21 Digital Marketing Tips for Generating Website Traffic via Advertising, Social Media, SEO

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Advertising and Marketing Beginners Tips for Generating Website Traffic through SEO, SMM, CRO, and SMO

Website Traffic: The biggest and foremost challenge for any website owner! Everyone know that the success of any online business depends on the traffic it receives. Though, the source of traffic could be of many types today unlike in the past.

Basically, website traffic could be categorized as the following:


Ξ Organic Traffic

Ξ Direct Traffic

Ξ Referral Traffic

Ξ Email Marketing

Ξ Social Media

Ξ Paid Networks and Media

Ξ Paid Search Traffic


These marketing tips are based on the following types of optimizations for getting traffic for a website :-

  1. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization),
  2. SMO (Social Media Optimization),
  3. CRO ( Conversion Rate Optimization).

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21 Beginners Tips to Generate Website Traffic from Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.


21 Important beginners tips for better SEO (search engine optimization) and Social Media rankings for advertisers and marketers in general. The tips provided here are useful for both kind of advertisers- individuals or company affiliated.

Not any in-depth details, but some highlights about how should you promote your content to the target audience. Remember, these tips are not targeted for any typical website optimization.

The ways to get website traffic as explained in this article will help you in generating leads, sales, and more views on your content in question.

Hence, the tips may be useful for any webmasters/blogger, though they are written for Internet marketers and online advertisers.


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1.Facebook Marketing

Facebook allows marketers to advertise their products to their fans. It offers a wide range of opportunities for marketers to leverage and hit the next level in their campaigns.

A case on point, it allows you to target your advert to people of a certain location, age, gender, interest or even education standard to ensure that it reaches the right people who are likely to make purchases. The custom audience and lookalike options make targeting even easier.


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2. Twitter Marketing


It is easy to advertise your business and generate leads which will be converted into sales if you can tweet and retweet efficiently. Twitter allows you to connect to the right audience, making it easy to market businesses to people who are already interested in it.

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3. GooglePlus Business Marketing

Googleplus is a social platform that allows people to share articles, videos and images relating to the businesses they would like to advertise. You can promote and market your business over GooglePlus though lots of methods.

For an example, by sharing content on your personal profile and Googleplus Communities.

Note: GooglePlus is no more active. Once there is a new social networking from Google, we will update here. Google is planning to launch a new platform.


4. LinkedIn Marketing


LinkedIn allows you to connect with professionals of your caliber. If you identify yourself as an internet advertiser or marketer of specific products, you will draw like-minded people to your profile like moths are drawn to flames. Update your profile and post relevant information frequently for better results.

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5. Pinterest Marketing


If you are a passionate Pinterest user, you can pin information relating to the businesses you are marketing and generate organic leads which will increase traffic to the relevant site and boost sales.


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6. Affiliate Marketing


As a marketer or internet advertiser, you can also allow affiliate marketing. Actually, most firms who use affiliate marketing encourage their affiliates to invite others under them in order to create a network of marketers that runs from the top level affiliate to the newest.


7. Google Adwords – Paid Traffic Fast and Quickly


Google allows you to place your ads on its platform and attract both local and international customers. You only pay for real results, so you do not need to worry about your budget. Google Adwords is the number one platform for paid advertising.


8. PPC Search Engine Marketing

PPC or pay per Click is a great way to advertise any business or website quickly over the Internet. Most of the expert advertisers use PPC to drive leads, sales, or traffic. Though, it’s a paid mean of advertising, but it is the most effective and visible on the Internet today.

The results could be outstanding depending upon how you use the paid systems.

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9. Generate Referral Traffic via Social Bookmarking


Bookmarking your marketing website on social bookmarking sites also bolsters your advertising efforts and leads to higher sales volumes. Bookmarking websites are great tools for improving searching Engine optimization for any web pages.

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10. Get more Hits by Publishing Relevantly Linked Content


Search engines use your content to place you site on the search engine result pages. The most important aspect of website content is relevance. Even if you are writing an article for submission to article directories, if the article content is not relevant to the search term, it is possible that it may not be read by the people who need to read it.

It is thus important to provide relevant content at all times. Other SEO tips should also be followed.

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11. Article Marketing ( SEO and Referral Traffic)


Marketers just need to write articles relating to the business they are advertising and submit it to the article submission sites. The articles should have a link to the products being advertised. People reading these articles can be directed to these products if they are interested.

Follow the list of Auto approval article directories to publish your articles free.


12. Press Release Submission on Highly visited PR Sites


Submitting press releases is a step in the right direction for marketers of new products. It is important to introduce this product in the market, and this is possible through a press release submission.

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13. Actively participate in Niche Online Forums


There are forums all over the internet talking about different subjects. A passionate marketer or advertiser cannot afford to miss the opportunity to get involved in the forums that relate to the product being advertised and to probably answer the questions that other people in the forum are asking.

This is a very effective method of spreading information about a certain product.

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14. Email Marketing and Email Autoresponder for Getting Instant Site Visitors


Email marketing works by sending promotional emails to people on the mailing list. For customer care services, marketers also need to link their websites to the email autoresponder in order to keep in touch with their clients and make them feel that they are valued. Replying emails manually can be a very tedious job.

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15. Getting Involved with the Comments on your Content


Whenever you post anything on your blog, website, or social network account, allow people to comment on it and be willing to reply. In other words, involve yourself in discussions relating to various products that you deal in.


16. Allowing Feedback


Allow the people you have contacted or done business with to give their feedback on the quality of the services or products you provided. This will allow you to alter your strategies and plans whenever it is necessary to ensure that you are always on the right track.


17. Distribute Free E-books to your Readers


Currently, people are reading eBooks more than ever before. If you are advertising a certain product that is a bit difficult to understand, you can write an eBook on it and make it available so that people can read and get enlightened on the product.

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18. Start a series of small e-Courses


You can also offer courses on something that requires in-depth understanding. For instance, people are now appreciating the various ways of making money online but only a few of them are aware of the platforms that really work.

If you are advertising an online job site, you can run e-courses on the various ways of making money on that specific website.


19. Audio Products


You can also offer audio products like webinars and podcasts to explain the practical details of the products being advertised. This will give you an opportunity to interact with the prospective customers one-on-one.



20. Submitting Content to the Local Listings and Classifieds


It is very important to list a business with local directories to ensure that people looking for it on these directories get to know that your business exists. Local classifieds will also help in spreading the word about your business to the masses.

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21. Using Banner Ads for the desired Traffic


Banner ads are very popular advertising tools especially because of their visual appeal. They are very attractive and irresistible sometimes, especially if they are highlighted with conspicuous colors and effects.

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All these tips should be used with special reference to the three principles of internet marketing: immediacy, personalization and relevance.

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