How to Start Selling Online with Shopify Store? Getting Started Guide for Beginners

How and Why to Start your Own Online Shopping Store with Shopify?


Founded in the year 2004, Shopify is a platform that allows you to set up your online store to sell your products. You can easily organize your products, create and customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track the orders and respond to it. Overall, it is a complete e-commerce solution to put it in simple words.


Today, Shopify is used by merchants to manage every aspect of their business right from products to orders to customers, selling online, in retail stores or so. The focus of shopify lies in making commerce better for all.


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Sell with Shopify

Shopify Online Marketplace- an Introduction


Shopify has 275,000 active stores with $17 billion dollar worth of sales. Shopify has seen tremendous growth since its inception and is continuing towards the path of growth in current scenario as well. It works in almost every country and currency.



As far as the language is concerned, the administrative interface of a shop is in English but the eCommerce storefront, email, communication, checkout etc of a shop can be in any language.


There are different online shopping sites which offer opportunities for sellers to list product listings online. However, there are a number of reasons to choose one above the others, i.e why to sell over one e-commerce than another. Shopify is one online shopping platform with a difference, not only it offers a firm online store builder, there are a lot of benefits of using Shopify.

These can be seen from some of the features and benefits it offers to its users, as follows:


7 Reasons Why To Sell with Shopify built Online Store


1. You Own Your Online Storefront:


One Shopify, you own your store and organise it the way and manner you want and that fits your stock best. It works like a micro online shopping site.


2. Amazing Point of Sale:


Shopify affords its users a special online Point of Sale or POS service which allows the seller to accept payment anywhere. It doesn’t require complex training.


3. You have a Buy Button for Direct Purchases:


There is a Buy Button on each of your commodity which allows for direct sale or exchange without stress. On some other online store builders or online marketplaces, you got through the stress of calling the person who placed the item for sale.


4. You are Connected to the World’s Biggest Social Media to do your Marketing:


Another benefit of Shopify is that you are connected to Facebook, to market your products and attract more customers from different parts of the world.


5. You can synchronise every sale and track each sale by channel:


You wonder why to sell on Shopify and I tell you, for the sake of accounting for all your sales without mistakes. Shopify Store builder provides a tracking system for each sale by channel and you can open more channels if you like.


6. Effective Support System and Forum:


This aspect allows you to network and connect with like minds on Shopify. Nothing fosters business like collaboration.


7. Free Trial


Interestingly, you can get all these amazing benefits of Shopify for free on trial for 14 days.


On Shopify online shopping site, you can buy and sell anything, it is a popular global online marketplace which is made up of small storefronts owned and operated by small eCommerce owners from all across the world.


Shopify Getting Started Guide for Beginners on How to Start Selling over Shopify?


The article focuses on listing down the steps to start selling on shopify. So, here it goes:-


1- Getting Started


You don’t require any installations to get started with shopify. It works with all operating systems. In order to start selling with shopify, you need to have products to sell as well as credit so that you can pay for your online store.




First of all, you need to register an account with Shopify. Shopify has a tremendous confidence in its online store services, that is why they offer flat fourteen days of FREE Trial to check their services.  Go to Shopify, Sign up & take free trial.

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2- Listing your Products


For your ease, you are provide with different option to add products on Shopify. You can either add product pictures as well as the description one by one or if you have a CSV file then you can just import them in bulk.




There’s Shopify app also available for your support here via which you can simply transfer the inventory automatically from some another platform or portal like amazon or eBay or Shopclues. Well, product listing was never so easier.

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3- Your eStore Design Selection


You can hire any Shopify designer to do the designing work for you here. Although you don’t need to do that as Shopify comes with hundreds of beautiful pre-designed templates/themes that can be applied to your online shop.


You can keep your online store look fresh with new designs. Also, customization facility is also available for if you want to customize the look of your store with an easy to use graphical interface. You can add modifications by visiting the theme store in case you want.


4- Setting Up The Domain Name


You can use your own domain name with shopify if you have one. This would be the easiest and you can set it up in one click.


Just log in to Shopify, go to Online Store > Domains in your store admin to register a domain. Shopify also integrates with an existing website or a domain name registered with another provider. You can ask your Registrar domain to point your domain or subdomain to Shopify’s servers.



5- Verification


Next what you need to do is configure and verify your payment and customer account settings as well.


6- Launching your Online Store


There you are ready with your online store to launch it. Initially, a free trial for 14 days can be enjoyed. Now until & unless you select a plan anytime you want, Shopify won’t charge you.

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7- Order & Shipment


On receiving order by email, mobile text or RSS, log in to your account. Get information from your customer if you want more by sending email from within Shopify. Package up the order, send it to shipping address provided and mark as shipped within Shopify. This will keep track of things.


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8- Payment Processing


Apart from secure shopping car solutions, Shopify offers accepting online payment through 150+ payment gateways. You can also accept payment through Paypal -the world famous online payment service provider-as well.

Payment processing is always a crucial matter for any seller and Shopify makes it very smoothly that you dont have to bother at all about that.


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Although most of the credit cards are accepted by the Shopify store owners but you can offer more options for payment like money order or Cash on demand, etc.


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