10 Best Productivity Apps for Businesses for Android and iOS

Top 10 of the Popular Productivity Apps for Businesses.

Best Business apps as Productivity tools for Mobile Users. 10 mobile apps that every Online Business owner & Entrepreneur Must Have!

Productivity Tools: Most of the apps listed here are Free! Though, they also offer premium or paid subscription as well!

Mobile apps have become very popular among every smart phone mobile users and there are many mobile web apps development companies that are consistently providing their services to design and support them.

Today, there is an app for everything. You can find a mobile app for everything and anything. The mobile apps explained here are used on Android and iOS platforms as great tools for business.


Productivity Tools: Top 10 Mobile Apps for Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, & Professionals


Productivity Apps and Business Success:


Due to the increasing usage and popularity of the Productivity apps all over the mobile and Internet world, business men and professionals have started using them in their day to day life to be updated with the latest trends in their work industry.

If you are a business owner, professional marketer, entrepreneur, or service provider, then you should start using some good productivity apps for your profession.

Working few minutes to a few hours have become a necessity for every modern business owner and entrepreneur. Then why should you left behind the trend?

The mobile apps explained/ reviewed here are for Smart phone users. Most of the apps listed here are available for both – Android and iOS platforms.

10 Best Productivity Apps for Android and iOS for Online Business Owners & Entrepreneurs:


#1. Evernote (iOS, Android)


This organizational application allows online business owners and entrepreneurs to improve productivity by providing them with unique features of storing, organizing and sharing texts, voice notes and photos.

It is a cloud-based app that updates automatically and it is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phone. It serves as a personal assistant, facilitating easy tracking of brilliant ideas and strategies wherever you are.

Local Classified Apps for Android and iOS


#2. Dropbox (iOS, Android) App for Storing and Sharing Files

Dropbox is a savvy productivity app that is used to store and share documents, photos and videos. Sharing of documents allows efficiency of operations, and the files shared can be edited and updated accordingly.

For an instance, accounting information can be shared to all the members of the team concerned and the information can be altered whenever need arises and the concerned parties informed.


#3.Skype app for Communication

On top of allowing free instant messages and calls, Skype enhances productivity of a business by allowing landline and mobile calls and texts and access to the Skype Wi-Fi  hotspots that eases communication even further.

You have to pay for some of its features, but the payment is nothing compared to the convenience that these features bring to the business.


#4. PayPal App for Online Payment Processing

Online payments have become so frequent that the PayPal app is one of the mobile apps that should not miss out on any online store that allows PayPal payment method. It makes payment processing for business transactions a walk in the park and smoothens the general operation of the business.

You can get reports on the transactions done and the corresponding payments. This app is updated regularly to meet the rising needs of modern online businesses.


#5. Expensify app to manage business expenses

Monitoring expenses is a surefire way of enhancing productivity of a business. If you want to track your expenses and mileage, you can’t go wrong with expensify. This app allows users to upload and file receipts on one dashboard from where processing of the corresponding expenses can be done.

Anyone who wants to succeed as an entrepreneur or business owner must be sure to keep a good record of expenses so that they can be reduced where possible.


#6. Square App for Credit Card Payments

The importance of credit card payments cannot be overemphasized. We are in a cashless world, and it is only prudent if business transactions in all the sectors of the economy were cashless. Square comes in handy in this case, allowing business owners and entrepreneurs to accept credit card payments on their smartphones.

The service fee is only 2.75% of the transaction amount, and the application itself is free. Founded in 2010, this app is suitable for small businesses especially those in the service industry.


#7. Invoice2Go App for Invoicing

Improper invoicing can thwart a good business plan. With this app, you can send invoices instantly and mark it as either paid or unpaid. After some time, you can generate a report of the unpaid invoices and take the necessary action.

If you want to invoice quickly and professionally, use this mobile app, and never lose money for not invoicing properly.


#8. Box App to Share and Add Work Documents

Box allows you to add and share documents with your team of professionals wherever you are in the world. This makes it easy to keep track of the progress of projects in real time and get feedback whenever it is necessary wherever you are in the world.

Flow of communication is the cornerstone of business growth and development, and box allows you to communicate effectively with your team so that you can work towards a common objective.

#9. Producteev ( iOS, Android) App for Delegation of Duties

As the name suggests, producteev enhances productivity by facilitating efficient delegation of duties. With this app, you can assign your team members various duties according to their qualifications and experience.

You are able to know how busy each member is before assigning the projects, and this ensures that the right person handles the right job at the right time. That way, projects and tasks can be done successfully.

Download Producteev App for Android
Download Producteev App for iOS


#10- 30/30 App for Task Management

30/30 is a task manager app and you can get it from iOS store. With the 30/30 app, you can focus on a certain task for 30 minutes and take a break for the next 30 minutes. This is a task manager that makes work really easy for business owners who are struggling to accomplish difficult tasks and meet deadlines.

Its clutter-free gesture based interface, customized task list, iCloud sync and easy notification controls add color to the already good package. 30/30 is just simple, attractive and useful for business owners. It works well with iOS 4.3 or later, and it is optimized for iPhone 5.

30/30 App from Google Playstore

Download 30/30 App from iTunes


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