Content Marketing Tools 2022 – Top 20 Promotion Tools that every Digital Marketers Must Utilize

Content Promotion Tools – List of the Best Content Marketing Tools and Software for Marketers in 2022-23

In today’s time when digital marketing is playing a pivotal role in any kind of online business, it becomes more important to sharpen your approach and execution to reach the desired goals. When it comes to promoting your content online, you need to use at least 5-10 content marketing tools irrespective of whether you a content market or not. If you are not a content marketer but you need to take advantage of the digital marketing to some level then you should check out this article and try some or all of these tools to promote your content.


Content Promotion Tools for Online Marketing in 2021: Content Marketing Software Tools for Beginners & Experts

[Must Have Content Promotion Tools for Performing Content Marketing for a Business or Website!]


Content marketing is an aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is often carried out incorrectly, insufficiently or improperly by most web marketers in the field of digital marketing and SEO. By the way, what do you use more than the other: SEO or Content Marketing?


This is because content marketing is often understood as the means of using a piece of valuable content in order to gain and capture an audience which would help in getting a potential lead/customer. Content marketing could be divided mainly in two forms: Global or general content marketing and local content marketing.

In this beginner’s guide for content promotion tools, we have included the platforms that are leader in their respective categories and are used by experts and SMBs all across the world.


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10 Outstanding platforms for Marketing your Content


Although this is in fact one of the primary goals of content marketing, it’s essential to understand that there is more to content publishing and creation than to get a direct sale.

This implies that not every single piece of content which would be published for content marketing should necessarily be focused on conversion. Rather content could be broadly divided into two main groups as, viral content and marketing enriched content.



Marketing Enriched Content


As the name suggests, marketing enriched content is what most web marketers engage in by promoting the products and services of their site directly to the target audience.

However the viral content could be basically defined as the “bait” which shouldn’t contain absolutely any trace of marketing or sales leads and should focus entirely on getting more readership, social shares and brand recognition.


There are several content and social media marketing tools which a digital marketer/SEO specialist or other professional could make use of in order to plan, develop and implement a successful content marketing campaign for a particular business.


This post would highlight the key features and benefits of the top 10 tools for content marketing which are used for content promotion and audience tracking in order to provide an overall understanding about its usage and benefits to a potential online marketer.


Here is the list of ten free and paid tools and software programs (desktop as well as web based) (Randomly picked: they are not arranged on the priority base. We think that all of them are great ones)


Content Marketing Online Tools and Useful Websites for Business Promotion through Content Marketing Success

We will review here these 10 of the best Business content marketing free and premium tools. Though, any individual may use them as web promotional tools for their own website or blog.

10 Best Content Marketing tools for Promoting a business or website. Beginner’s Guide on tools to promote content. List of the leading online tools for content promotion in successful way for leads and Traffic.


  • Buffer
  • Dlvr
  • Storify
  • Mailchimp
  • Feedly
  • Pinterest
  • You Tube
  • Google analytics
  • Adwords Keyword planner tool
  • Hootsuite
  • AllTop
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Get Pocket
  • Automation Tools


Watch the outstanding Video by Neil Patel on Content Marketing Tools for Beginners –


List of 10 Outstanding Tools for Content Marketing and Online Promotion

Now, Content Marketers can Save more time and get more Results with these  Software and Online Tools.


Nothing better than investing more time in content marketing in the present times when it is yielding most lucrative results. Yet nothing better than getting more results by investing lesser time. Automation is the key we are referring to here. Instead of doing everything in a conventional manner if we turn to an organized automation strategy of approach on a daily basis we tend to reduce the amount off time we need to spare for our content marketing efforts.

Although there are hundreds of tools that supports content marketers in numerous varied ways, highlighting top 15 tools in the field of content marketing that makes the work of content marketers easy and their effort even fruitful. Take a look!


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#1. Buffer: The Undisputed Leader in Social Media Sharing Tools Available Online for Content Marketing


Social media marketing (SMM) is also necessary during the content marketing phase as it is a highly valuable channel to funnel visitors and gain customer recognition for a brand.



The Buffer app website basically gives the ability for content marketers to manage the posts which they share on their social media accounts by scheduling the most suitable time for it to be published automatically so that they do not have to manually publish it during those peak hours.


Buffer allows you to choose the time you want your content to be posted on social media. With this tool you can schedule your content and organize the timings for distributing the posts across your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter in the best and effective way.


