Business Review Websites 2023 – Top 10 Company Reviews Submission Sites for Businesses

Business Reviewing in 2023 – List of Best Review Submission Sites for Company Ratings, Business Reviews


List of Review Submission Sites for Businesses.


Top 10 online business Reviews: The most popular product review websites where you can Publish review for a Business, Company, Website, Apps, Products, and Services online. The consumer review websites listed here are filled with business reviews and complaints by common users and consumers. So, use these sites to monitor reviews of any/your business or service. The sites mentioned here are great review submission platforms on the Internet.


Top 10 Review Sites where you can publish consumer reviews for SEO, Affiliate Marketing, products, and Business Branding.


Online reviews or testimonials are an essential element for the success of any online business. And why it shouldn’t be after all it tells about the status of the firm, that how well it provides products and services to its client and takes care of their needs.


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10 Best Review Sites for Consumers and Business Owners

Thus, if you are also an online business and want to get more and more reviews for your business, then there is good news for you. Yes, apart from the traditional review sites, like Yelp and Google Listings you can get reviews on other authorized and trusted review sites.

So, today I am going tell you about those top 10 sites for publishing reviews of your website or work.


List of Top 10 Review Sites: Globally Most Popular Company  Review Sites for Consumers & Businesses:-

Review Sites for Businesses- List of Best Sites for Company Reviews and Ratings in 2023


Whether you are a consumer or a business owner yourself you would find these review submission sites exciting as they are used and seen by millions of users worldwide. They are trusted and relied for the reviews published on their platform. Most of them get the ratings on their listings from real users, hence they are more authentic and reliable.


Google My Business Reviews

Google Consumer Reviews: It shows on Google Maps, Google Search Pages, and other Google services.

As you may be already well aware that Google shows consumer reviews on many services, like Maps, local listing, business profile, Rich snippets, etc. Google Reviews impacts the most to the customers compared to all other review platforms available on the Internet. The reason is simple: Google being the number Search engine, it is relied and trusted by most of the online users and it has several other related services which dominate the digital platforms today. So, if you own a small business then you must take help from “Google Business Reviews”. It is obviously the most visited platform for local small business reviews.

So, it you are serious about getting reviews for your business, service, product, or company then Google Reviews must be top on your priority list. And, you know, Google believes more in quality and the user experience. So, it is better, try not to play any tricks, instead focus on the real essence of your business and let the truth win in the long run!

How to Start getting Google Consumer Reviews?

It is very simple. Just create your business profile page on Google and fillin all the required details and make your profile look as good as it can be by adding all important details in it.

Visit here to create a business profile page at Google

Watch this awesome video on YouTube from “Ranking Academy” on how to get Google reviews for your business and what are the best possible ways to do that!

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1. Trustpilot: The #1 Best Site for Publishing Reviews


Trustpilot- The Number Review Site

Trustpilot is one of the best review submission websites to get reviews from your clientele base. It is a platform which creates a transparency between customers and the business owners.

Here you can get reviews from your clients and as result of this can build your online reputation, can drive both organic and paid traffic to your business website, increase conversions and improve services thereby rescuing less satisfied customers.

With the help of this site, you can also increase retention rates of your clients. Though, Trustpilot, being the biggest review site on the Internet, has an obvious disadvantage (which you can’t ignore) of being an easy target for spammers. So, it is always wise to double check before making a conclusion using only. Most of the review sites have this down side that they can’t be trusted fully for the reviews published on them. It is quite possible that any reviews on them could be manipulative, spammy, and biased.

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2. Consumer Reports


ConsumerReports-a Great Review Submission Platform for Consumers


ConsumerReports is another on the review submission sites list and is among one of the best websites to get actual reviews. ConsumerReports is an independent website which tests products and provides unbiased reviews for that product which help to create a perfect recommendation.

The interesting thing about the site is that they pay for the products they review and also accept no advertisements. Thus if you want to get examined by them first make sure your product stands for what you have promised to have in the product.


