Top 10 USA eCommerce Shopping Sites 2023 that are Best for Buying Selling Online

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in USA: Best Ecommerce Platforms in USA, and What Makes them so Great and Popular?


The Most Popular Ecommerce Companies in the United States.


In present date earning online and shopping online is common things. Most of us shop online for different things for our various needs. But as we are living in the digital age and there many frauds or scams occurs every day so we should stay aware and updated in best ways about the shopping sites.


Because of the Internet, there are now many e-commerce websites popping up in order to take advantage of the millions of potential customers around the world including USA. Famous brands and companies have created their own websites to make shopping even easier for the masses, garnering more attention as they showcase their different products and services without the need of a physical store.



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Top 10 eCommerce Giants in USA for Shopping Online


Having an e-commerce website has become very advantageous for business and companies alike, as they are not only able to save on money through transacting online, but they are also open to millions of more clients around the world, where they can easily order and have products and services done through the Internet!


Abundance of Competition for Online Businesses and Ecommerce Companies:


Like i mentioned above, there are a number of companies and businesses that have created their own e-commerce websites to cater to clients. This makes it a very competitive market! But no matter, there will still be the best. So, what are the 10 best e-commerce shopping sites in USA? Based on reviews, customer experience and interface designs, we show you the top 11 e-commerce shopping sites in USA.


List of Top 10 e-Commerce Sites in USA for Shopping Goods and Items Online:

Find out Top 10 Ecommerce Sites in USA for Shopping Online and Why they are so Famous among Buyers!


Top 10 Sites for Shopping Online in USA for 2023


1. Amazon USA: The Most Successful Ecommerce Shopping Company in the World


Amazon-best-USA-ecommerce-shopping-site-500x250 The Undisputed Leader in the USA Ecommerce Industry is one of the largest and best eCommerce shopping sites in the USA along with the world. It is the eCommerce  shopping website where you can buy anything you want from sports material to beauty stuff, clothing to shoes, and grocery material to reading material, home furniture to office furniture and so on.Amazon ecommerce company will remain at the top of the list because of the millions of hits they get per year worldwide. It started off as an online bookstore, but now offers hundreds of products by online shops, as well as food delivery and other forms of media! They have now produced their own consumer electronic products as well.


Jeff Bezos founded it in 1994 which is currently headquartered in Seattle, Washington, United States. And according to statistics available from different sources over the internet, till July 2016 has 244 million active users, among which 54 million users are prime customers of Amazon. And its website has around 40060729 daily visitors. Also, it has around 44% of users who directly head towards Amazon for searching any product of their need which in itself defines how the big and best eCommerce shopping site it is.


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 7

Alexa Rank in USA:  4 


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2. eBay USA: The Pioneer Shopping Site in USA Ecommerce Industry



eBay USA- the 2nd Best Online Shopping Site in the USA is yet another one of the biggest shopping site in the USA. EBay sell almost everything on their website which a human usually needs in his day to day life. On EBay site there are many categories which include motors, fashion, electronics, collectibles & art, home & garden and so on. You can choose from these categories according to your needs at any time and from anywhere. What’s great about eBay company is the fact that even users can sell their secondhand items, where they have more of a chance of selling their items quickly.


You can find everything you need here, which is why millions of users visit every year.


EBay Ecommerce Company, founded on September 3, 1995, by Pierre Omidyar which is in the present is headquartered in San Jose, California, United States. At the moment according to the statistics, the site has 164 million active users and 15598906 daily visitors. And it has around 25 million sellers. Along with that, the time which a user spent on an average on eBay App is 150 minutes which in itself explains the popularity of the company’s website.


Alexa Worldwide: – 30

Alexa in USA: – 9


3. Walmart: Ecommerce Company that has storefront Chains Globally



Walmart-a Giant ecommerce site of USA



Walmart is another biggest eCommerce shopping site in America. Here at Walmart, like Amazon you can get almost anything you want to have. They have a huge number of products under categories of Electronics & office, movies, books, music, home, furniture, clothing, pharmaceutical, toys, and lot more.


