How to Overcome Writer’s Block- 15 Writing Tips for Writers

15 Quick Tips- These 15 Tips for Writers to Overcome Writer’s Block are the Ultimate Cure for Writer’s Block


Often it happens with writers and bloggers that they want to write a blog but hardly able to come up with enough ideas because the brains does not support.

We have no idea about what to write about, from where to begin, what to highlight and where to end. The brain becomes clogged, the thought process becomes dead and it is not able to plant new ideas. This is what we call writer’s block generally.


Before delving into how to overcome writer’s block let’s have a look at the web definition of Writer’s block:

The web definition of writer’s block goes like, “Writer’s block is a condition, associated with writing as a profession, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work.”


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Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block


The condition varies widely in intensity. It can be trivial, a temporary difficulty in dealing with the task in hand. At the other extreme, some “blocked” writers have been unable to work for years on end, and some have even abandoned their careers.”

No matter how good your brain is every blogger/writer suffer from this problem. It is like a disease which can happen to anyone. There’s nothing to feel low about this. But what can make you feel bad is your inability to post stuff regularly, not attending readers on regular basis and it becomes really difficult to overcome writer’s block once it hits.

This whole thing affects in a negative way. You may eventually start losing the subscribers, their trust in you and more.  In a way it shakes your image that you created with so much effort.

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However, as we know to every problem there is a solution like to every disease there are preventive measures. Similarly, we can avoid or overcome writer’s block with the help of some tips and let our mind open its wings in multiple directions and come up with new thoughts & ideas for blogs.


15 Beginners Blogging Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block for Good


In this article we bring to you some cool tips for Writers to avoid writer’s block.


Take a look:


# 1.  Socialize

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Socialize to Overcome Writer’s Block


It is with our family and friends that we spend most of the time. They can be our best source of inspirations when it comes to getting ideas & topics for writing blogs.

Being with people help you to get to know new things, learn & make others learn.

It requires you to be interactive without criticizing the views, the ideas of others and to be open-minded enough to be able to extract new ideas from interactions.

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# 2. Staying Active On Different Social Media Platforms


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Social Media to Overcome Writer’s Block


As we know today due to advancement of technology networking and communication has become so easy that more than in person, we meet people on & through social media.

If we see the statistics then, per least 1. 72 hours every day is spent by people on social media.

This figure depicts the importance of having a personal account on social media platforms for the bloggers. You get to meet, connect & interact with new audiences, see what interests them, get clue about their needs & wants and the ongoing trends which helps you to get inspiration and ideas about what topics to write on.

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# 3. Attending Workshops & Conferences


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Writer’s Block Cure with Workshops


Attending conferences and workshops open you to the new ideas which you can dive in to explore more about and come up with an amazing write up or blog.

Therefore, do not miss out on attending these whenever you get a chance.

You never know  the questions you put up get answered then and there by the presenters, speakers or the fellow attendees. In all you will receive insights on a lot of new things, get ideas on which you can study in detail and frame various new interesting articles on diverse topics.

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# 4. Keeping up with News & Current Affairs


Be updated with News and Current Affairs-294x171
NEWS: Writer’s Block Cure

This is something which holds extreme importance no matter what. One must stay updated about the happenings around the world.

It is very important as a writer to keep updated about the latest events and happenings.

It is through these news that we come across different problems that’s affecting the society, the world,  people of this world and we get to see how these are been tackled & solved. In a way we get to explore the problems as well as the solutions.

This paves way for our writing up of our blog. We can pick any latest viral topic and write on that. Therefore,  news and current affairs play a crucial role in submitting ideas for blogs.

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# 5. Watching Videos/Documentary Movies


Watch Videos-Documentary Movies-180x180
Videos: Writer’s Block Cure

When you watch a short documentary movie or a clip maybe, you mind opens up with different ideas, views, opinions on that which needs to expressed and presented to the people in the form of your blog/article or so.

Watching a video or a movie is not only good for gaining some knowledge but a good source of entertainment as well.

There are movies that inspires you, that have a message in it, that showcases the problems of differs types the world, the people, the society is facing.

Some movies will motivate you and some will just entertain you. So overall movies give you content which you can utilize in writing your blogs or take as inspiration for the ideas for your blog.

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# 6. Reading Books


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Reading to Overcome Writer’s Block

A patient and interested reader is full of great content within.

Yes, the person who reads get exposed to new things, get fresh ideas, sees and analyze things from different ends which altogether sparks up a new thought in the mind which can be the source of your writing, your blog.

Content is everywhere around us. It is just that we need to dive into it.


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# 7. Travel

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Travel: Writer’s Block Cure

Plan out a short trip to unwind and rejuvenate. Traveling helps a lot to get rid of any fogginess in mind and feels refreshing.New weather, new culture, new people, new food, etc can be a new inspiration for any writer.

