and offpage) is ranked low by online search engines.


A good backlink depends on 3 Things:

Every website owner wants their site to get a lot of reviews, well like they want the content in their website reviewed. A website with a lot of traffic is always a plus to the owner. To create traffic one needs backlinks which are usually very available to all.


1. Relevance/Importance- the site the backlink is from should be of great importance to your website and the content. If you are taking backlinks from the relevant website then it makes sense to Google otherwise it seems to be all manipulation.


Why relevancy matters?       Suppose, you want to take advice something regarding crops, and you have 3 close friends whom you have got good faith. One friend is from BPO call center field, while the second one is in gardening profession, while the third one is a full time farmer.

I think, how so much intelligent the BPO friend you may have, but you put the maximum faith in the friend that is related to farming, not even the gardening.

Relevancy is the key when we talk about reference. And, backlinking is like a reference you receive from the another site.


2. Domain Authority and Page Rank-  Domain Authority has become the single most important factor while deciding the quality and power of a domain for search ranking. Try this DA checker tool to calculate DA, PA, and Moz Rank of any web pages.


A good page ranked website is always a good recommendation as compared to a low page ranking. But, Page Rank is no more as dominant as it used to be. Google decided to devalue page rank factor as this thing had become a reason of lots of spamming and manipulation over the Internet. People started taking it as a shortcut to online ranking.


At the present day Google is not inclined much to give any importance to page rank, instead it takes many factor into consideration and DA/PA is more value than any others. DA- Domain Authority, is actually decided by making combination of many things.


3. Inspiration-  The content from the website backlinking you, should be of good quality,  relevance, and uniqueness should be the priority. Once, all these things are considered, one can search for a back link from such sites.

So, today we will tell you how to get quality backlinks free to your website in the best ways possible.


9 Wise Ways of Link Building in 2019



#1. Take backlinks from the fellow Bloggers, Publishers, Dealers, Partners, and Suppliers

The first way to get a backlink for free is to talk with your partners. If your company manufactures or supplies products, then you should ask your partners or suppliers to put a link to your site.Such a link will be relevant, as it is placed on a resource with similar topics.
This link will give real transitions of interested buyers. And transitions can turn into purchases.
This is one of the easiest ways to get free backlinks to the site because:

1) You have been working with suppliers for a long time and you will not need to persuade them.
2) Partner sites are authoritative resources with the similar topics to yours.


#2. Getting Free Backlinks by Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is the current trend nowadays. Posting ones link at the end of a guest blog post is always a great way to get good backlinks to your website. Guest blogging is writing articles for other sites with a free link to your site. The advantage of this method is the ability to attract readers of the third-party site and getting natural links to your site for free.


Guest blogging is perhaps the highest quality efforts people make to grab the desired backlinks

Where to look for such sites?
If you work in a small regional town, contact the local Internet media. Surely, there is a section for placing your articles on the useful topic. Another source is thematic web portals. Although not all of the site owner will add backlinks to your site for free. Some would set the price.
You decide whether the price is suitable for your budget.

#3. Internet directories and Blog Submission Sites for Quality backlinks

Nowadays, all directories are on the Internet. And you have to keep up with the progress and post information about the company in the maximum number of thematic catalogs.Backlinks can be developed through article submission, this can be done by writing quality and valuable articles and posting them to article submission sites.
This is also considered as the best SEO strategy to rank a website. Sometimes, getting backlinks from any and every directories is considered a sign of bad SEO-strategy. This is true if the site links are placed in all the catalogs indiscriminately. We recommend you to pay attention only to the reputable directories and only related to your field of activities.
And do not forget about the regional directories. If you have a regional business, you need to find the largest possible number of online directories in the region. To determine the authoritative directories, where you can get a backlink for free, analyze the backlinks of your competitors and market leaders. Probably, they have been present in such directories for a long time.Best Directories to submit your blog

#4. Get Backlinks from High Quality Forums



Online Forums are great way to collect quality backlinks
As a professional, you know a couple of forums (regional, national), where you get useful information about the field of activities. Why not get a backlink from such forums?

