How to Find New Customers and Increase your Sales – Small Business Growth Ideas

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Small Business Ideas to get more Customers and Leads

In our time it is becoming increasingly difficult to find customers. Competition is increasing, and the buyer gets choosy. So let’s talk today about a fairly general question – how to attract customers on a variety of products.
We will not discuss the specifics of individual areas, but try to give some generic advice.

How to Find New Customers for Your Goods – Sales-Marketing and Business Growth Tips


Identify your real customers and gather important statistics

The first and foremost important step that you need to take is to visualize and identify your real customers in general. Everything is first created in mind and then we bring it into realty.

Realty follows imagination. So, think it this way!

The below quote is very relevant in this scenario:

“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.” – Robin Sharma


Without having a sound knowledge of who your real customers would be you won’t be able to build an effective marketing strategy. So, spend a good amount of time researching about your would be customers. Gather as much information as possible about your customers. Make a list of the main attributes of your target audience.

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..And i don’t feel the need to mention here that it is the best balance of quality and cost of your products that would matter the most. Everything else would fail if your products fail to deliver what the promise to be!

Attract your Customers: Create Effective Marketing and Networking Campaigns


After identifying your real customers the next step would be to attract them towards your business or products. This could be only done with the help of effective marketing and networking strategies.

So, here comes the role of marketing, networking, and advertising in the picture. Don’t hesitate to spend a worthy amount of money on publicizing your products and services.

How so much good quality products you may have, but no one would get to know about them unless you showcase them to your potential customers. And reaching to your customers is the most basic step which would pave the foundation for the future success of your marketing goals.


Hence, the reaching process (marketing) should be very effective as this would generate the first impression of your product in customer’s mind. So, market your products with some unique style and highlight the important features and characteristics in an interesting, unique, and effective ways.


There could be many ways to spread the word about your business or services. Also, keep an eye on how your competitors are utilizing their marketing strategies. Read this article titled as 50 Ideas for online marketing and Advertising for a detailed knowledge about the online ways of business promotion.


  Find specialized thematic exhibitions, festivals that attract your target audience and participate. Create a colourful and informative promotional materials: business cards, brochures.

This method needs to put a lot of efforts. But you have to try, because this is the place where you can talk directly to your target audience.


–  Remember that you will need to find additional labor resources to work at the exhibitions if you have a small business with a small number of employees.

–  The following useful tool is to make cold phone calls. Of course, selling over the phone became more difficult. Nowadays this method was discredited by a large number of unscrupulous sellers, but still telemarketing can give a good effect.

You can add your old customers to a list of cold calls, but don’t forget to make individual scripts for them. Remind them how good you were with previous delivery, etc.

Here it’s time to add advertising. There are numerous methods to make online promotions, but
try to mix them with others.


Here are some ideas where you can use:


–  Placing advertisements in the press and advertising materials / articles on thematic issues;
–  Promotion on radio and television (regional stations advertising can be an inexpensive and very effective);
–  Making promos: flyers, coupons, degustations, offline promotions;
–  Word-of-mouth marketing;
–  Partnership programs with other businesses (entrepreneurs from related fields can promote your products/ services for some amount of money).
–  Use these Free advertising sites to find customers online for your products. And, don’t forget to make an effective sales plan for yourself.

Other Strategies

  There are also less standard ways to attract customers to the product or service – but they are mostly determined by the imagination of a marketer. Here are a couple of examples.
  You can share useful information with customers. If you know your target audience it won’t be difficult to find out what interests people and what issues are the most pressing for them. It can be used as you like.
–  Or you can use this approach in the SMM-strategy, email-newsletters , and so on.
  Also, arrange promotions with the distribution of your products – give free samples at exhibitions and POS. As for the services, you can also make a free procedures for “Like and Share” of your company’s Facebook page, etc.


–  When you create a mailing list via email, SMS or general mail, use such phrases as “the last time”.


In this case the recipient won’t have a chance not to read all message till the end. You can do this, but remember to be informative and to follow the rules of selling letters.

 Engage your audience with social proof – reviews, quality assurance, as well as – charity.
This reinforces the image of your brand, promotes word-of-mouth marketing and increase audience loyalty.

Instead of conclusion


Along with all advises that were mentioned above, you should not forget about the Internet marketing strategies.
Here the question of where to find customers for your goods and services won’t bother you if you have high-quality original content mixed with banner promotion, SMM and SEO, and much more.
But even in this case you have to start with a portrait of your target audience. If you find the right vision of who might need your product or service you have 50% of a successful sale.

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