It helps you reach out the audiences, your readers in order to understand what kind of content to develop that interests them.


Basically this tool helps your business in keeping eyes on what is that your readers want from you. What kind of content/topics they want to read about etc.


The major aim of this marketing tool is to get the right kind of audience for your content on social sites. It is targeting based social media advertising that allows you to target the relevant audience with regards to the content you develop.

 Buffer comes with Free and Paid Both plans 


#2. : A Cost Effective Tool that Shares your Content Automatically using RSS Feeds

DlvrIt Tool: Promote your content with automated Social Media Sharing Features


Dlvr.It website is also similar to the buffer app; however it offers the ability to manage several social media accounts together when compared to the number of accounts supported by Buffer.



This is highly recommendable to larger businesses which need to manage several social media accounts and schedule posts, manage analytics and determine user engagement by comparing metrics across several channels simultaneously.

➤ is also available in free and paid plans

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#3. Mailchimp : The Most Popular email marketing tool loved by all!


To market your content to those in your email list, Mailchimp is the best tool and one of the most convenient email marketing platforms. You can organize contacts, send emails and therefore track results as to whether the email has been opened/read by the recipient or not or if the email sent was failed.


Email marketing is also a good means of keeping in touch with an audience as it helps to keep them updated with the latest announcements and posts about the company through the use of a simple email in their inbox.


A common mistake which digital marketers make when carrying out email marketing is that they fail to track the analytics and metric of the campaign and focus on tracking the landing page instead.


This creates several issues including the inability to gauge the effectiveness of the email campaign and CTR, the open rate of a message etc.


Mailchimp Website allows marketers to easily track the emails sent to their audience by indicating clear metrics about its CTR, open rate, engagement and other important analytics which would be beneficial to marketers.

 Mailchimp- Promote your Content further with email marketing 

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#4. Feedly : A Potent Tool to organize and promote your content ( via feeds)


With this content marketing tool you can add your favorite blogs to get the content on the topics of your interest in your feed. Feedly has grown to 7 million users in the recent times.


Putting it in other words Feedly is one great RSS reader that keeps you updated on the latest blogs.

As marketers and content creators need to be in touch with the latest news and viral content which is being publicized on the internet related to their niche in order to make use of the opportunity to promote their brand.

Feedly provides a platform to stay in touch with this information on any device, mobile or desktop so that one could immediately post a relevant content on their official blog or site to their audience.

Feedly- Organize and Share your content over several platforms using Feeds 

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#5. Google analytics : Analyse the performance of your content


This is a very important analytics tool which every online marketer should make maximum benefit of because it would give them a detailed insight into the success of their campaigns and the ability to identify whether they are moving in the right direction or not ( in terms of demographics and audience targeting )

➤ Google analytics- The Most favorite tool of every webmaster, Online Publisher and blogger 


#6. Adwords Keyword planner tool: The Best Free Tool for Keyword researching and PPC advertising


Google Keyword Tool


Right mixing of keywords to frame the headlines and write the body of your articles according to the frequently searched stuff on web  Google keyword is one amazing tool. Although do not rely on this completely but utilize the tool in the best possible manner.

This tool is highly beneficial for two main purposes of keyword research which is for SEO and for online advertising campaigns. However when using this tool for SEO purposes, marketers should not rely solely on its results because it is more inclined towards providing results for online advertising rather than organic search.

Therefore it should be used in combination with other tools as well.

In that case of planning an online advertising campaign the results delivered from this tool is accurate because its based on actual data from Google itself.

➤ Adwords Keyword Planner Tool – The Best and Free Tool for Keyword researching 


#7. Hootsuite: The Biggest Company that made social media sharing easy and effective


This social media management tool is also a valuable resource for considerably large brands and organizations to make use of because of its security, analytics, engagement, metrics and apps.


As it provides all the main areas which need to be considered when managing a particular social media profile, users have the opportunity to gauge the success of the online marketing campaign at a glance without much effort.

 Hootsuite- The vastly used Content sharing and management tool used by SMBs 



Content Marketing Best Tools for Online Marketers-560x315
Best Tools for Content Marketing


List of Some Very Useful Websites for Content Marketing Needs

Content marketing is gaining huge popularity and some reports say it is the most popular in the present times. Why not ease out various tasks to churn more from less efforts with these best content marketing tools that we have handpicked for you.

