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Pinterest Marketing Tips for Beginners to Get Social Media Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing Tips to take your Pinterest Marketing to Optimize the Results


Social Media Marketing Pro Tips for Pinterest:


Although you cannot have enough when it comes to tips and tricks of marketing for any social media sites but how about throwing light on some of the basic Do’s for Pinterest marketing?

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Well, Today as everyone is present on almost every social media platform, be it a layman or any professional or businessmen, basic ideas which can get you recognized here on these platforms are not different for anyone.

For a marketer, here are some tips that should be taken care of when using Pinterest to promote the brand, product or service. Have a look!

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Pinterest Social Media
Pinterest Marketing Tips

10 Pro Pinterest Social Media Marketing Tips for Online Promotion

1. Price Tags Attract


Always try to include price tags in the pins you create. This will prove to be of great benefit in attracting traffic to your site.

Pinterest pins for a marketer would not be so impactful without the price tags. As per the research it is found that Pinterest drives more traffic than some of the other sites like google+, LinkedIn or YouTube.

The e tags pins without price tags does not do that much well as compared to the ones with it. If you want prospects to purchase your product via this promotional medium than do not forget or avoid mentioning price of the product.

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2. Business Page


Earlier the ‘page’ thing was not a part of Pinterest but today Pinterest has added business pages which you could use for your marketing/ promotions, networking and other purposes.

It also allows you to convert your old personal page to business page. You can easily get to know through the business page. which of your pins are doing well and famous.


3. Rich Pins Are Even Better


Moreover focus on using rich pins because they contain more information and not merely a picture.

Article pins. product pins, recipe pins, movie pins, place pins are the five types pins on Pinterest and each of these using specific kind of information like pricing, reviews, address, map, phone number, ratings, headlines and lots more.

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4. Find Group Boards


Pinterest group boards is one fine way to reach out to more people and get great amount of traffic for your page.

Pinterest has got a ‘Follow Boards’ tool, found under the drop down menu on the top right corner which could help you find boards to follow. The task is not easy though.

It is difficult to find good and popular group boards on Pinterest but with the Pingroupie tool the problem has been solved. It is free to use and quite helpful in getting more repins, followers, likes etc.

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5. Taller Images


Researches have shown that taller images have more chances to get repinned as compared to the smaller ones.

Therefore, taller images should be used to get more repins and consequently more likes and followers.

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6. Make Your Presence Fun


Make your presence fun at Pinterest

No matter if your profile is great on Pinterest with a big brand or others, chances are it still can be ignored by the prospects, fans, likers etc. Unless and until they see something appealing, exciting and interesting, they would not like or repin it.


Promoting yourself, your brand on pinterest requires activeness and creativity from the marketer’s end. Promoting only on pinterest alone would also not do well.


Cross promotion on other social media sites along with linking it to pinterest would lead to better results. Optimize your website using ‘follow us’, ‘pin it’ buttons on images.

Let your fans know about all the platforms on social media you are present on as you never know from where you can get a new follower.


7. Blog Boards & Relevant Keywords


A blog board where your followers can read all the blogs posted by you should be created. The blogs published on your site should be pinned with a little description and summary of the article on pinterest so that your followers can see and read it.

Use relevant keywords in order to appear on the top list of search engine. The content should be good and informative enough to provoke the followers and interested readers to find more about it. High Quality image should be used for blogs.


8. Know What Competitors Are Upto


Often you get to learn from the techniques followed by the competitors. In order to keep yourself updated to what the competitors are pinning, an application ‘Pinalerts’ can be used.

Very simple to use and whenever something is pinned from any domain, you receive alert. These alerts you have to set for when anything is pinned on any (competitor’s or whosoever) domain, you are informed about the same.

This way you get to see the boards, pins, followers of each competitor and you can follow them to get noticed. Chances are they will follow you back if notice or take interest in your brand.

9. Tools To Help You Out


Their are various tools that can help you out in expanding your reach and making your pinning easier and effective. These are:-


– Pin Search
– Pin Image
– Pinterest Image Expander
– Pinwords
– Buffer for Pinterest
– Pinstamatic


These tools excel in their respective areas and helps in getting more repins, likes & followers. Therefore using these can result into great advantage for the marketers.

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