8 Most Popular Apps for Sellers to Increase Sales and Productivity

Best Sales Apps for Android and iPhone


Best Productivity Apps for the Sales Professional to Manage their Tasks on the Go | Most Popular Android and iOS Apps for Sales and Sellers.


Sales people spend most of their time outdoors from one meeting to another. To stay productive they need to be able to manage their multiple tasks while they are on the go. No, this doesn’t mean they should carry laptops, files and documents with them. Instead all they require is a smartphone. Yes, with smartphone they will be able to manage almost all of their work be it scheduling, sharing files, taking notes and everything that you can imagine.


Wondering how is that possible?


It is indeed possible with so many apps in trend today. We have apps for all kinds of work to manage. So here’s shedding light on some of the apps that work wonders for the salespeople and are must be used by them:


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Must Have Apps for Every Sales Person


List of 8 Most Useful Sales Apps for Sellers to Increase Productivity:


Mobile Apps that every Salesperson love to use for Increasing Productivity. Sales Professionals are the most important part of any organization. It is crucial for them to be highly productive for the growth and success of the company. Let us see how these popular apps are assisting the sales persons.

List of Apps: Slack, Evernote App, Dragon Remote Microphone, Resco Mobile CRM App, Dropbox, CamCard App, Keynote App, Close The Sale.


1. Slack



Slack lets you keep in touch with your colleagues or clients. All your team’s communications can be at one place with this app installed in your smartphone. It ultimately helps you save your time.

Download Slack for Android

Download Slack for Mac / IOS


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2. Evernote App: Manage and Organize any Task


Evernote App to Manage and Organize any Task-300x300


This app helps you to manage everything related to keeping notes. Most of the sellers love it simply for its simplicity and usefulness. It could be used for creating your to-do-list, text, images or documents. Wherever you go, you can easily access your notes and share them with people you want to.


Download Evernote: For Android || For Mac / IOS


3. Dragon Remote Microphone


Dragon-Top Mobile app for sellers-300x300


So you find writing notes tedious? Well, if that’s the case, we have yet another uber cool app named as “Dragon” that translates voice memos into text automatically. Works for email, messages too in the similar way. Can it get any easier than this?

Download Dragon: For AndroidFor Mac /IOS


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4. Resco Mobile CRM App



Resco Mobile CRM App-300x300


With this app in your phone you do not need worry about updating the CRM on your system after a tiring day full of meeting, calls and other tasks. Just get the related CRM app depending upon the CRM your company is using.

Now, all you need to do is add info in your phone and it allows you to access your CRM data on the go. This app boosts the productivity of sales representatives as they need to stay mobile while they work.

Download Resco Mobile CRM App: For Android



5. Dropbox: Productivity App to Save any Files


Dropbox Productivity App to Save any Files-300x300

Dropbox never lets you get that irritated feeling of seeing “this file is too large to send” kind of error message just because you are not on laptop or Computer. Often it happens when you don’t have a laptop with you because you are out, Need to send or receive a large file arises. At that time Dropbox is your savior. You can receive or send large files easily with this application in your phone.


Download DropBox:   For Android ||   for Mac / IOS


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6. CamCard App- Digitalize your Business Cards


CamCard App to Digitalize your Business Cards-300x300


With camcard in your phone, you don’t have to keep hundreds of business cards with you as usually salespeople do need to keep these many. This app digitizes cards with a simple photo and the information therein on the card gets automatically saved to your phone in your contacts. Now, even if you forget carrying the business cards with you or left/drop them at hotel, shop or anywhere else, you don’t lose on your prospects being a salesperson.


Download CamCard: For Android  ||  For Mac / IOS

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7. Keynote App- To Add Amazing Effects to your Presentation


Keynote App- To Add Amazing Effects to your Presentation-175x175
Keynote App- To Add Amazing Effects to your Presentation
This app lets you show your creative side. You can create cinematic, stunning presentations with amazing effects on your phone and share them. It has powerful tools that brings your ideas to life.




8. Close The Sale


This app makes you an expert in negotiating and closing the sale.


Close The Sale-App for sellers-225x225



Maybe it’s just one last dig from you needed by the buyer to finally sign up. So to your rescue here is this Grant Cardone’s app that provides you with the video tips on closing the sale virtually in any circumstance. The closes are broken down into 12 specific categories exactly as the objections come to you so that you can easily pull up the appropriate close for the exact situation.

Download Grant Cardone’s Close the Sale: For Mac / IOS


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Some Other Beneficial Apps Popular Among the Sales Professionals:


i. Doc Scan:


This app turns snapped picture of a document into a neatly packaged PDF or JPG.


ii. Mind Tools:


Goes apt with its name, this app comprises of small articles on leadership, decision making, project management, time & stress management, problem solving, strategy tools, communication skills and various others. All that which plays a role in enhancing your business skills.


iii. Skill-Pill:

It does the same work like that of mind tools. The only difference lies in the way of delivering. Skill-Pill covers different topics in video format.


iv. Profit Story:

This app is uber cool. It lets you ascertain the profit margin on a proposed deal.


v. Sales Manager:

Sales manager is a Free app for sales persons for producing sales invoices when in the field.

Download on Google Play


vi. Sales Assistant:


This is also a free mobile app for the salespersons to effectively manage sales and purchase. It is a very helpful tools for the sales field activities.

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