3. TestFreaks


Testfreaks- Consumer Reviews site for companies


TestFreaks is also among the best review submission websites where customers can put their reviews for the companies and in turn TestFreaks respond to the customers on behalf of seller. Along with that now prospects can also ask questions regarding the products and services of that particular company. And again TestFreaks will respond to questions for you. Till date, this website has reviewed around 30 million products.

Collect reviews and feedback from your customers. Use it in your sales and marketing. Grow your business.


TestFreaks offers review services to the businesses and companies in the four following areas:-

  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Review Crawling and Syndication
  • Sales and Marketing page related reviews
  • Customer Experience


4. Angie’s List


angies list review-platform-400x400
Angie’s List- A Popularly Known Review Platform


Angieslist is fourth in the row and also one of the best websites to get reviews for your products. It is one of the platforms which stand for providing accurate information about the businesses.

At Angieslist users have to pay membership fees to write and read reviews. Businesses can register their business at Angieslist and complete their profile and also respond to the reviews of the customers.

Angieslist provides grading to the companies by an alphabetical scale ranging amid A to F. And the company with high grading gets an opportunity to advertise.


5. Facebook Business Reviews


Facebook is a great Platform to Review any business or pages


Along with being a social media platform Facebook also provides facility to its users to post reviews on the pages of a particular company. Here at Facebook Reviews, users can post reviews and ratings for the pages they liked.

A business which mentions its physical address is eligible to get reviews from its customers on Facebook. It is one of the best platforms to get reviews as almost every individual is present on Facebook and it makes it much easier for businesses to stay connected and tuned with their clients and also to respond to their reviews.


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6. Goodsnitch or


Goodsnitch-A Really Good Site for Reviews


Goodsnitch or is also among one of the best review submission websites to get positive reviews.  Yes, you have heard it right. Hundredxinc publishes good reviews, how?

Let me explain that-  it allows customers to write private reviews for the company and the reviews which are positive like mentioning about the good, high-quality product, and fantastic services got published.

And the negative reviews are hand over to the company itself so that they can deal with the problems of the customers directly. It is because the aim of the Goodsnitch is to spread goodwill and to make a better relationship between clients and business.


7. Foursquare Business Reviews


Business reviews at Foursquare-560x315 A Global review site for local Businesses near you!


Foursquare for Business is also among one of the best review submission websites to receive customer reviews. With Foursquare business users and also customers have to check-in to share their location with the help of social media to register business and submit reviews respectively. Also, customers can post their reviews, ratings, and tips which in turn help other customers.


8. Reviews on Yahoo Local Listing


Reviews at Yahoo Local Listings


Yahoo local listing platform also allows customers to post their review on a particular listing on Yahoo local listing just like Google. It’s nice to have Yahoo reviews as well just like Google because Yahoo acquires 12.5% of the total search engine results worldwide.

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9. Consumer Affairs


Consumer Affairs is also one of the good websites to get reviews from your customers. It is product review site.  Thus, if you are a business owner who sells products, then it is a good site where you can register your business and get reviews for your products. Also if your business is about electronics, personal products, fashion and beauty, in that case, you can go for it.


10. Viewpoints: Publish Reviews for your Services or Products


Viewpoints is another good name in the field of receiving reviews from the customer base. It is the best place where you can get reviews for both your products and services like from electronics products to beauty services or from airline services to health care products. For consumers, it is the best place to shop smarter with the help of their reviews.

Hope this list of top 10 review review submission sites for publishing reviews for your website or work will help you in a realistic manner. You can share your views and experience on these sites with us in the comment section given below. Thanks for reading.




Local business review sites come very handy when it comes to know opinion on a business or company. These are the highest used sites by customers to put their reviews of local businesses and services. They give voice to what they experience using the services or products from different companies in their local areas. Generally consumers publish reviews when they feel strongly about a company, service, or product. They go to these places either to praise or to complain.

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