MicroBlogging Sites – List of 25 Best Micro Blogging Sites 2021 for SEO, Url Submission

Micro Blog Submission Sites on the Internet: The Famous MicroBlogging Sites for Blogging, SEO, Backlinks and Free url Submission


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Most Popular Micro Blogging Sites for SEO


Most of the online users want to access any information at a fast pace. They don’t like to read the lengthy articles or blogs. They want information in the form of short blogs or can say micro – blogs. 

So, here the micro -blogs or we can say microblogging sites come into existence. Unlike the social networking sites micro blogs are visible to public. Anyone can read, share, respond, and make comments on such micro blogs except in a few cases.

Nowaday every kinds of professions are using microblobs to send news, updates, and connect with their community of like minded people. In this article we are going to explain some examples of highest popular microblogging platforms on the Internet.


What are Microblogging Sites?


Microblogging sites are the sites which allow users to share the information (photos, videos, links, texts, etc.) within a limited number of words in an efficient manner.


Although in present date, most of the people use microblogging sites, like Twitter but do you know there are also 4444444777 which you can use for microblogging either as an individual or as a business.


All around the the world people love to connect and share things over the microblogging sites as they offer them simple and easy way to get started. You dont need to be a tech savvy to use these sites. anyone can register an account and start sharing the information they love to.


Businesses use these microblogging sites for sharing information and updates about their business. So, on being a business, you can also use these sites for the same, and you will get benefited soon as these websites are the fastest way to show and share the information across the world.

Thus, today I am sharing information about the same.


So, here it is – the list of 20 most popular microblogging sites on the internet.


Best Micro Blogging Sites- A Comprehensive List

A List of Great Microblogging Sites for Sharing and Networking

This is a newest list of Microblogging sites for 2021. Read through and get benefited from the social networking giants in Microblogging field!


#1. Twitter



Twitter- the No#1 Microblogging Platform in the World



Twitter is first on the list of best microblogging sites, and most of us know it as a social networking site. In fact, Twitter is a  microblogging site which users use for sharing different things which have made it socially so famous. Twitter permits you to share short messages of 140 characters which are also known as tweets.

The best part about using Twitter is that it is a real-time platform.



#2. Tumblr



Tumblr- second best micro blogging platform all across the world


Tumblr is yet another great microblogging site which is used by micro-bloggers. Tumblr is a subsidiary of Yahoo where you can share information in the form of text, links, video, audio, etc.

Tumblr is a great microblogging site for fun and entertainment. Specially the youth love this platform for sharing and watching interesting things based on everything.


#3. Plurk Microblogging


Plurk is third in the row, and it is one of the known microblogging platforms in present date. The word limit for Plurk is 210 characters at max. And the short messages posted in Plurk are known as Plurks.


Plurk- A very popular micro blogging community on the Internet



With Plurk, you can also share Videos, Photos, private messages along with plurks and become part of group conversations.


You can also use qualifiers within your Plurk to provide it more meaning. Here you can also add people as friends and also can follow people whom you admire, and they can do the same for you. You can invite others with your profile link and get more Karma score which gives more badges and power to your profile. There are various other premium options as well which you can utilize by paying a small amount and enjoy several features of Plurk Microblogging Platform.


➤ Most Popular Social Bookmarking Sites like Plurk



#4. Yammer


Yammer- the enterprise level Social Network for Microblogging


Yammer is another great micro-blogging platform where you can connect with people and team across your organization. Here you can share ideas, updates, and questions with your co-workers and also can upload images, files, videos and start a conversation with your colleagues.



#5. Twoo



Twoo- Social Networking Micro Blogging Site


Twoo is also amid one of the best microblogging websites. Here at Twoo you can share photos, search anything, chat with friends and also can play fun games. Twoo has more than 1300 million monthly active users. So, it can prove to be the best platform for your business as it provides an enormous exposure. Moreover, it is present in over 200 countries and 32 languages.

It has apps for all Android, iPhone, and Windows.

➤ Top Social Apps like Twoo



#6. Meetme



Meetme- Micro Blogging Platform for Social Networking


Meetme is also one of the best business networking and microblogging platforms. Here, at Meetme you can meet new people and chat with them to expand your business reach. You can share your ideas, thoughts, interests as well. To become a part of this microblogging platform, you can register with Facebook or email.

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#7. Identi.ca



Identica is a microblogging and social networking platform which runs through pump.io software. Here users can share updates, rich texts, and images. Identica has stopped new registrations and only the already registered users can do the mentioned activities.



#8. Plerb


Plerb is another great microblogging channel where you can post stuff you want to share, follow people you admire and connect with friends. Also, plerb is in the process of adding new features. It is a social community site, but it is still in the beginning phase and they need to add more features to make it work.


#9. Twitxr


Twitxr also comes in the list of top 10 microblogging sites. On Twitxr you can share short text messages and share photos. Along with that it automatically publishes photos on social networks and photo sharing sites. You can share updates, pictures, status, and news from your mobile.


#10. Rememble


Rememble was Founded by Gavin O’Carroll in 2003. Rememble is a London-based company.




Rememble is the best micro blogging website where you can create life stories in the form of videos, text, photos, sounds, scans, notes, scribble, etc. So go ahead and create and even co-create life stories. There are 123455 registered users at Rememble.

Getting Started Guide for Rememble






Mastodon- Photo credit


What is Mastodon?– Watch this short Video!

Mastodon is the world’s largest free, open-source, and decentralized microblogging microblogging network. You can share anything on Mastodon, like links, videos, photos, texts, etc. Mastodon is an ad free and community owned social networking platform for micro bloggers. It is available in 10+ languages.



15 Other Microblogging sites which you can also give a try are:-


11. Blip.pl – Polish social networking and microblogging site. 


12. Hictu  (For video microblogging, text and audio as well)


13. Sina Weibo (Microblogging platform in China)


14. Viadeo


15. Reddit.com


16. Apsense


17. Soup.io


18. Ello


19. Posteezy


20. BagtheWeb


21. StackSity


22. Mix.com


23. PearlTrees


24. Medium.com


25. Linkedin Blog


Hope this list of Microblogging sites will help you to expand the reach of your business and targeted traffic to your business website as well. If it does, then forget to share it with friends via social channels. Also, do comment in the comment section below to share your views on the same.


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