Pinterest Social Media Beginners Tips – How to Get More Followers on Pinterest?

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Top 10 Tips to Increase the Followers on Pinterest to maximize Engagement and Drive more Traffic.


Social media is a huge craze in today’s time. Your popularity and online status is judged on the basis of the number of followers you ave on your social network. To have more followers is good thing but to have the right ones is the best thing.To accelerate business, social media you certainly need a good social media reputation.

Talking about Pinterest today, bloggers, marketers, businesses, entrepreneurs can best utilize this platform to maximize their results and increase engagement. Pinterest is surely one of the Top 10 Social Media Sites Globally .
Tips to Increase your followers at Pinterest
Social Media Tips to Increase Pinterest Followers


Millions of articles, images gets pinned on Pinterest on daily basis. Unless you have a good amount of followers base and that too the right ones, you wouldn’t be able to grow and expand your reach.

Top 10 Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest Social Media Platform

Below listed are some proven ways to enjoy more followers base on Pinterest:



1- Make Sure your Website or Blog is Pinterest Friendly

In order to do so you will have to look into certain things like:
Make sure the images created are vertical so that they are Pinnable, adding pin it button to each article or item, adding a Pinterest social media button (Follow button) Running embedding the recent pins on your side bar, etc.
pinterest-Create a Pin and alt attribute optimization-350x200
Create your Pins at Pinterest using all the important features

These certain things or say plan of action you need to follow to get your content pinned by your customers thereby expanding your reach that will ultimately get you more followers.


2- Be Active & Pin Fresh Content

Pinning fresh content on your board frequently will make you visible to the users who are searching for the content.
New pins focusing on specific topics must be pinned very often onto your boards. This will interest new people towards your board.

3- Inform Your Customers & Socialize

[ Do’s and Don’ts of Pinterest Advertising ]


Often it happens that businesses exist on Pinterest but they do not inform their customers about it. Due to this businesses miss out on their prospective followers.

When you pin on Pinterest, you get the option to share your pin on Twitter. Sharing and discussing your Pinterest across another social media platforms will certainly attract more follower from everywhere around.

Moreover you can add up your Pinterest links to emails, newsletter to let people know you are on that space too. Also you must consider sharing about your Pinterest account on your website. For more strong impression on visitors, you can highlight the top pins.


4- Running A Contest

Host a contest related to the topic you are going to pin. If you want to attract people to repin the content shared by you on continuous basis then contest is one cool option you have.

Now if there’s a Pinterest button added or ‘Follow On Pinterest’ option available for the users when the contest is on, chances are high that you will gain great number of followers.

5- Target Categories Have A Role To Play

There are variety of categories available for the users on Pinterest.

You need to look out for your target category and make sure that the keywords used in the description in every pin is written keeping in view your target category.



6- Board Names Selection

You must name your Pinterest boards while setting up your account and select the board name that has maximum chances of getting included in the search for pins by the users. Choose the board name wisely.
Pinterest Board Names Selection Descriptions-350x200
Pinterest Boards are the single most important features on the site



The people who want to follow the boards similar to theirs, make ‘Pinterest Search’ and connect with the accounts related to their domain and niches. So, prepare a list of the topics and subjects you care about and make use of them wisely.


7- Altering Pin Description According To The Target Audience



Look out for the content specific pins for the purpose of repinning them on your board. When you repin these pins customize them. By customization here it means to alter the description text of the pins so as to match your target audience or potential followers.


8- Make Full Use of Tagging on your Pinterest Pins


When you create pins, do tag others in your pins. Let others know and see your content by way of tagging. Tag people and accounts that site comes from in your comments too.

How to tag on Pinterest-Tagging-tips-350x200
Tagging is a crucial step on Pinterest


You will get more repins this way which will spread your content widely and more followers as a result. Don’t use too many tags or keywords in your content or else it would look as spammy.

9- Follow Others On This Space

As a new account on Pinterest you would require to follow others so as to engage with them.

Do follow new people, especially the accounts that reflects any kind of interest in the niches similar to your business/ field. Follow the accounts that can benefit you any way. Share their content to your followers. Let them know that you are a valuable social media promoter and the chances are high that they will do the same for you as return favor!


10- Timing Matters

Know when is the right time to pin. See when your readers are online. Don’t spam followers with lots of pins. Be relevant and focused to your target.

Spread out your pins to your target audience without spamming at the right time when there chances of getting online is maximum or you see them online.

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