Forum links have advantages:

– They are located on the thematic resources.
– They can lead to “real” transitions to the site.
– You can place a backlink in your forum signature, in a new topic or reply to the questions asked by forum users.The main thing – you need to mention the website address of the company gently.

#5. Social Networks

In the era of social networks, you should use their potential for your own purposes. It is believed that backlinks from social networks are less significant than others. But they have a number of advantages. These free backlinks are placed in the posts, company profiles.
By filling in your social network page, you can regularly inform your subscribers about the news in your company. Subscribers can share these posts with their friends, increasing the number of potential readers. There is still a chance that someone will place a backlink on his or her personal resource. Therefore, we recommend not neglecting this free source of not only links but also live transitions.
A social network is a place, where you can place a backlink to your website for free. You do need not be a person who is engaged in conducting campaigns in the social sphere.But you must regularly write in your profiles to show that your business is running and open for its customers.

#6. Backlinks from Question and Answer Sites


This method is a bit like the free placement on the forums. But on questions and answers sites, you can leave a link for free, without registration. All that is needed to find questions about the topic related to your business.
Question and Answer sites to get high quality backlinks-350x250
Put the relevant links in Question and Answer sites

First, you can answer briefly on the subject matter. In addition to the first answer you can send an email, but with a link to your site.

This may be a backlink to the homepage, but it is better to give a link to a specific section, which will be useful to the user who asks questions. This method, as well as social networking, will give you a real transition to the site because readers will be interested in what you have to offer.

#7. Conduct an Interview or Ask for an Expert Opinion

People like popularity, even among a narrow circle of people. So why not take advantage of this human feature and not have someone else perform an expert to answer several questions that are interesting to your customers? How to find such an expert? Easily. You can decide who is worthy to be an expert – the plant manager or an ordinary worker. In both cases, your readers will consider this person a professional.
How will it help to get backlinks?
The invited expert will place a link to the interview on a personal website or in social profiles. And this will increase the flow of interested users. Think and you will find a man who would answer your questions professionally and provide you with a stream of free backlinks.

#8. How to Get Quality Backlinks from Social Bookmarking Sites

how to get backlinks from Social-Bookmarking sites-350x250
Tips to get backlinks from Social Bookmarking Sites
One of the outstanding search engine optimization strategies that are doing well in the internet market is social bookmarking. The webmasters use this unique strategy to create backlinks to their site and thereby increase their website traffic.


Social bookmarking is the process of bookmarking your webpage or any other webpage of your choice and sharing them with the millions of online users. Social bookmarking is an easy method to create backlinks but is the little time-consuming.


Backlinks created through social bookmarking sites will not only improve your search engine ranking but also generate fantastic traffic bringing more loyal readers.


The social bookmarking strategy can be implemented if you have a website or web page to promote. Submitting your domain address to the search engine is the process followed in social bookmarking strategy.


Follow the below given steps to get Quality Backlinks from Social Bookmarking Sites:


1. First, create or find out the content that you want to promote. It is not necessary to promote your own website always. You can also promote other web pages through social bookmarking.


2. Once the content is ready you can start submitting them to various bookmarking sites. You will find more than 40 social bookmarking sites on the internet.


3. Every time you bookmark a web page, a backlink is created to your site. You can create hundreds of backlinks through bookmarking sites to improve your search engine ranking.


It is easy to hear but the truth is creating quality backlinks is not so easy. A website that creates quality backlinks only will get the chance of getting the higher rank. Also one cannot say that all the links created through social bookmarking sites are of quality links.


Some social bookmarking sites do not follow “do follow” links, so before bookmarking, the web page finds out the sites that allow you to create backlinks. Quality backlinks are also based on the content you promote.


The search engine robots love to give higher ranking to the site that is informative. Also, users click the backlinks only when your content is trustworthy. So, a quality backlink can be created through social bookmarking sites only when you bookmark original, informative, unique and a problem-solving content.