Another famous departmental store, Walmart receives millions of hits per year because of its user-friendly interface and the fact that they are able to offer a huge number of products at affordable prices. Walmart was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton which is currently headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, United States. It has around 3218519 daily visitors and 4574 Walmart stores in the USA. The employees who work in only Walmart stores are around 1.4 million which is quite sufficient to clear how large the Walmart is!


Alexa Ranking Worldwide: – 152

Alexa Rank in USA: – 33


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4. Etsy: the Shopping Site dedicated to Small Online Sellers


Etsy is one of the best online eCommerce shopping websites in the USA and across the world. It works on an entirely different concept from others that it works on the peer-to-peer model. The website sells various kinds of products which include Clothing & Accessories, Jewelry,  craft supplies and tools, items for home and living and so on.


Also, it is a one stop destination for unique handicraft products. What makes Etsy different from other e-commerce websites is the fact that the visitors on this site are also able to post their own items for sale! In here, you can find handmade products and items, perfect for gifts and giveaways during events. It’s definitely for the creative and for those who want to make a bit of money through their DIY projects.


Etsy was founded in the year of 2005 on June 18 by Rob Kalin, Jared Tarbell, Chris Maguire, and Haim Schoppik. The website has daily unique visitors 3309030. And has it is headquartered in currently in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States. According to stats, it has 25 million active buyers and 1.6 million sellers.


Alexa Ranking Worldwide: – 155

Alexa Ranking in USA: – 47


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5. Target [second-largest discount retailer in the United States]


Target also comes under the category of the most excellent eCommerce shopping site of US. It is also second-largest discount retailer in the United States. The Target website presents many categories which include accessories, shoe, movie, music, books, video games, sports items, and beauty, school & office supplies, holiday shopping and so on.


Target is the second most popular department store, now making its way online to cater not only to those around the USA, but for worldwide customers as well. There are 288 million hits every year, making it one of the top e-commerce websites of the USA.Target founded by George Dayton on June 24, 1902.


At that time it was known by name – “Goodfellow Dry Goods till May 1, 1962; when it was named as “Target.” So in that sense, it is also one of the oldest shopping centers of US. The website currently has a record of 1746178 daily visitors. And has around 1793 stores only in the USA. Along with that, it has 13 million active mobile app users.

Alexa Ranking Worldwide: – 252

Alexa Ranking in USA: – 58


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6. HomeDepot


HomeDepot is also one of the best online shopping sites in America. At HomeDepot you can get everything which is useful in day to day tasks. Homedepot os one of the leading Home Improvement Retailers in the US.

For example appliances, bath & faucets, building materials, heating & cooling products, items for lawn & garden, DIY projects stuff, painting, plumbing and so on.Whether you’re renovating your home or purchasing new furniture, you’ll find all the products you need at HomeDepot’s website. There are over 120 million hits every year because of how easy it is to purchase from their website.

HomeDepot founded in 1978, and its founders include Arthur Blank, Pat Farrah, Bernard Marcus, and Kenneth Langone. It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. According to stats the website has daily visitors counting 1720869 and has around 2200 stores only in the United States.

Major categories of the products they sell through their stores and online portal:

Appliances | Automotive Supplies | Bathroom, Toilet Equipment and service | Building Materials  | Cleaning | Cost Guides | Decor Services | Doors & Windows | Electrical | Electronics | Exterior Home Services | Flooring and Flooring Services | Handyman Services | Hardware | Health & Wellness | Heating, Venting & Cooling | Decorations | HVAC Services | Kitchen | Lighting | Lumber & Composites | Gardening | Outdoor Living | Painting and Pest Control Services | Storage and Tools |

You can shop the products from the following brands from their portal: Commercial Electric, Defiant, EcoSmart, Everbilt, Glacier Bay, Hampton Bay, HDX, Home Accents Holiday, Home Decorators Collection, Hubspace, Husky, Legend Force, Lifeproof, Lifeproof with Petproof Technology, StyleWell, The Company Store, TrafficMaster,  Veranda,  Vigoro, Vissani.


