7 SEO Tips to Double your Website Traffic and Search Rankings

7 Advanced SEO Techniques That Can Help You Increase Your Search Engine Traffic


In the age of technological evolution, today more than 75% of the people use web to research products and services. According to a study, the first link in the search result gets approximately 17% of all the clicks and 80% of website traffic begins with a search query. That is the reason search engine optimization (SEO) is so important. Most of the money earning websites rely on SEO traffic as their first source of traffic. With the help of SEO you can get free organic traffic which is valued as the most wanted source of traffic.  A website’s real popularity is based on mostly the SEO traffic it gets from major search engines.


Are you also looking forward to double search engine traffic for your website? If yes, than read through this article…


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SEO Techniques to Double your Website Traffic


How to Generate Traffic to your Website with SEO?

7 Advanced SEO Techniques that can help you double your Search Traffic:


1. Optimize your Landing Pages:


A properly-designed landing page can do wonders. It can help generate leads and improve sales. Many a times, companies focus only on the homepage while landing pages are no less important. In fact, they are the ones that help you commence a relationship with your website visitor. The more landing pages you create, the more gateways you open up for search traffic.

Try to create engaging and SEO optimized content for each landing page. Write such content that people feel connected to and share it on social media platforms. Create more optimized standalone pages and build an independent landing page for every marketing campaign that you do.


But how can you optimize your landing pages?


Some SEO techniques to optimize landing pages include, picking a long-tail keyword, insert keywords seamlessly, add proper Meta tags, a Meta description, add new content. Don’t forget to add headline, subtitle, bullets, images, and more.

The main aim of the page is to keep people engaged, so ensure that whatever you write, adds value to the reader. Finally, remember link building is still an important factor in Google ranking. Build quality links to your landing page. There is no substitute to link building.


2. Create a Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Site:


With the growing usage of smartphone across the globe, mobile searches have seen a 7x growth over the past 3 years. Now you have the perfect opportunities to get increased search traffic by targeting smart phone users.


More and more people now use their mobile devices to access internet and perhaps that is the reason why millions of retailers are investing in mobile marketing. Thus, making your site responsive opens your door to search traffic. If you’re searching for a detailed tutorial to make your site responsive to any mobile device, have a look at The Site Wizard.



3. Implement Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)


Google algorithm is updated frequently and to come up in search results, it is important that you adapt the changes continuously. One of the important components that Google considers in ranking the websites is the Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). The Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI is a technique that identifies patterns in the text content of the paragraph.

The search engines crawls the entire content of a web page for additional keywords with synonyms for the main keyword.

LSI helps improve your search rankings as it indicates Google about the relevance of your topic to a particular search query. LSI is a great tool to increase your ranking and yield significant results for you. But ensure that you don’t over-optimize the LSI keywords or you Google can penalize your site. Write naturally in a flow and ensure that the LSI keywords don’t override the main keyword.


4. Spy and Target Competitor’s Live Keywords


Well, this is something that can save you efforts and time. Research your competitors who already rank high in Google. Analyse the keywords they are ranking for and create more useful content by using just the same keywords. This is a very simple technique that work wonders if used correctly. You can simply now about their entire e-mail marketing strategy by signing up for your competitor’s newsletter.

This will help you audit the competition and stay ahead. Now that you are aware of their strategies, you prepare strategies based on the data rather than the assumptions.

Use these online spying tools to analyse your competitors website.


But how to know the keywords of your competitors?


To know about the keywords of your competitors, open the website SEMrush. Enter the URL of your competitor’s site in the search box, set the country to U.S. and then click the search button. Now do the analysis of their live keywords. You can now easily target those  keywords and create high-quality and engaging content to rank your site on Google.

SEO Tips for Ecommerce Sites


5. Linking to Internal Pages:


‘Linking’ refers to the usage of anchor text for linking other pages inside your blog. This indicates Google about the relevance of your site pages.

Most of the website owners focus to get search visitors on their homepage and often forget to get their internal pages rank too. This is where you need to work upon. You would be surprised to know that your old blog posts and landing pages can help you get new traffic to your site.


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Linking to Internal Pages for better SEO


By interlinking your other pages, you will actually improve the SEO value for those internal pages and improve their search rankings. It will also improve the Page Authority for internal pages. By consistently interlinking your internal pages, it will be easier for the search engines to quick find and index your website pages.


6. Make your Website Fast to Load:


According to a study, Most of the visitors wait under 8 seconds for the web page to load. If the page doesn’t load before that time, you lose traffic.

So, what is it that you can do to decrease the loading time of your website?


Well, here are a few tips that can help you optimize the loading time.


  • a)  Uninstall useless plug-ins from the website.
  • b)  Download or install wp-sweep plugin and clear junk like, spam   comments, etc.
  • c)  If you have technical wordpress knowledge, you can even opt to disable useless JavaScript and modify the theme of your website.
  • d)  Use these Tools to check the loading time of the website regularly.


7. Update your Old Content and Blog Posts Regularly:


Do you know that even your old post can help you bring traffic? When you update an old post, Google treats it as a new post and ranks it accordingly. Most of the blog posts need to be updated according to the new trends and to match the freshness of the article.

So, which posts should you update?

You can update any old post you like but updating the ones that are not getting enough traffic will help you present good new content for Google to rank. Find out blog posts that are ranking well in search result pages, update them by adding more relevant content and keeping your main keywords intact.


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