The content should be real and give false promises through bookmarking can even further deteriorate your business.

First, you need to sign up with the social bookmarking sites and the entire top social bookmarking sites can be located from the only wire site.

Once you got the membership, you can log into any of the sites and bookmark your blog or articles.

Some of the popular sites that follow “to follow” method are stumbled upon, dig, Reddit etc.

You can post and bookmark any number of pages in a single day. Even though bookmarking is time-consuming, through bookmarking you can create quality backlinks and drag more potential users to your site.


These Social Bookmarking sites are also very popular for high quality one way backlinks


#9. Get Free Backlinks via Offline Events


If you organize or sponsor the event, do not forget to specify a link to your site on their banners and other promotional materials. It is not for free, but very effectively. Do not make the mistake such as placing just a company name without reference to the site. Take advantage of any event.
The mentioned methods of getting backlinks are not suitable for everyone. But we have tried to show you that there are free ways to get backlinks. You should just look around and think, where you can place a link for free.Get Free backlinks from high authority PR sites Get Free Backlinks from Review Sites



PDF Sharing + Document Submission Sites List 2019 for SEO

30 High PR/DA PDF Submission Sites for SEO: List of Free Document and PDF Sharing Sites for 2019.



Uploading PDF+Documents over the Submission Sites: One more effective SEO method to promote your content over the Internet! If you want to increase search engine traffic and a unique number of daily visitors on your website you need to promote it online. These webs are great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your published content.


PDF Sharing or PDF Submission is another good way to improve your website’s visibility over the high PR and High Domain Authority (DA) websites on the Internet.



PDF Sharing and Document Submission Sites list for SEO_600x300
PDF and Document Sharing Sites for SEO


Website submission is a great step towards improving your website SEO. But, you have to be very authentic and mindful when doing so.




Because, to get the real SEO results through website submission you need to meet two basic and important criteria.


And, what that would be?


Well, as per my own experience i can say that you must pay attention to the following two things while sharing your PDF or uploading Word documents to such sites:



#1. The website where you are going to share or submit your marketing content must be of high authority and it should have a good number of unique monthly readers. The PDF sharing sites should have a good trust factor from its user base.


If this is the case then your links will be easily discoverable by the readers and search engines. If the shared content and links are not discovered easily then what would be the benefits? So, take a note of this.



#2. Make sure that the content which your are going to share through PDF/Word document is relevant, informative, and interesting enough to attract the readers naturally. Otherwise who is going to read you? It should be written well following the SEO guidelines.


If nobody reads your PDF then who is going to visit the links of your website that you have inserted in it?


In this post you get a chance to promote your website content by submitting it to Top PDF sharing sites. Apart from that you get a list of documents uploading sites as a bonus.

An opportunity to get a good Mix of DoFollow and NoFollow Backlinks (best for SEO).




Why to Promote your Content over PDF Sharing Sites?

[ Why the PDF Sharing Sites are good for SEO and Content Marketing? What Types of Roles they play in SEO? ]



Because: Any of the below listed Top PDF Sharing Site can offer you great opportunity for generating high referral traffic to your blog or website. And, they are very SEO friendly as Google and other searching engines trust their reputation.


So, if you have backlinks from these High PR PDF Sites then your website also gets benefits for that.


Some PDF submission websites also pass link juice to the outbound links. This becomes more helpful for your content.


Indexing and backlink discovery is quite faster at these PDF websites.


You can explore lots of free stuff for advertising through our Internet marketing and business blog that you can use to promote your small business by submitting it hundreds and thousands of free submission websites.



What are Document sharing sites?



Popular types of online sharing


➔ Here you can submit your content free by simply uploading in a file made of PDf or Word. Websites like, Scribd, SlideShare, Google Drive,etc offer you options to upload your content in the form of these proscribed formats

What file formats you can use to submit? PDF and Microsoft Word Documents. While at some you can also use these file formats as well: Text file documents (.TXT), Excel sheets, xlsx , workbook. xlsm, etc.