Alexa Ranking Worldwide: – 270

Alexa Rank in USA: -62


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7. Best Buy


Best Buy is also among one of the best online eCommerce shopping stores in America. The site has many categories from users can make a purchase. The categories are Appliances, TV, Home Theater, cell phones, health, fitness, beauty, wearable technology, houseware, etc. You can buy an item of any brand you want to have.


Along with products sale, the website also sales services like protection plans, computer & tablet services, appliance services car electronics professional installation services, etc. So if you need any services, then you know where you have to call next time.


Best Buy founded on August 22, 1966, by Richard M. Schulze, formerly also known as Sound of Music (from 1966 to 1983). Currently, it is headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota, United States. Also, the website has daily visitors counting 1892292.


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 278

Alexa Rank in USA: – 68


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8. Macy’s


Macy’s is also one of the top-rated eCommerce shopping sites in the USA. It is an online shopping website where you can get many things which include bed & bath, for men, for women, juniors, kids, handbags & accessories, jewelry, and watches.


The website ships its products over 100 countries.Another one of the most popular department stores found in New York, Macy’s has got you covered with an amazing interface that makes your online shopping experience easy and hassle-free. Plus, they have loads of discounts and sales all-year round.


Founded on October 28, 1858; it means it is one of the oldest shopping department store chains. Its founders include Isidor Straus, Rowland Hussey Macy and have Macy’s Inc. is its parent organization. The Company has it is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Also, its website has a base of 1013183 daily visitors.


Alexa Ranking Worldwide: – 497

Alexa Ranking in USA: – 112


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9. Kohls


Kohls is also one of the known names for eCommerce shopping online in the USA. It is also among one of those websites where getting anything of different brands and your choice at fingertips. The different categories which site has included are Home, Furniture, Men, Women, kids, juniors, sports, jewelry and so on with a huge number of sub-categories.


Kohl’s is one of the largest department stores in America, and has now expanded to cater to clients around the country through their website. With tons of categories of products to choose from and a simple interface, you’ll definitely have an easy time transacting with Kohl’s.


It was founded by Maxwell Kohl on September 12, 1962. It’s headquarter is present in Brookfield, Wisconsin, United States. It has around 790086 daily visitors and is among one of the largest retailer stores in the USA. The company has also started some pioneering initiatives like options of online order placing for store pick-ups.

Alexa Worldwide: – 575

Alexa in USA: – 135



10. Newegg


Newegg is also among the best eCommerce shopping in America. The sites main products include computer-related items but also have other categories which include home, health, sports, apparel, accessories, and toys and so on. So you purchase items of your choice and need from this platform.For those looking for computer parts and hardware, Newegg has got you covered. They have a ton of techy products available, as well as awesome deals you can score! They also offer lifestyle and sports items.


Fred Chang in 2001 founded Newegg, and it is headquartered is in Industry, California, United States. The website has daily 1062675 visitors and is one of the best sites to shop, especially electronic ones.


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 549

Alexa Rank USA: – 160


11. Sephora


Known as one of the most popular makeup brand, Sephora has now launched their website with a beautiful interface that matches the quality of their products. They have a vast collection of their makeup that is easy to purchase online, as well as the customer reviews you need when choosing what makeup to get.

So, today we have shared top 10 websites for eCommerce shopping in the USA. Hope that it will help you to find the best items of your need if you are new to the USA or even if not. Please let us know whether you liked it or not. We would love to hear from your end. Also, don’t forget to show your love for the post if it helped you and if you liked it.

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In Conclusion


With the best e-commerce companies and shopping sites, you now know where you can shop online with ease! Whether you are looking for appliances or clothes, you will be able to find the best customer service and products through these websites. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a great product to purchase for yourself or a loved one, check these e-commerce websites today and see if they have what you’re looking for!


Did you enjoy the article or do you have any more ideas on who the best e-commerce shopping site is? Let us hear your thoughts and comment down below!


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