How to Earn Income with eBay Affiliate Program- A Step by Step Guide

How to Make Money as an Affiliate with eBay Partner Program ( Full Steps and Ideas)


eBay Partner Network Tips for Affiliates


➤ eBay is one of the Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in USA


A few years ago it was unimaginable for peoples to earn money from home or online. But in present date, things have changed, and now there are uncountable ways to make money online and one of those ways including earning money Online through affiliate networks.


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eBay Affiliate Program- EPN- How to Make Money Working as an Affiliate over eBay


Also, there are many affiliating networks or websites present online which helps us to do so. eBay is among one of those networks or websites through which a person can become an affiliate marketer and earn money. The name of this affiliate program of eBay is known as eBay Partner Program.


Making Money Online with eBay Partner Program


Affiliate Marketing Tips for eBay Partner Network


Before we discuss on how to earn income via eBay affiliate programs, lets see what are other prominent ways to make money on the Internet:

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Today, we will discuss how to make money as an affiliate over eBay website. But before that, we need to understand about it thoroughly that what eBay Partner program is? How does it work? How an affiliate get paid, etc.


So let’s start with eBay Partner Network:


eBay Partner Network or Program is a combination of affiliate marketing and the way in which users buy the products from eBay means by bidding for the products.

Now when we are aware of what eBay partner network is, then we should lead towards the steps to become a part of EPN.



Steps to Join eBay Partner Network

Watch this Useful Video on Youtube to Get Started on eBay as an Affiliate

On that note, when you want to become an affiliate on eBay then first step to follow is to apply for becoming a partner in EPN program.

For the same, you have to sign up for their eBay Partner Network and feel in all the necessary details required.


As soon as you get approval as a partner over the EPN network then immediately after that, you can begin to promote your referral links with your target audience. And also can check or track your performance on your eBay Affiliate Network Dashboard.


Now when you become a partner in eBay Network what the next step is? If you are thinking the same way as I mentioned, then let I clear all your doubts regarding the topic. After becoming a partner all, you need to generate sales to earn commissions or revenues.

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Thus, here I am going to share:-


Tips to Generate Sales on eBay to Earn Commission:


➤ Thus, first of all, you have to find a listing on the eBay to promote from 800 million listings present on the eBay platform for different niches.


Choose those listings which you find profitable or find in which in you can generate maximum sales depending on the group of followers you have. If you want to know how much you earn for promoting a listing of particular niche category you can refer this eBay’s Rate Card.


➤ The second step includes bringing the traffic to the eBay website or to the eBay listings which you have selected for promotion or earning commission. And you can do so promoting that listing over the different platforms including social media platforms with your family and friends.


➤ You can also promote those listings with the help of different EPN tools provided by eBay Network on your blog, website or social networks which include Bookmarklet Tool, Link Generator, Smart Links, Custom and creative banner generators, RSS Feed Generator, APIs and product feed.


➤ There are also other ways which you can adopt to promote your eBay listings like marketing articles, PRs, search engine optimization, guest posting and so on.


How to Sell Products over eBay website

How to increase ebay sales


When you follow the tips mentioned above step by step, then you earn the commission from eBay you deserve. Now if you are thinking how then let me tell you.


As soon as the listing you have shared over any of the channels of your promotion got clicked, and that click makes a purchase, you earn the commission of your part.

Now the important thing here is that the acquisition should be done by the person within the 24 hours of his arrival on the eBay website through your (eBay) referral link irrespective of the time of the auction ending. You will also get paid when you referred users’ sells.

eBay Partner Network keeps track of all the things, like how many purchases are done with your community and so on and for that, you will get paid every month.



How Much Money Ebay Partner Network (EPN) Pays


eBay Shares commissions with its partners of the eBay Revenues generated and not for the price of the item sold. eBay shares 40% to 80% of the eBay’s revenue generated depending on the category you have selected. Along with that eBay also pays for the registrations, each new sign up which are made through your website, blog or referral links up to $25 to $30. eBay also pays with increased performance rewards to its affiliates.

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When does An Affiliate get paid?


eBay pays commissions to its partners on a monthly basis. And the minimum requirement is $25 to get paid via direct deposit.


How does an affiliate get paid?


To provide you the full commission you have made, eBay keeps track of all the earnings, campaign stats and commissions with the help of EPN Publisher Portal and shows the record of all your sales or earnings after the day of sales occurrence.


Hope this post will help you to become an affiliate over eBay website and in earning money online. Thus, give the eBay site a try as it has millions of active users, daily great deals to offer, free shipping on all regular sales and many benefits to offer. Also, don’t forget to share your experience and views with us after trying the portal.


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