What is Press Release & Why It’s Beneficial for SEO – Beginners Tips

What is a Press Release Submission and How It Benefits in SEO


Find out all About Online Press Release and its Usefulness and the Related Resources to it!


Every online business needs a promotion to be well-known in the eyes of its targeted audience. There are many ways to promote an online business effectively in this digital era. Press Release Submission is also among one of those practical ways which are used for promoting a business online.

If you have launched a business or a new website or product, you should make sure that you publish a story about it online using the PR sites for which we are talking about here in this article.


We will guide you step by step on where to find such online places and how to get the submission process done.



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What is a Press Release and  What are its Benefits in SEO


Thus, first of all at this point, it is necessary to understand what Press Release is? And how Press Release submission benefits in SEO?



What is a Press Release?


The Technical definition for a Press Release is that any information which got shared with media or media reporters is Press Release. But as we are in living in the digital age, and everything got shared over online media thus according to present scenario – “A Press Release or Press Release Submission is the submission of any new event or happening of business over the PR sites.”



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What is an Online Press Release Submission?


There are many good press releases sites are there which are available for free and paid as well on the internet which you can use to promote your business. The sites include:-


1. 24-7 pressrelease (Free)
2. ClickPress (Free)
3. 1888PressRelease (Free)
4. PRNewsWire (Paid)
5. PRWeb (Paid)
6. BusinessWire  (Paid)

Visit here To get the FULL list of the Top 30 Press Release Sites on the Internet!


Benefits of Press Release Submission in SEO


On that note, now when we are well aware of what a Press Release means let us head towards the importance and benefits of press release marketing.


Online Press Release -What are the Benefits in SEO?


To Present You as an Authority Locally and Globally As Well


Yes, Press Release submissions help you to develop you as an authority. Wondering how?

Then let me tell you. With your press releases, you can develop a sense of trust among your target audience by presenting the best information in your industry and changes or developments happening in your industry.Thus, next time when they need to know or purchase something related to your industry they will come directly to you instead of going anywhere else.

Along with you can also get the chance and get benefited to get published in popular magazines, newspapers, podcasts, and blogs, etc.

Thus don’t forget to be a part of local press releases submissions along with global as most of the information get assembled these through local media channels.

It Helps You to Achieve Better Search Results Visibility


Yes, Press Release sites help you to get good online visibility and not only that good PR sites also helps you to achieve online attention, brand awareness and good Link Profile.

As soon as the audience which you are targeting clicks over the PR or news published related to your business and directed towards your website also helps to generate organic traffic.

So, just don’t forget to share press releases at regular intervals which are newsworthy and also to optimize the first two paragraphs of your press release with relevant and necessary keywords without flooding them. It is because the first two paragraphs are crucial for any press release.


Helps to Develop Good Relationship with Journalists


Yes, press releases also help to develop good relationships with journalists as well. How?

Then let me tell you that. An excellent press release can get the attention of journalists as well along with your audience and make them your exciting news to share with their reader base.


A Great Way to Attract Investors


Press releases help to develop any business as an authority and in increasing brand awareness. And hence Press releases can contribute to attracting investors by seeing a potential entrepreneur in you and your business as futures big organization. And if you are a startup then it can prove to be a boon.


Great Way to Increase Sales and Develop Good Relationship with Customers


Press releases also help to generate high sales. Although it is self-explanatory, let me tell you about the importance of press release for public relations ? With press releases, you can include some offers on your products and services and as a result of that, you can get some serious leads for your business, which you can convert into customers.

Along with that, you will also get benefited to have their contact information, which you can utilize to offer them a premium version of your services and products. If they like free or offered version of your services or products, then they will not hesitate to pay for the premium version. Try Press Release Submission Services by WLMarketing


Provides Permanent Indexation


With the help of press release submissions, you get permanent indexation of your news in online media sites. So whenever anyone searches for something related to your industry it becomes easy to access your information and to reach you.

Hope that this article on what is press release submission and benefits of it will help you in a realistic manner and to make you aware of the importance of press release submissions.

So, please let us know about your views and experience on the topic in the comment section below. And also don’t forget to show your love for the post by sharing it on different social media platforms if it has helped you.

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