Free Press Release Sites 2023 – Top 40 Business PR and News Distribution Sites List

Press Release Submission Websites – Submit your Business Press Release to 40 Best FREE PR Sites


List of Free and Premium/ Paid Press Release Submission Websites 2023


Gone are the days when computers and the internet would make us feel like old Jurassic fossils. In this era of globalization, 1/3 of the world population is online, and that is why almost everything has taken an online trend, from dating to cutthroat business ventures. Proliferation of the internet has been fueled by a variety of features, press releases being one of them. Use the below listed Submission Websites and promote your business online through Free Digital Marketing.


This is another great option to submit your business website to high end content marketing platforms. Like, PDF document Sharing sites, FPR sites are considered as a must use online marketing places for any business today. But, later on once your website reaches at a stable stage, you need some online means to get consistent web traffic for your site. Paid advertising networks are the best options for such traffic.

Submitting your business to top level press release websites has also been discussed in our 50 best advertising ideas to promote a business online.

A press release is a recorded communication that is distributed to the news media for the purpose of explaining something that is newsworthy. On the internet platform, it is very important for websites, businesses and companies to submit press releases to Free Press Release websites. In this article we have listed here top ten reasons why this is so. Press releases help in publicizing new information relevant to the business.


Top 40 Free Press Release Websites to Promote your business  


If there is anything that is newsworthy at a certain point in time in your business, you need to inform your loyal customers and all the other stakeholders through a press release.

In the same way, when you have a brand new website for your business or service, then the web acts as a spokesperson and you link your press release content to it. So, the visitors can know full details about your business or services there at your website. In this way a press release submission to these sites acts as a great catalyst to promote your newly launched website or business quickly on the Internet.


List of Top 40 Press Release (PR) Submission Sites to Publicize a Business Online


You won’t need more PR site after getting this list as it contains name of most of the Press Release (PR) Sites on the Internet. You can use them to improve SEO for your Website, Business or Company!


Press Releases Sites at


A must read article before you make submission to these sites ➤: What is press release submission in SEO


#1. PRlog
#3. Free Press
#5. PR Inside
#6. PressBox
#7. PRZoom
#8. Online PR News
#9. I News Wire1.
4.  Asia Today
11. http://www.Briefingwire.Com
13. ClickPress (Free and Paid)
26. Free Press Release Center
27. PR Urgent
28. The CGI Directory

Paid or Premium Press Release Distribution Sites-

  1. Release wire
  2. EIN PressWire -Truly a massive successful and busy online platform for press release and distribution services around the world. They can make your PR visible to millions of people who are connected to their network. They also run an affiliate program to promote their system in front of SMBs.
  3. eReleases.comThis is a great media platform for any business who want to submit press releases for gaining desired exposure online. The site boasts of having 987,239 Journalists, 724,586 Bloggers & Influencers. 4,716 Syndicated Submission Sites, and 23 Years of Industry Experience.
  4. NewsWire
  5. Press Release Submission Service by WLMarketing
  6. My PR Genie
  8. SB Wire
  9. 24-7 Press Release Distribution Services
  10. News Wiretoday


About the PR Sites list:

The PR websites included in this list are popular among the business owners and marketers from all across the globe where English is commonly used language. For eg, Europe, United States, Asia, India, South Africa, Australia, etc.

Most of the sites in this listing are not based on country or region but they are visibly and equally popular all across the online world.


When to Publish a Press Release Online?


Here are some of the things that require a press release to publicize:-

  • Opening a new business or launching a product or service.
  • Announcing an employee change.
  • Sharing survey results.
  • Celebrating an anniversary
  • Announcing an internal restructuring of the company
  • Opening a new branch
  • Receiving an appointment
  • Changing the website, company or business name.
  • Announcing unique features of the business or the website.


There are some features of a business or a website that can best be explained through a press release. For instance, if you are introducing a unique approach or a strategy of doing business, then a press release will serve you the purpose in best way possible.


Why you should Distribute your Business Release articles to Online Press Release Sites?


Why you should submit your Business website to Free Press Release
Why to submit your Business at Press Release Sites?

#1. Establishing a strong brand name:

A press release allows a business to show to the world what it is capable of in its line of businesses. This helps in creating a strong brand name that makes it easy for all customers to identify the business and separate it from its competitors.

For instance, a company that receives an award for excellence in its operations can send a press release on the same subject for all to read. A press release on a new partnership, a new product or a new line of business is also important in establishing a strong brand name.


#2. Press releases help in building credibility:


Press releases elicit a feeling of prestige and legitimacy. The readers of the release feel that the organization that is appearing in the press release site is an industry influencer and market leader.


#3. PR Submission Generates Traffic to your Website:



Best PR Sites to Generate Free Traffic and Leads

Sending press releases leads to cost-effective generation of leads, thereby encourages sales. The people who read your press release are likely to be the visitors to your site, and are therefore likely to make purchases from you in the long run.


As you know PR sites allow you to use at least link of your website in your press release article. So, it not only provides you a quality backlink, but also can drive traffic to your website through the clicks on the link you inserted.


#4. Reputation Building:


Build Reputation for your Business through PR Submission


Every time your press release appears on a Free Press Release site, the readers of the release develop a sense of perceived expertise. This helps in building a good reputation of your business. Remember a business that has a good reputation is highly likely to flourish in every sense of the word.


#5. A press release may give you the cutting edge over and above your competitors:


Sending a press release may make the difference in your business. This is so especially if your competitors have not fully embraced the press release feature. In fact, some businesses ignore publicity.


Press Release Submission offers competitive edge-400x200
Press Release Sites offer competitive edge


For these businesses, media coverage may bring about the much desired competitive edge in the line of business.



#6. A sure way to improve SEO  and Online Visibility for your business and/or website:


These days, being online or having a website is no longer the matter. What matters is how visible you are online. There are several search engine optimization (SEO) technique, and press release distribution is one of them. A press release that attracts many readers enhances online visibility a great deal.


PR Sites Help in Boosting SEO


You can distribute a press release article to these sites for any kinds of businesses, like Real estate, Home loans, Insurance, Finance, Web Designing, computers, Studios, Media, advertising agency, rentals, etc.


#7. Press Releases Enhance Efficiency in the Business:


If you are confident enough to write a press release, then it means that you are sure about what you are saying. You cannot preach water and drink wine.


Sometimes, businesses or websites may engage in an activity simply to get the chance to tell the world what they are doing through a press release.


Imagine of a press release on participation in corporate social responsibility or hosting a seminar. This press release serves to inform the public that the business understands the need to return something back to the society.


This creates goodwill among customers. On the same note, a press release informing the public the times at which the directors of the company are available for consultations is a great show of effectiveness.



Other Press Release Topics in this category are:

  • Announcing that you’ve reached a major milestone.
  • Announcing a new, significant customer.
  • Establishing an important and unique vendor agreement.
  • Setting up a customer care or advisory group.
  • Making public statements on the future business trends and conditions.



#8. Enticing Future Investment:


A press release is likely to entice a future investment. This is so, especially when readers of the release are able to comment on the topic or give their ideas. For instance, a press release on a survey you conducted may provoke the readers minds to think of the ideas that can make the results of that survey a great business idea.


As we all know, the way people look for information has changed. The process is now a quick search on the Web to find the links, content, references and discussions that get the attention of the person looking for the particular information. This amplifies the need to submit press releases to PR websites.


A brief note to Press Release Website owners and moderators


If you have a Business press related website and if we haven’t included it in this roundup, please do write about it in comments. We get regular users who are searching for such sites. They will also see your website. And, last but not the least, we will also include it in the list in the next update if we find it appropriate to the category.


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