SEO Copy Writing is NOT Dead! How to Write SEO Friendly Content

What Rules to Follow while Writing Content to make it Perfectly SEO Friendly.


SEO Copy Writing PRO Tips for Beginners on How to Create Search Engine Friendly Enriched Content


The question on so many people’s minds these days is whether or not SEO copy writing is relevant anymore. To put it bluntly, YES. It’s not only relevant but more important than ever before.

There have been some changes in optimizing content over the years, but they were a necessity to keep up with what was and frankly still is going on in the information age. Here we will take a look at where SEO has been, where it is, and where it’s going.

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SEO Copywriting- How to write SEO based content


Some Good Thoughts and Ideas over Writing SEO Friendly Content (Well Optimized)


Write Content for Maximum SEO benefits! Tips to create Content which is Search Engine friendly:-


⫸ The original intent of Search engine optimization


The reason SEO was conceived was simply to sort out the logjam of information that was floating around on the internet in its early years and bring together those who created content with those who searched for it. This was achieved by cataloging information making it easier to find by mainly using keyword results

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⫸ A brief look at the birth of SEO copywriting


The first website was created in 1991. Not long after, the internet was now teaming with websites. There emerged a few companies that revolutionized the search engine to better organize information on the internet but inevitably issues arose.

The problem that emerged was there were no standards or safeguards in place to ensure fair play for those who innocently searched the net for usable information.

The issues of keyword stuffing or spamming just to name a few were some of the tactics that companies used to gain higher rankings in search engines.

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⫸ Google to the rescue


Google had the vision and foresight to make search optimization a level playing field for the masses. It was this intervention that simplified how information was sorted.

Through the standards that were set back then, on- page optimization is now more user-friendly for the average person.

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⫸ The Most Relevant Aspect of SEO Today


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Quality Content is the most relevant thing in SEO today



While there was a period that saw online marketers use “black-hat” SEO tactics for a period of time and while industry giant Google has cleaned that up, the most important aspect nowadays in information indexing is Quality Content.

In the past, it seemed that a lot of marketers were more interested in generating traffic for the purposes of business but the quality of information was lacking. In today’s online environment, quality is KING!

Gone are the days when you could just stuff a bunch of words into a document and call it information.

These days, thanks to the standards and penalties put in place by Google, the SEO scene is now one that is not only a leveled playing field but one that demands that we get the premium product that we deserve.

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⫸ What Makes GOOD SEO CopyWriting?


As we’ve briefly gone over some of the history and changes of online searches, let’s now that a look at what makes for quality content in the SEO of today. Tips for Writers on How to overcome Writer’s block



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Utilize all The Important elements of SEO in copywriting



⨠ A Catchy Title


The first thing that catches the eye is a title that will stop a consumer in their tracks and peaks their curiosity. When you have a title that gets the attention of online information searchers, the likelihood of them visiting your site increases incrementally.

This coupled with quality content increases the chances of repeat visits and links to your site.

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Follow the SEO Tips to Write A Catchy Title for Each Time you Create a Blog Blog



11-Must Follow Steps for Writing a Catchy Title of Blog Posts


A Catchy title of your blog post can contribute to a great length to increase your Click-Through-Rate (CTR). These must follow 11 steps will help you to create the perfect title for your post.


1. Brainstorming: Jot down whatever titles come to your mind relevant to your post.


2. Taking Help from Online Tools: You can take help from title generator tools online to have initial ideas.


3. Comparing to Other Titles: Search Google to see some of the titles relevant to topic of your post. Compare these with your ideas. Try to avoid creating similar title. Make your title more interesting than those titles.


4. Adding a number: Adding a number to title shows the audience that your article is organized and easy to read through. For example: 10 ways to…., 5 tips for …


5. Adding an attractive adjective: add an adjective that will quickly attract attention of your audience.


6. Attracting the target audience: if you have a specific target audience, say school kids in USA or working moms, then include words or phrases that would attract that specific audience.


7. Making it relevant and Clear: your title has to be relevant to your topic, not just vaguely but accurately. You should not deceive your audience into clicking your post. Your title should represent the content of your post. You can add keywords from the content to make your title relevant.


8. Keeping It Short: Your title should be able to express your message without making it unnecessarily complex or long.


9. Taking Time: Take time if necessary to create an effective title for your post. Do not rush with your title since this is the first thing your audience will see.

10. Using Intriguing Words: You can use intriguing words such as How, Why, When, What to make your title more attractive and interesting.

11. Adding What’s Special: If your are offering anything special or unique in your post, mention that in the title. For example, if your post has step-by-step explanation with pictures then mention “with pictures” in your title.


Follow through these steps and finalize your title. Check and check again before you submit your post online. Make changes several times if necessary. Keep track of your progress regarding the CTR of your posts and keep working on your titles for better results.

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⨠ Length of Content


As mentioned a few other times before, quality content is king. That said, when it comes to ranking in search engine results, there may be an issue with visibility if the length of your content is too short.

It’s a good recommendation to enlist a length of 500-600 words of quality content as this seems to be a prevailing industry standard presently.

It’s also recommended that you stick to shorter paragraphs. A good measuring stick is to keep your paragraphs to a length of 2-4 sentences.


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⨠ Keyword Density


As mentioned earlier, marketers used keywords quite frequently so as to rank higher in search engine results. That was then. This is NOW.
It is now a standard in the industry that the keyword is used a maximum of 4 times throughout the article. It should be used once in the headline (obviously), once in the first sentence of the first paragraph, once in the body of work, and once in the closing paragraph.
This is to ensure against keyword stuffing and other unethical practices. It is however recommended that synonyms be used in lieu of the keyword wherever possible so long as the practice doesn’t interfere with the flow of the content.



Page Links


This is a product of the evolution of SEO. Page links are vitally important to search engines as they need to know if your content is actually relevant to other sites on the web.

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It essentially speaks to the quality of your content. When people like or have been helped by the information you’ve provided, they then share it by linking.

This also speaks to what information “you” are plugged into. It adds credibility to the quality of your content.

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What does the Future Hold for SEO Copywriting?


As the internet is evolving right before our eyes right along with the technological gadgets that can access it, you can be sure that the art of online search engines will adapt to fit the coming changes.



The prevalent Types of Content today on the Web


In the past it took longer periods of time to get the information we wanted. Now, it’s all about instant gratification.

If you understand where optimization started, where it’s been, and where it is now, you’ll be in great position to profit from the inevitable changes that are occurring in SEO copywriting.


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