Pinterest : Market your Content in free and paid ways via social ads


Although this is a fairly new platform which many online marketers have considered, the benefits which they could obtain through a careful managed Pinterest profile is invaluable in terms of brand recognition and product awareness.


This is an ideal platform to obtain social sharing as well, therefore marketers could use this tool to post content which they not only need to be marketed but also needs to get brand exposure as well.

Pinterest could do magic to your image rich content 


Linkedin Pulse


This is the application that gets you updated with the top business headlines and business news curated by the LinkedIn. You can personalize the news and select the news & topics of your interest and choice.

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In order to discover what kind of questions the audiences are asking, Quora is one best app to be used. You get to know what are the trends going on in the market and accordingly draft the content for your blogs. You ask questions and receive answers here. It is as simple as that.


Twitter Automation Tools


By using hashtags that are related and relevant to your industry, business or brand, you can come to know what kind of audience are interested in you and what they want. This way you can gain insight to what kind of content to generate for your audience or say potential customers.


With you get to see the most relevant and engaging stories from social media and the web. You get access to newsletters and online newspapers from millions of sources across the web.

You can even create your own custom online newspapers with articles, videos, pictures etc and do the work of sharing and promoting the same via social media.




Brings you all the top news from across the web. You get the latest updates in the form of news as to what is going on in several industries. Everything right from  business to technology, to breaking news, alltop has it all.




Considered as an entertainment site earlier, Reddit today brings insights to various subject matters for content marketers. Reddit has more than 36 million user accounts with unlimited comments by people.

You can use reddit for content inspiration on a variety of topics from across the web by discovering the trending stuff on this platform. Reddit is one of the Top Social Bookmarking Sites as well!




People often tend to take presentations less interesting and overlook it but with slideshare things have changed.

People now use this tool to promote their stuffs be it product or service or content/ new releases etc whatsoever they want to share with the world.The people looking for or interested in your stuff go through the presentations you shared via slideshare as the content here is displayed in a more appealing and visually attractive form.

You can view, upload and share the slides with audiences across the web. Slideshare is extremely popular amongst all today.




This platform has about 30,000 journalists, 250,000 opt-in news subscribers and 3 million monthly visitors. You can create your own press release by using various tools supported by PRWeb, share it and see how it is doing across the web.


Promoted Posts On Facebook


Via way of promoting posts on Facebook you can strengthen your Facebook advertising. The posts would not reach to a large part of audience organically, therefore there is a need to pay per post in order to get your content featured and visible to large amount of audience be it your fans or non-fans.

Promoted posts appears in front of all the users and they can see your stuff easily. This is an extremely effective way of Facebook advertising.




Designed for ipad. this app allows you to provide relevant content to the employees or team. Content can also be shared on social networks, customers and prospects. Trapit suggests and deliver the relevant content that goes in sink with user’s preference.

Get Pocket


You can quickly save, discover and recommend the best stories on the web. Your favorite resources can be kept organized via various apps. Videos, articles, blogs and lots of other kind of stuffs can be saved for in order to use it later.


Storify: Market and Promote your content in the story form


Storify is a very good content marketing tool which bloggers could make maximum benefit of because it helps them to relate to the latest hot topics which are being widely spoken about on the internet at any given moment in time.

This implies that marketers and content creators could make use of the website’s easy to use drag and drop interface and make new content based on existing viral feeds.

➤ Content promotion social platform which works similar to and  

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YouTube : The Biggest source of Video Marketing


Brands who use YouTube as part of their online marketing efforts could also gauge important metrics about visitor engagement, view count, demographics, gender ratio as well as other analytics by making use of the YouTube Analytics platform.


This is available to every YouTube Channel which has uploaded at least one video and would give a detailed insight about its progress. The data collected from YouTube analytics should be evaluated with other metrics to determine the success rate of a particular campaign.

 Online Promotion Beginners Tips for You Tube 

➤ Why You Tube Marketing is so important?




The above list of web promotion and submission tools is only a selection made with a general view and purpose. There are several hundreds of valuable websites and software available which could be used to carry out a successful content marketing campaign for specific niches and business types.

As mentioned in the beginning business marketing in the online arena is not restricted to only making a conversion and getting a sale, rather a successful content marketing strategy should also have an effective means of engaging with the audience prior to and even after a conversion has been made.

Although some of the above are not free tools, the benefits which one could obtain by upgrading the account would show immediate results to content marketers and digital media specialists within a considerably short time.

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