RSS Feed Submission Sites 2022 – Add url Free to Top 20 RSS Feed Directories

Top 20 RSS directories 2022 to Add your Website url FREE. Submit your Blog Feed


Listing of the Most prominent RSS Feed Submission sites for the ones who want to promote their content further and make it easily index-able to content hungry search engines and other platforms. This is a sure and easy way to make sure that your website or blog is not only indexed properly after the RSS feed submission, but also it grabs more quality backlinks for off-page SEO success!

RSS directories websites– Find out why most of the expert advertisers and marketers consider them very helpful in free advertising & marketing of their content publication?


RSS Feed Submission Sites 2022


I never believed so much in RSS sites myself initially when i used to hear about their usefulness, but over the period of my 3-4 years long blogging time, i found that they are really useful tools for bloggers, publishers, and website owners.

And you have to Do only One time (RSS directories) setup and there are so many benefits; including the one : you Get life time free advertising and referral web traffic for any website where content is regularly published.


Best RSS Directory Submission Sites where you should Update your Website Feed Url.


There are hundreds of RSS submission sites on the Internet which claim to be useful for SEO and url indexing, but, most of them are not worth your time! The reason is simple: they are not well maintained not they are properly marketed, not well known, and not visited by many on daily basis. So, we should avoid submitting your feed url to such directory sites as they dont offer any value to your links, in terms of SEO and indexing. So, don’t waste your time there.

Only the quality matters when it comes to SEO and url submission, this is the obvious reason why we included only the best RSS directory sites in this list.



For whom these RSS Sites are Useful:


Online advertisers, bloggers, webmasters, and marketers use rss websites for free url submission as well. This is even among the first things they do after setting a new blog or website apart from updating best Ping websites about their web pages.RSS directories are great tools for free publicity of your content. You just setup your account at one time and the RS directories take your feeds automatically whenever there is a new content on your blog or website.


It is also done via automatic content discovery services.

Add your website url free on these RSS directories and Promote your website free on the Internet.


How to Submit a Feed to RSS Directories?


How to Submit to RSS directories-300x200
How to Submit your blog to RSS directories

Set up your RSS feeds ( Feedburner feed or any XML feed) and forget about it. You only need to have your website feed url. Different RSS directories ask for different inputs.



But, there are maximum 3 types of inputs you may be asked to submit there:-


#1. Feedburner feed url (visit Google Feedburner to get the one for yourself).

#2. xml feed url (this is your XML sitemap url).

#3. your website or blog url (this is the main url of your blog or websites).



Best Top 20 RSS Directories to add feed url or blog website url


There are 5 Main Benefits you get from RSS Feed Submission Directories:-

Why and How RSS Sites are Beneficial?


#1. RSS Sites help in spreading the news about the new updates on your website or blog. They tell other content searching sites about the changes in your content. RSS sites work like an informer about your blog.

#2. When you submit your rss feed to these content syndication sites, your content gets spreaded over thousands of content hungry social media and web 2.0 sites from where it can reach further. So, there are infinite possibilities for your content to reach places that you had never imagined they existed.

#3. How some content goes viral on the net? RSS directories also somehow help content reach a viral stage.

#4. You can generate an rss feed of your blog and you can put it anywhere you want to, including your own site. This way you can showcase and promote your content further.

#5. RSS feeds directory are high authority sites and you get free backlinks from them.



How RSS Directory Sites help in getting Search Engine Traffic?


This is How RSS feed helps in promoting your content


#1. They are kind of search engines + content discovering systems. Once there is a new post from your blog, it is instantly included in their indexed posts. They display your content in their list of latest published webs in their system.



#2. RSS directory sites are trusted by every search engines. Once a new content is displayed on such RSS sites it is pretty sure that search engines will include these posts in their crawling database.



#3. RSS directory sites are crawled by various types of content syndication engines and hence your blog stands good chances to be included by those engines in their crawling database.Hence it helps in spreading news about your blog. RSS directory works like a free marketing automated tool



#4. These RSS directory websites have good number of user base. Their members are subscribers of different blogs, so your blog can get new subscribers through these systems.

The subscribers also get emails whenever there is an update. So, your blog urls could find a space in their mail box.


#5. There are many content publishers who pick content from these sites and put in their blog or website. Hence your blog may also get free backlinks from these sites and so there could be some referral traffic to your blog or site from these sites.


You Must add your website or blog Free to these 50 Major Search Engines for Better content Indexing results



List of 20 Best RSS Feed Submission Sites for 2022:



List of RSS Feed Submission Sites


The below mentioned RSS sites send free traffic to your newly published content whenever there is any updates. Content syndication plays a crucial role in such cases.


  1. Google Feedburner
  2.  PR7
  3. PR7
  4.          PR7
  5.   PR4
  6.   PR5
  7. PR5
  8.  PR5
  9.  PR6
  10.   PR6
  11.        PR6
  12.   PR6
  13. RSS Feed Directory
  14. PR4
  15.  PR3
  16.  PR3
  17. Submit your blog to the top blog directories
  18.  PR5
  19.  PR4
  20. PR4
  21.  PR4
  22.  PR3
  23.   PR4
  24.   PR3
  25.  PR3
  26.  PR3
  27.    PR3


There are TWO FREE social media Tools where you can add your blog feed url:

#1.    PR8

#2.   PR6  (they are mainly known as premium social media management tools, but they also offer FREE account as well where you could use 5 free RSS feeds).


List of More of Such websites where you can submit your Blog FREE:-


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