Affiliate Marketing Beginners Tips – How Affiliates can Start Making Money Online

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners : A Step by Step Guide for Newbie to Start their Journey as an Affiliate Marketer!


Tips for New Affiliate Marketers on How to Join, Promote, and Earn Money Online.


Affiliate Marketing, a term from which every digital marketer is aware of and if he is not then he should be, as in present date affiliate marketing has become one of the best ways to earn money online. On that note when it is a good source of income it is necessary to understand that what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing in simple terms is the process of earning commission by selling products of others by any means you can. The general ways which count are through free advertising sites, Craigslist, blogs, social media sites , etc. You receive commission when a user clicks on your mentioned link and make a purchase then you get your commission for that purchase.


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Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners on How to become an affiliate marketer


How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing – A Guide for Beginners:

If you are reading this post then i assume that you already know that affiliate marketing is a great way to earn regular income on the Internet working from home.

If you read blogs and articles on the Internet about affiliate marketing then you would find different opinions from different experts on what enables you to start earning money online. But, to me there are the following four points which i consider the most important pillars to start earning income as an online affiliate:


  • Basic Knowledge to Start
  • Learning Attitude
  • Content writing skills
  • Digital Marketing Skills


Thus, if you also are going to be an affiliate marketer then this post will help you with the useful tips written for the beginners like you for start making online money with your affiliate marketing endeavor.


First of All: Be Dedicated


If you want to make money with affiliate marketing as a beginner then, first of all, you have to be dedicated and severe as everything needs dedication and sincerity to get succeeded.


Being fully dedicated to your affiliate marketing work is the foremost imp


And being a beginner first you need to learn the skill of affiliate marketing thoroughly to make big amounts latter, which demands time. And for that dedication and sincerity is the key.

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Select Your Affiliate System


We all know that there many affiliate systems or networks are present over the internet, like AmazonFlipkarteBay, Snapdeal and so on. All of these and other affiliate networks like ClickBankShareaSale, and RevenueWire deal with different types of affiliate products and subscriptions.


Select Your Affiliate Systems-350x200
Select the Best Suited Affiliate Systems after a good research


Thus, from these affiliate networks select an affiliate network which is best suited according to you, it just means that select an affiliate program which is highly related to the content of your website or in simple words niche. As it will help you to serve your audience better thereby sticking to what you know.

I have created a post dedicated to this section where you would get to know about the most popular affiliate networks for affiliates. It will give you a great boost and will save you a lot of time as you will find them all at one place. Visit here for a list of the most popular affiliate Networks today on the Internet!

Thus, select an affiliate system to get started with affiliate marketing and earning money online followed by an in-depth research.

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Select the Products you want to be affiliated with


After selecting an affiliate network, the second step is to choose the affiliate products from those affiliate systems which appeals most to your customers. It means that to choose those products for which your audience is probing for.


Select the affiliate products you believe are best and start marketing them


Now you can do this by researching the market that what is trending and what is the need of the audience and what affiliate products results in high sales.  Thus select those products in your niche which are in demand by the audience, which helps the audience to solve their queries and problems etc.

You can also analyze your competitors who are also in affiliate marketing and are doing best in it, via social media shares with the help of tools ( like Buzzsumo ) to know what’s popular.


For instance, if you have a blog related to digital marketing then you can choose a digital marketing tool as your affiliate product as it seems the highly reliable according to your content. Not only it will look genuine but also will help you to generate actual sales . Because, if the audience is showing interest in what you are saying then they will show their interest in purchasing that item which you are recommending them.


Thus choose your affiliate products sensibly as you’re going to present it in front of your audience via placing links in blog posts, social media or any other channel, who already trusts you. So suggest them only those products on which you totally trust and discover them as the greatest & worth cash spending for your audience. How to Become an Affiliate at Amazon


Purchase the Product or ask for a review copy


Now the third after selecting the product or products is to make a purchase of the product. Now if you are thinking that how does it will help in making money with affiliate marketing for beginners? Then let I tell you how. You can recommend someone a product (or anything else) only when you are totally aware of it. In simple words, you can better explain someone about it when you know what that product or service is.

Thus to know about the product in a complete manner, it is required that you must purchase the product.


Be Loyal and Honest


After purchasing and using the product the next thing to do, is that be loyal and honest. By being loyal and honest means that provide the exact information about the product which you have used and are going to recommend them – your audience.


Be Loyal and Honest to your readers-in affiliate marketing-600x300
Be Loyal and Honest to your Readers


You can do this by publishing an honest review of the product on your blog (on which you are operating your affiliate marketing) or other or social media platforms. YouTube channel or even with live streaming with the means of an app Periscope which helps you to talk to your audience and in response they can also join and reply via comments (can answer a question or can ask a question or query).


You can also use ZapstreamGlide for live streaming. Here honest review means just tell your audience about the product that what you have liked it in and what you have not because genuine reviews are more likely to generate leads and sales rather than a complete sales pitch consideration of the product.


Online Promotion: Make a Good Use of Apt Tools and Methods to Grab Desired Traffic


Now, what’s next after honest review? The next thing to do is to a proper promotion of your blog and review page to generate the actual traffic and to let the people know about your blog and affiliate products.


Now Start Promoting and marketing the affiliate products you have chosen


You can do promotion via videos on YouTubeGoogle Adwords, Guest Posts on different sites (some of which accepts guest post are: – outbrain, copybloggerdaily blog tips, etc.), free PDF download linking back to your review page,  Facebook Groups and dedicated FB pages related to the product, Twitter, etc.

If you can invest some amount of money in getting a refined, dedicated, and filtered traffic for your content then it could boost your earnings further in no time. Here is a blog post where you could find the genuine and popular ad networks for affiliate marketers.

Thus when you have become aware of affiliate marketing to an extent then on that note, you can also join some great affiliate forums to solve your doubts and queries (if any) thereby get helpful and valuable feedbacks. The forums are – Affiliates4UWickedFireaffiloramaaffiliaefix, etc.

Hope this affiliate marketer starter guide will help you. If it helps, then doesn’t forget to show your love thereby sharing the post on different social media networks and to your friends & colleagues via email.


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