Traveling not only helps us encounter new locations, culture and its people but it also helps us to connect with our inner self. This is the reason why many doctors advice patients to plan holidays often to help them with their mental conditions.

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If traveling appeals to you and you already have it in you then nothing better than this. Sometimes our routine and surroundings make our brain dull and foggy. Breathe some fresh air on top of the mountains, or dive deep into the depths of ocean, wander into the wilderness or ride on a camel back in the sands – travel anywhere you wish to.


# 8. Take out Time for a Hobby


Take up a new interesting task or revive an old hobby. We all in our busy lives forget and drop our hobbies and interests that once use to be so much close to our heart.


Follow your Hobby to overcome Writer's block-1024x1024
Hobbies to Overcome Writer’s Block

Take up some DIY projects like gardening, painting or anything that you like.

You might have been a keen biker and loved biking but now only commute in cars. So why not go biking once again. Get in touch with your biker friends or meet new bikers groups.

If you have a hobby collection then revisit it and start all over again. It could be anything only you would know that can bring out the ‘YOU’ that is caged in you.

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# 9. Write using Pen and Paper


Most of us have completely given up the original writing we use to do with a pen on a paper.

Even when writing this I am typing on my laptop.

Write using Pen and Paper to overcome Writer's block-700x420
Write Using Pen and Paper


This is how much deep it has settled in all of us.

Most of us are only typing and do not use pen and paper for writing. This is really a great thing to try when going through a writer’s block.

Start writing using a pen and a paper and let the ideas flow like it use to when you once started writing using the pen and paper.

I have tried this many times. I still do it often, not just for a writer’s block phase but sometimes I feel I am able to write more fast and easily on a paper with a pen in some situations.

Though most of us avoid this as we have to again type it from that piece of paper and believe me even I have many things written which I am not publishing just because I have to type it again.

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# 10. Write Off Topic


When going through the phase of writer’s block if we completely drop the topic and start writing as we started as our hobby.


Write Off Topic to overcome Writer's block-259x194
Write Off Topic 

We can write about subjects and topics that fascinates us or something that concerns us in our daily life.

Many times we are writing according to the market demand or for the brands we are working with or whatever topic that fascinated us in the beginning and now does not fascinates us like before.

In all such cases we can start writing what we love to write or what we are passionate about. This will help us to have confidence in our writing as we would be happy to reproduce a good piece of work on some other topic.

This is essential because sometimes while going through writer’s block we start loosing confidence in our writing skills.

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# 11. Do Whatever you Want to Do


Do Whatever you Want to Do to overcome Writer's block-300x168
Do Whatever you Want to Do

Forget about writing and do whatever you want to do.

Sometimes we couldn’t write because our heart and mind is not with us. May be we wish to go for a swimming or a long drive. May be we are dreaming of having a pet or a conversation with a friend.

Ask yourself what you want to do and do it now!

# 12. Forget Targets and Deadlines


Forget Targets and Deadlines in case of stress to overcome Writer's block-460x276
Forget Targets and Deadlines

If you have stressed out yourself with stringent targets and strict deadlines then get rid of it all.

Hide your planner or any piece of paper that would remind you of the targets and deadlines. Get everything out of sight and out of mind all at once.

Don’t write for any targets or deadline and let the thoughts pour freely without having to bother yourself weather you are going to write 50 words or 500 words.

Write because you feel like writing and not because you have to write and if you don’t feel like writing a single word then this option is not for you. You will have to select other options from these points where you have to forget about writing at all for now.


# 13. Learn More


Learn More to to overcome Writer's block-500x331
Learn More to Overcome Writer’s Block

Study and learn more about the topics that you are writing about. Sometimes reading introduces us to more dimensions of the same topic which we might not have even touched.

Running out of ideas and thoughts about the topic could also be the reason that we are not able to write well.

# 14. Reminisce Old Memories

Rekindle old memories or visit an old friend.

Reminisce Old Memories to overcome Writer's block-900x584
Reminisce Old Memories

Spend an evening with the old photo album or talking to an old school friend.

You can also visit the school you passed out from, your college, or anything that can connect you with some good old memories and makes you feel great.

I would personally love to visit my school and play my favorite sport i.e basketball on my school’s basketball court.


# 15. Take Inspiration


Take Inspiration to overcome Writer's block-820x601
Take Inspiration

Take inspiration from your mentors or your favorite sports persons.

Look for inspiration in the books or anything else that has had most impact in your life. For instance, I would think all inspirations that I could memorize given to me by my parents since childhood.

For some of us a celebrity could be an inspiration, our favorite writer/Author, a sports person or any common person, friend or relative who can make us feel inspired and charged up.


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