Content Marketing Tips for Beginners- 8 Ways to Promote any Content Online

8 Content Marketing Tips for Promoting your Blog or any Content Online


Are putting a lot of hard work to produce a good flow of content all the time but still struggling to get traffic?

Do you envy other similar posts even some of them not as good as yours are getting more reach and able to drive more traffic?

Promoting your content is as crucial as writing it. One should divide their time equally in writing and promoting their blog posts for best results.

The Most Important Tips for Beginners to Promote any Content Online. Basic Steps of Marketing your Blog Content


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Content Marketing Tips for promoting your Content Online



Top 8 Effective Methods for Content Promotion- Blogging and Content Marketing Tips for Beginners


The tips mentioned below are for beginners and intermediate bloggers and publishers. We have reviewed the work of expert content marketers and decided to publish here only the workable and practical ways.


1. Loop in the Influencers


Influencers have following that is good for your content. Start by looking out for the similar content that is more popular and it will help you find the influencers who have shared it.Reach out to those who are sharing similar articles and find out if they share yours as well. Reach out to as many influencers as present in your industry and gradually connect with them all. Some of them will give you enough results.

Even if you start building your own community and can grow your network across all other platforms where you share your content for promotions still you can not afford to miss out the benefits of an influencer sharing your content.

You can use Realtime, Topsy and other such tools to find out the similar popular content which others are sharing.



2. Be Present on all Major and Niche Social Media Platforms


Be present on all major social media platforms and keep growing your community in each of them. Join the groups and share your content in your niche groups.Make your own groups and keep adding more people to it. Share content everywhere on regular basis so as to keep everyone interested and reminded of you.

Also look for popular networking sites in your niche which might not be as big as others but doing well in your segment. It will get you filtered target audience to connect to.

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3. Draft multiple excerpts of your Blog content to share everywhere


Draft multiple excerpts or snippets of your blog content to share across different places. Somewhere you would like to share something and at another place sharing different excerpts would yield benefits.

Share your blog posts multiple times and not just once. You may also want to share different snippets on the same platform many times so as to get more reach.

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4. Join Groups and Communities across all Social Media Platforms


Groups and communities on social media are a ready market for content enthusiasts as like others.

It presents a great opportunity to reach out to a targeted audience. Do your own research and find out the groups and communities on social media platforms like, Facebook, LinkedIn etc to join the groups worthy sharing your content and get you more traffic.

Other than joining the communities according to your nice and target segment you may also join big groups with lakhs of members even if it is not your highly targeted audience but you have a chance to find many even there considering their size.

Join Online Business forums to promote any type of content



5. Curate the Content


To curate the content, firstly you need to have a sound knowledge about the curation websites and tools. There are hundreds of content curation sites out there. We have prepared a list of such content curation sites and have only included the best ones to save your time and energy.



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Content curation can spike your reach in the following ways:


a. Less time-consuming


Writing a fresh content from scratch is a time-consuming job which content marketers always struggle with. Content duration gives an opportunity to the marketers to save some time and share more content.


b. Low Costing


The content citation is the best thing to do to keep your costs low and still deliver quality to your audience.


c. Writers will love it

Writers will like it as they get more exposure for their work.


d. Audience will also love it


The audience will like it because they get to read more quality content and all at one place.


e. Good for getting Influencer’s attention


By sharing the work of renowned writers you hold good chances of being recognized by the influencers and other writers from the industry. This is good for rapport and you can also gain their support by getting them to share your content.


6. Build email list


Keep building your email list for getting most from your content marketing goals. Keep sending them often and share your valuable blog content with them. Email marketing is one of the most successful ways to promote your content.


7. Submit your Blog Content to Online Communities


Submit your blog posts to the content communities which are active in your niche and driving traffic. Use these Business bookmarking websites to drive more social traffic and rank your latest blog posts higher.

In this way you help the newest content from your blog or website get indexed easily by most of the major search engines on the Internet.

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8. Make all Share Buttons Available with your Content


Wherever you share your content make sure you make all social media share button available on them so that a reader who likes it can instantly share it if they want and don’t stop from during your content just because there was no share button.

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