Buyable Pinterest Pins: Tips for Driving Sales through Pinterest based Shopping Solutions

Buyable Pins: How to Start Selling through Pinterest Social Media Giant.


Online business tips for social media marketing- Great news for advertisers, marketers, Entrepreneurs, and small business owners! Now they can sale their products or business services on Pinterest too, like they do on witter, Tumblr, or Facebook social media accounts. Pinterest could be a great source of paid Online advertising for promoting your Small Business. Now Sale online using Buyable Pins from Pinterest!


Pinterest has collaborated with Shopify which is one of the most popular e-commerce cart solution providers and launched buy-able pins on Pinterest. Realizing the volume of visitors surfing through Pinterest and also the stats suggest that most of them visit Pinterest to get the inspiration for their shopping needs. Shopify has worked closely to channelize this platform for getting more sales.


With these new buyable pins now the visitors have an option of buying the product directly from Pinterest and add to their cart. They have options of making payments online by credit cards or apple pay.


Start selling your products at Pinterst using Buyable Pins


As of now the buyable pins are only available to Shopify merchants and in U.S only. However, it has been gaining popularity and seems to spread in rest of the market as well. There is also an interesting fact about buyable pins that it is free of cost. You dont pay anything to Pinterest or Shopify on any sales.

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Pinterest as a Sales and Marketing Platform:


If you still feel that social media marketing is all about Facebook and twitter let us see what the reports suggest:

a. Various reports across the industry have declared that future of marketing is visual.

b. More than 100 Million users are already using on Pinterest with 176 Million registered users.

c. Most of the shoppers have reported to use Pinterest to get inspiration for their shopping.

d. Pins reach a wider audience more than about 100% than a retweet.

e. 66% of Pinners use Pinterest to save products that inspire them.

While the reports suggest increase inclination towards visual marketing, about 50% of the marketers plan to focus more on their pinterest marketing.


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4 Easy Ways to Generate Sales from Pinterest:


1. Join the popular boards

Joining popular and relevant pin boards you hold high chances of getting Repins. It also helps you drive more traffic with increase visibility and also get you more followers.


2. Share your Pin in emails and newsletters

Embed your pins in emails and newsletter for more repins and increasing visibility.


3. Add price to all of your pinned products

As we came to know from the reports that most of the people get their buying inspiration from twitter if they instantly get to know the price when they are inspired the brands can take advantage by driving more sales this way.


4. Cross promote your pins on other social media like tweeter and Facebook

Cross promote your pins on the other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to drive more traffic and let those who are not even on your Pinterest get to see what yo are sharing there.


Some must know tools for Pinterest Marketers:


a. Pinalert

Pinalerts send you notification as soon as anyone pins anything from your website.


b. Pingroupie

Pingroupie helps you find the relevant pin boards according to your industry type.



(If This Then That) is a free automation tools that helps you to automate tasks between two different platforms by creating recipes.


d. Tailwind

Tailwind helps marketers, and brands to schedule pins and analyze trends, etc.

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Shopping Solutions at Pinterest for Sellers:


You can take advantage of Pinterest Social Media if you want to sell your products to a wide range of global audiences at the platform. Pinterest has made it simple for sellers to highlight their products in the same way as other mainstream ecommerce stores do and in addition you have a very different kind of audience available to you.


For the ones who want to explore selling opportunities before an audience who is interested in the content at Pinterest. You get to know their taste and interests and based on that you can take decisions about your retrospectives against such user base. It could really make your sales more profitable with less budget and expenditures compared to the established marketing platforms.

As the Pinterest platform claims you can start selling your products in 3 easier steps at Pinterest:


1. Set up your Shop:


This is a simple way to set up your shop at Pinterest. It is done in 3 steps.

First of all, have your product catalog ready and upload it to your account. In this way you can transform the complete catalog into product Pins. Not one by one, but, all at once. When your product catalog is uploading successfully then your profile has a new tab named as “Shop”. Now, users or prospective customers would start seeing a “shop” tab at your profile which makes it easier to discover your products. You can easily showcase your products the way you want them.



Next step would be to add the Pinterest tag to your own online store (website/shopify/etst/etc). By doing this you can take a measurement of your conversions and user data. It helps you in optimizing your ads for shopping campaigns at Pinterest.

Is your store built with Shopify? If yes, then you can connect your Shopify online store to your Pinterest based Business account in the Shopify app. Shopify store has an app dedicated to Pinterest Platform. Visuit here to Add Pinterest App to your Shopify Store. Just click on “Add app” button and it will connect your Pinterest Shop to your Shopify store easily.


2. Make your Build Trustworthy and Verified:


This is a common and the most important step for any sellers or businesses. You need to stand out and gain faith and loyalty from your users and customers. For this, Pinterest Shopping Solutions offer you the availability of “Verified Merchant Program” where you get a “verified” badge on your profile from the Pinterest Verified Merchant Program”. It is free to join and irt includes several advantages to a seller.

You may know more about this program by visiting here: Pinterest Verified Merchant Program.


3. Scale your shopping campaigns:


You already understand how valuable this is for any sellers in today’s digital age. Through these facilities at Pinterest you would be able to scale your campaigns for higher returns on your sales.

For this to work efficiently, Pinterest Shopping Solution program offers you many features, including the following:

  • Shopping Ads
  • Collections Ads
  • Automatic Solutions ( Keeps a tab on Bidding, budget, spendings automatically)
  • Dynamic Retargeting


Take Measurements (Free/Paid presence)


Find out how well you are being seen on Pinterest through Organic and Paid ways (both). Analyse the traffic and impact of your presence over Pinterest for the sales and leads for your products. Understand it well and take decisions accordingly to improvise and optimize your campaigns at Pinterest!


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