7 Ways to Use Twitter to Increase Website Traffic, Conversions, and Sales

How to Get Social Traffic From Twitter for your Website for Fruitful Conversions


Twitter Tips to Increase the Website Traffic and Get more Sales and Leads.


Twitter as you already know is one of the top social media platforms for business marketing. Here, at Twitter you can use techniques to get good traffic for your website. For sales and web traffic prospecting, Twitter has emerged as one great platform. According to the sources 97% brands use Twitter to up their sales game. Twitter leads to increased visibility and web presence. Therefore, brands find it of huge importance. You have a great opportunity to increase your website traffic using Twitter.


How to use Twitter for Generating more Referral Traffic for your Website, Youtube, or Ecommerce Platform?


You can discover, conversations, people who need your offering and so much more. There are so many tools coming up now a days like Hootsuite, Dlvt.it, and others which makes it even easier to manage your regular tweets or say Twitter marketing.


If you get the right followers, in a short time you can increase your website traffic or business sales as well as your customer base. That’s the power of Twitter in the website marketing field provided if used in the most accurate way possible.

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Best ways to use Twitter to Increase Website Traffic


How to Generate Traffic to your Website with Twitter?

How to Use Twitter to Increase Website Traffic and Sales?

Read below the most important points to implement while being engaged on Twitter. Read Here Twitter Marketing Tips for eCommerce Website



1- Find Your Target Audience


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Find Your Target Audience at Twitter


Twitter gives you the opportunity to choose from over 300 million people. The game is all about followers and following. A little brainstorming on your part is required so as to think what could be the keywords and hashtags your potential readers or buyers might be using.


Think about what your ideal customer profile would look like and follow all the people who fall under this. You should even keep an eye on the followers of your competitors websites as well as who your competitors are following.


This will help you in understanding the bigger picture. You can make use of various tools available to aid the tracking and searching on Twitter & one of such tool is TweetDeck.


Make sure your following list is full of relevant people. When you get tweets or retweets from people do thank them for this gesture as this will benefit you later.

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2- Profile Optimization



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Make your Twitter Profile Optimized for more website traffic

Your profile should reflect who you are, which industry you belong to, your website, your brand etc. Make use of your website logo, taglines/ slogans on your Twitter profile to enhance its visibility.

Craft your twitter account well so that it helps you build your twitter presence and let people identify you by your website or brand/ business.

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How to get more engagement and followers on Twitter

How to Generate traffic


3- Monitor Your Feeds


Notice what the newsfeed says once you started following the relevant people, keep a check on what they are tweeting.

See how can you able to help them via your product or service. You will get to see various buying signals say for instance; certain needs that your product can fulfil or if you see the people are showing dis-satisfactory reaction towards the competitors etc.

Now, this is the time when you can come in spotlight and exploit such opportunities to grab the leads.

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4- Research On Companies


You can use twitter to gain insights on the companies as a whole and not just sticking around or dependent on one or two prospects.

Twitter is very wide, here you get to know what issues people are facing, what challenges your competitors are facing etc and how can your product an be the savior for them. This research will help improvisation strategies for making a good sales pitch.

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5- Hosting Twitter Chats



Hosting Twitter Chats


This will facilitate people in giving feedback on your brand and suggestions for improvement. This will automatically give your website or brand more space on the web.

People will talk about your website and hence more viewership. Hosting Twitter chats is one great strategy to tell people about you and your website/ products/ services as well as taking feedback from them as well as know about the issues they face.

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6- Spark Up Conversations

Spark Up Twitter Conversations


You cannot attract people by forcing them to buy the product. Tell people what you know, what you offer and help them in solving  their issues.


Respond to your followers, Retweet them and let them notice you. Positive Twitter experience can bring you great amount of prospects which can be your loyal readers in future.

If you want to move the conversation away from public forum and if the prospect is following you then you can move conversation to direct messages.


Sharing of private information like contact number, email ids, prices or other queries etc can be better done via direct messages. To sum up in brief, have conversations with followers. Will e of great advantage.

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7- Establish Relationships


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Establish Relationships at Twitter to increase web traffic

You need to identify the most influential people on Twitter. The number of followers certainly depicts the status of how influential the person is. Their tweets gets retweeted and liked by number of people.


Here in order to interact more and develop relationships, you can reply under the comments section on their tweets as well. Also retweet their interesting stuff. In this way you will gain attention from the industry influencers and they might follow you back and visit your website links given in your profile description and timeline page.


Now, when you see that they started noticing you the you can put forth your own website content and alert them. Make sure you don’t spam them as it will take you nowhere.


Make proper use of this space, identify the right accounts with influential capability and establish relationship. This way your content would get retweets from their end and  you will attract/gain more followers.

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