How to Increase Facebook Page Likes Organically? FB Beginners Tips

7 Best Tips to Increase Facebook Page Likes Organically

Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners to Increase Facebook Page Likes, Shares, Comments without any Paid Promotions.


Ever increasing promotion and advertising activities on Facebook has divided the quota for each and every post and has largely affected the overall per post reach on Facebook.

Less reach or less visibility has also directly affected the likes on every post and consequently the organic likes on page and post has also seen a decline.

We simple cannot blame Facebook for putting a bar on the reach and continuously changing its algorithm. The huge numbers of brands and products as well as services are cluttering the whole lot of advertising space on Facebook and it has become essential on part of Facebook to manage it all efficiently.

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Social Media Marketing Tips to Increase Organic Likes on Facebook Page


7 Tips for Beginners to Increase Facebook Likes in  Organic Ways

Facebook works wonders for businesses. We all are aware about Facebook paid ads but what matters most is the organic likes. Lets us learn how to grab more organic likes on on your Facebook page.


1. Make use of Images and Videos more often


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Make a Good Use of Images and Videos on your Facebook Page


Images and Videos get more priority as Compared to other content. Facebook loves images and videos as the audience loves it. It gets more visibility as well as engagement.

To increase your organic like count you should focus on Images, Info graphics and Video posts only. This also translates into a Facebook strategy where you do not post plain text posts.

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2. Calculate the ‘Time Vs Reach’ Game


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Find the best time to reach maximum audience for your page on FB


Keep in mind the optimum times when you posts and do other promotional stuffs like group sharing, etc. Be active at a time when your audience is active as it will get you more visibility.

If you are doing activity at a time when your audience is active you will show up on their walls, their feeds etc.

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3. Cross Promote on other Social Media Platforms


Promoting on other social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram can also get you more organic likes and increase the visibility on your Facebook page. You can create a message for your new followers on these Social media accounts and use your Facebook Page link in that!

Most of the followers from else where would tend to check you out on Facebook if you are posting things of their interest.


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4. Facebook Groups


Facebook groups are a huge resource of getting good organic likes and increasing visibility. Find out the right Facebook groups according to your business type and promote your posts there to gain organic likes.
Many businesses are effectively promoting and even doing sales through these Facebook groups.

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5. Interact more with Followers


The followers are the biggest assets on any social media platform. Same is the case with Facebook. The more you are in good books of the followers and the more they are inspired by you they will become your direct and indirect promoters by sharing your posts etc.

The more followers are inspired to share your stuff the more chances are that their friends would also like it and share it. This is how you will get a chain of shares and likes and start getting viral.

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6. Share the Real you


If you will fake it you will loose trust in your brand and thus you will have no credibility.

You need to project the real you, show them only what you do and what you are capable of. False promises and wrong commitments will lead you astray.

You necessarily do not have to be the jack of all trades and offer everything even what you cant fulfill up to the expectations.

Have your own product or services so wonderful that they just get impressed by what you have to offer.

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7. Question and Answer



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Ask Question and Take Feedback and give Answers to questions on your FB Page


Ask questions and take feedback. Feedbacks are a good way to understand what they are thinking about you. It is a good way to map your audience and plan your strategy accordingly.

It gives a clear picture of your audience and helps in improvisation and optimization in accordance to them.

Answer to their queries proactively and offer solutions. Be an expert and act like an expert in your field.

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