Amazon Sales Tips – 5 Ways to Increase Sales on Amazon Marketplace

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Amazon Sales: Tips and Tricks to Get more Sales from your Amazon Products Listings.

Online Selling Tips for Sellers- Best Methods to Increase Sales from your Amazon Store.

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The online web portals for shopping or say shopping sites tend to grow with the increase of its seller base. More the sellers, More the Goodwill similarly More the customers, More the sales. That’s how it goes.

The reputation and popularity of e-commerce sites are dependent of its sellers as well as customers. Amazon is one of the biggest names when it comes to online shopping sites. It is doing really well for itself from so many years.

Let us take a look what all more it should focus upon to increase its sales as with the increase in competition, so many big market players are existing in the market. What aspects to be a taken care of by Amazon to attract more customer traffic towards it.

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Here they are as follows:


Increase Sales on Amazon
Increase Sales on Amazon


5 Amazon Sales Tips for Sellers:


1. Price Competition


When you are selling your product online you know competitors are keeping eyes on you. A slight difference in the prices and one retailer’s graph goes up and other’s down.


Price competition is one important aspect of Amazon. What actually differentiates the vendors on Amazon Marketplace is the price. Price they are charging for their products.


Every vendor present on this platform or willing to make a place here should be aware of price competition and hence ready to face it. Only the products that gives you competitive advantage over your competitors should be listed on Amazon, giving your reasonable rate of return,and covering all the cost involved therein.


Products selection for the purpose of listing them online should be done mindfully taking into consideration what competitors are offering and at what value. The point is that you should think from buyer’s perspective and what would provoke him/ her to buy your offering instead of competitor’s.


Price has a great impact on the placement of your products here. Choose wisely (products to be listed).


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2. Bring Traffic to your Amazon Listings : Strategy Focusing Keywords (Search Engine Optimization)


Keywords that bring you great amount of traffic should be used. Here too you need to enter into your customer’s shoes.


Try and use the best terms that have the most chances of being searched on web and increases your product’s visibility and therefore the sales as well. Avoid using phrases rather use single words.


Reason being, no buyer would be searching using the exact phrases and as a matter of fact, they may miss out on your products. Keywords plays an important role in increasing your sales.


The more the keyword is searched, the chances of encountering more sales on daily basis increases. If you notice that despite using appropriate keywords, the product is not doing well and sales are low, you can keep on experimenting with keywords unless you find that perfect combo of the title of the products and items/ products searched that leads to maximum sales.


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3. Utilize Advertising Feature (Sponsored Products)

Make-Value Added Promotions-to-market-promote-products-at-Amazon-400x300
Make Value Added Promotions to market promote your products at Amazon




If you want your product to be seen by large part of audience then advertising in the form of Amazon’s sponsored product feature would do wonders for you.

Amazon sponsored products are advertisements that are matched to the products on As per amazon,”Promote the products you sell on with keyword targeted ads.

Pay only when your ad is clicked.” Here sellers decide what products they want to advertise, the selected products are assigned keywords and cost per click bid is entered. Now as the buyers searches for certain keywords (looking for a product) and if it matches yours or say if it appears to be one of your keywords then you will see your ad displaying below/ alongside the search results.

Merchants on Amazon pay only when the Amazon shopper clicks on ad. In order to increase the visibility of the ads, Amazon has announced to expand this feature soon.


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4. Offers & Attractive Discounts

Offers and Attractive Discounts at Amazon-great-savings-350x250
Offer Attractive Discounts at Amazon to increase your sales

One of the best ways and often experienced thing. The discounts/ offers holds the capability of turning your potential buyer into loyal customer. Then you should Promote your coupon or promotional codes at these 25 best free advertising sites for coupon codes and also promote and market your coupons at using these e Commerce coupon marketing tips.


Prospects get more inclined towards your offerings when they attractive schemes where they feel they are paying comparatively less for the product then they would otherwise and they find the deal profitable for them which motivates and provokes them to make a purchase.


If you want to hold the top position for your product category, you need to offer good deals on daily basis making the customers happy whenever they see you on the home page under the category of ‘Hot Deals’.


You will notice enormous amount of traffic coming your way and purchasing your products. Another known fact is that customers are more likely to say yes to some or maybe one of your non-discounted items when they see you offering great discount schemes for different kinds of products on daily basis.

Long lasting relationships are build by this kind of sale/purchase transaction where the customers feel more than satisfied and sellers feel motivated to deliver even better products and offer even better deals to maintain the trust.


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5. Reviews & Feedbacks

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Customer reviews/ feedback should not be taken for granted. Today, online reviews (that are visible to all) are trusted more than personal recommendations.

Try to find out people that are showing positive and good response towards your product. Ask people to give ratings and feedback.

Moreover try to find video reviews or the one with your product picture as they would be more impactful.

If you think you are not able to get enough of reviews and feedbacks, go for this ‘Feedback Five’ which is the feedback management tool especially designed for Amazon merchants.

With this tool the capacity of feedbacks submitted will increase and you will be able to eliminate the negative/neutral comments.

Try to get constructive feedbacks from different sources (customers other than or outside Amazon’s) as it will help you in improving your product without hampering the ranking. Review and Feedback are imperative.

Take them on a serious note and try to grow yourself from what you learn via the same. As a result of it, sales will automatically increase.

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