➔ These websites are thought to be very good, in terms of off-page SEO, referral traffic, and website ranking improvements.

➔ This type of content sharing technique is very common and highly used technique by most of the expert marketers and publishers online. Grab the chance of free website submission to these high Domain authority websites.


➔ Once you submit your files here, it will be indexed very fast by Google and other search engines and your backlinks will be discovered within hours after a successful submission at them!


➤ Top 10 Search Engines for SEO

Directory Submission sites for SEO

Top Sites for Blog Submission

Microblogging Sites for SEO Submission



PDF Sharing Sites List 2019



Ultimate List of Document Sharing Websites that make it easy, fast, and simple to share your document files online ( Websites Similar to Scribd and SlideShare )



Here is this list of PDF Document sharing sites where you could submit your content free. Get free high quality backlinks from these of High Google Page rank and very Good Alexa rankings. ( You may also share your content at these High PR advertising marketing websites)


Upload your website or blog content to them and let the referral traffic flow towards your main site.


#1. Slide share

[ PR8, Alexa Rank: 119 ] [ DA: 95, PA: 85, Moz Rank: 8.5 ]


Slideshare is an outstanding and amazing platform for sharing content to the world in the form of PDF and Word document files.


SlideShare is one of the oldest site in this category. You can discover, share, and learn anything here! This is a great site from SEO perspective as well due to excellent link value it offers.


#2. Scribd

[ PR8, Alexa Rank: 310 ] [ DA: 95, PA: 79, Moz Rank: 7.9 ]



Scribd comes at the second position in terms of popularity and number of unique monthly users it has. Scribd is much more than a file sharing platform. Still, we wanted to include it in this list as it offers great number of views and potential audience to the documents shared and uploaded on it.


#3. Issuu

[ PR9, Alexa Rank: 442 ] [ DA: 94, PA: 84, Moz Rank: 8.2 ]


Issuu gets more than 15000 publications uploaded on a daily basis. yo can imagine the kind of popularity it enjoys from the readers, publishers, and uploaders around the world. You can create, upload and even monetize your content on Issuu. 



#4. Mediafire

[ PR6, Alexa Rank: 199 ] [ DA: 95, PA: 79, Moz Rank: 7.9 ]


Mediafire is a globally renowned online platform for sharing a lot of kinds of files and documents in various formats. You can share, collaborate, store, and access files in the form of audio, video, photos, and documents (Word, pdf).


It gives you 10GB free space initially that can go upto 50GB if you get bonuses.




[ PR8, Alexa Rank: 88 ] [ DA: 95, PA: 83, Moz Rank: 8.3 ] had taken the online world by storm when it was launched in the early 2007. 


Dropbox is a file storing, sharing, and collaborative tool and platform for Professionals, Freelancers, Individuals, Businesses, and Enterprises.


Dropbox accepts almost all the popular file formats for uploading and sharing.


#6.    PR7    57827

#7.   Calameo     PR7    2634

#8.   DocStoc     PR7    1205

#9.   Keep and Share    PR7    20598

#10. Zoho documents    PR7    766

#11.   PR5    94700

#12. PDF Cast    PR5    17246

#13. Div Share    PR5    12745

#14. Documents Slide Boom    PR5    11085

#15. Slide Serve    PR5    19171

#16. edocr      PR4    17671

#17. Gazhoo    PR3    45700

#18. 4 shared    PR6    158

#19. Yudu    PR6    7439

#20. Freeyudu     PR5    7439

#21. Wiki Upload   PR4    140230

#22. Zippy Share  PR5 389

#23. A Drive   PR5  18K

#24. Share and Send     PR2  62K

#25. Fileai               PR3 50K


Document sharing and others sites by Google   

There are other lots of resources on Ads2020 that you can use to promote your blog or website further on more valuable search engine friendly websites, like:

➤ Free Press Release Submission Websites
➤ Video Submission sites
➤ RSS Directory websites

➤ Social Bookmarking Submission Websites