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5 Blogging Mistakes that Make your Blog Unpromising

5 Common Things to Avoid for Better Business Blogging 

Good idea with the creation of a blog can result in complete failure if we make some mistakes that are typical for beginning bloggers. Not all of them are quite obvious; therefore, they require additional focus. That’s what we are going to do today – take a closer look at what hinders the successful development of the blog.
Blogging Tips to Avoid Being Fall Prey to Common Mistakes in your Blog

Beginning Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Every blogger or new business house may have to face challenges in the initial stage of their web publication. This is more true if you don’t have specific experts and professionals to assist you in blogging. In today’s time blogging has reached to quite an advanced level where you need to be proficient in many things together. Now we have several specific departments in blogging to be taken care, and it becomes more important when it comes to business blogging.
A blog is consisted of many things together. And, you need to make sure that your blog is running efficiently as per the following crucial areas, such as-
  • Blog design.
  • Content writing and publication. ( content publication )
  • Social media integration, sharing, and marketing. (social media)
  • Conversions, Leads, Sales, and traffic (content marketing)
  • Search engine ranking, online reputation, and overall visibility
Apart from the above domains, keep in mind not to make the following common mistakes:-

Too Broad or Hot Topic

It is worth explaining. Many of us are interested in different areas, for example, health and beauty,movies, and building. But the Internet already has a mass of popular projects (websites and blogs) on these topics that it is almost impossible to break through. Especially, if you are just starting out.
As an option, you can run a blog about horror films (Hitchcock, Stephen King or someone else), or write about cosmetics, without attempting to cover the entire niche of “beauty”. Website about the construction of ecological country houses is much easier to make popular than a global building portal. Start with something small.

Several Themes

It would seem that combining 3 popular topics in a single one would make a blog more popular. But, unfortunately, the effect is the opposite: target audience is scattered. Those interested in the construction posts will not be interested to see the news in the world of cosmetics. In practice, the theme distraction makes it impossible to write each of them qualitatively.

Impersonal style

We must not forget that those who are looking for useful information and tips are real people. They want to know that they read thoughts of the same real person, but the one who knows a little bit more.
There is a special “About Me” section for this purpose. Tell people about your personality, hobbies, and life experiences, especially with regards to the theme of the blog. Chat with your visitors and readers; try to pay attention to everyone.

Non Eye-Catching Design

The blog should have some distinguishing features. The first thing that should be evident is the logo or design. Light headedness for its selection is harmful. Do not forget to take care of the uniqueness and the “brightness” of your text and multimedia content and its quality. Fill the blog with features that will better reveal the identity of the blogger.
Nowadays there are many striking and individual designs. Yes, it is more expensive than free designs, but visitors will appreciate it more. Let’s look at each of the items separately.

Site Header or Logo

This is what the visitor sees first after coming to your website or blog. And you should create a beautiful, inviting, unique logo that will inform your visitors about the topic of the website or blog.
The more successful logo or header you make – the more visitors it will attract to your site. Each site should have a logo and the lack
of it will not lead you anywhere.

Background picture

This is an image or color that is located behind the cage of a site. The exception is the site with 100% width. If it is distributed on the entire screen, a background image is not necessary.
The background image can also attract or repel your visitors, so spend some time and think good about it before you go any further.

Site structure

Beginning bloggers always forget to design a site structure. In many cases, visitors don’t know where the information is located on your site and how to find it. And the more you do for the easier access to this information, the more people will want to stay on your site or blog.
Therefore, no need to complicate things. It is much better to make everything accessible and understandable for your readers.

Site Framework

The framework is a template with a content that is displayed on every page of the site. It includes the logo size and its location, the site menu, a place of the main content, site basement, and others. It is necessary to weigh up and do the right thing.
For example, the logo should be placed at the top of the site, the menu is placed either to the right or to the left of the main container you can make a horizontal menu under the logo.
The main content should cover the biggest area.It is better to do the right thing in advance, since after it will be difficult to change
something on the site.

Content design

One of the most important items is the design of your content. By the content design, we mean text size, the division of the text into paragraphs, highlighting words with other colors, the presence of subtitles in the text, text font, multimedia content – audio,
video, banners, etc.
Remember that the text should be readable and use bright colors only to highlight the main idea. You need to know when to stop and not to
overdo. Visitors would like to read text easily and appreciate when the site has a style, but not a mess.

Fast Monetization

Often, immediately after the start of the blog advertisements appear on it. It can be even worse – when there is a large number of ads. Affiliate links, banners, and contextual advertising deter visitors because they have not yet convinced of the reliability of the blog.Also, readers are less likely to subscribe to a blog because of advertising. You will need at least six months to gain the audience, and then you can and start earning. Try to place advertisements gently and carefully.

But the most important thing is to fill your site with new content constantly. And only after on your site, there will be sufficient information on the chosen topic and stable attendance, you can gradually try to earn money. But it should be done carefully and slowly. Search engines need to look at your site, and therefore, you should give some time for that.
By preventing or eliminating all these mistakes, the beginning blogger shave all chances to lead the projects to success. And then they can start making money. Actually, all these mistakes are typical and many people have already told about them, by still some new bloggers make them.

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