How to Make Money with Twitter through Sponsored Tweets- Beginners Tips to Earn Online

Tips to Generate Online Income from your Tweets: Sure Ways to Earn Money from your Twitter account and Sponsored Tweets.


Ways to Earn Income with Sponsored Tweets.


  • Get paid to Tweet ads
  • How to make money from Twitter followers


Twitter is among world’s Top 10 social Networking Sites. If you know your two cents in Internet marketing, you won’t pass up the chance to learn how to make money with Twitter.


It’s one of the easiest ways to attract more clients, and once you’re a rock star in this field, you’ll be generating up to four times the revenue you usually earn when you only employ old-fashioned marketing techniques.


Micro blogging is an easy and effortless way to say, “Hi, my business exists.” In 140 characters (now 250 🙂 or less, how difficult could it get?


The first thing on your list if you want to make money with Twitter is to get to know the nature of micro blogs. This is very easy for someone who is internet savvy, but if you aren’t, you can start by following many people using your Twitter account.


With your 20 to 50 contacts, you can observe how people tweet. Today’s tweeting style leans on the personal, which is very useful for businesses who are trying to monitor their respective niches. Because people volunteer personal information online, even big companies can save money.


Tweets are used for market research, allowing companies to make money with Twitter.


By gathering people’s tweets, big corporations save the money they would have had to spend on man power to conduct surveys. Aside from free clientele samples, though, companies can also make money on Twitter by using the platform as a free advertising space.


This can be tricky as the mood in Twitter is generally intimate. Commercial plugs can break this intimacy, and if your tweets sound like a machine generates them, you can lose your followers.



How to Tweet for Better Earning Potential



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How to Tweet for Better Earning with Twitter



To make money with Twitter, you should try to humanize your tweets. This can be done by adding a certain variety to the types of messages you push out. While there are Twitter tools which can help you publish your messages automatically, you should take the time to line up at least four types of messages using the software.


Never publish two sales tweets in a row. Instead, alternate your marketing tweets with more personal ones to keep your followers interested. This will help you make money with twitter easily.


People love motivational quotes, and sometimes, even by accident, you may attract more prospective clients when you use these quotes to make money with twitter. These motivational quotes most certainly won’t make you richer by the hour, but they will make your tweet page more popular.


Once the followers are hooked with the information you are giving to them. They might retweet links to your online store. To make a good income from your Twitter, you need to be popular first. Sales can’t be made unless you’re known to your market.

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How to Get Paid with Twitter Sponsored Tweets : Beginners Tips to Make Money with Twitter



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How to Get Paid with Sponsored Tweets



Many of us think Twitter is a waste of time but there are people who make money by posting tweets on it. I have never earned a single penny by being a regular Twitter user until I recently found Sponsored Tweets.

This is a platform called Sponsored tweets which will connect companies with tweeters.



How does it work?


Several companies connect with the twitter users and the users need to write tweets based on the guidelines that are given by the company or the advertiser.


Companies select the candidates based on various factors and they pay you for your works. In these way, one can earn pocket money or even better than that by simply sitting in home or on the go by just writing simple tweets.

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1) Signing up for Sponsored Tweets



To be eligible for sponsored tweets, the user must be have a Twitter account which is at least 60 days old. The user should also have 50 followers and should have posted 100 tweets.

These sponsored tweets companies will review your application and then accept you and then you can start working.



The Websites that pay you for your Sponsored Tweets:




earning money at Paidpertweet-400x300
Paidpertweet-Best site for earning money by Sponsored Tweets


You can find lots of external websites and freelance platforms out there where you sell your Tweets or get paid from sponsors- individual or companies. They let you in and offer you the earning opportunity from your Twitter account according to your influence at Twitter. You can check your Twitter account influence at Klout. Klout is a worldwide popular company that generates social media scores for everyone.


Now, you may join Paid Per Tweet Website to get started for making income online from your Sponsored Tweets!


Apart from the above site you can also start providing Twitter based services at Micro job sites, SEO Freelancing platforms, and content writing freelance sites. Here you may find lots of potential clients who are looking for the marketing opportunities via sponsored tweets.


2) Promote a brand under your own terms


The sponsored tweet company or the advertiser will tell you the guidelines of what kinds of tweets you should post and what should be embedded in the tweet.

Once it is done, the advertiser will review the tweet and approve it for posting in Twitter. And you get paid for your work. It is as simple as that. The payment will be received into your Sponsored Tweets account.


3) Getting paid


There is a special Sponsored Twitter account in which the payment will be available and it can be withdrawn if the amount reaches $50. There are two types of accounts- Normal account and Pro account. If you are signing up for Pro account, then you just need $25 to withdraw the amount.


The Pro account will be charged at $1.99 per month and is available for free for one month.


Having a Pro Sponsored Tweets account will rise you up in the Twitter users list and there will be more offers from various companies for posting sponsored tweets and soon it can become a full-time profession as well. To do well in this, it is advisable to have a complete Twitter profile, have some experience in tweeting, maintain good followers ratio, and keep tabs on competition.


Tips to make money with your Sponsored Tweets

Apart from sponsored tweets you can also make earning from Twitter in various direct and indirect ways.


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