Disqus Discussions-10 Reasons Why Bloggers Use Disqus for Comments

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Why Disqus is useful for your blog? Why webmasters love using Disqus commenting system?

Every kind Blog of craves for comments. No Blog can be successful without getting the comments from its real users/ readers. Have you seen such a blog that survived without any comments on it? really? Please let me know if you have a name for it!

That’s the importance of comments on any content based blogs!

If you are a blogger yourself then you can’t afford to ignore the power of comments made by its real audience base.

And to attract more comments on your blog you have to heavily depend upon the content quality and the commenting system on your blog. That’s for sure! No doubt about that.

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10 Outstanding Benefits/Reasons why you should Plug in Disqus to your Blog for Comments

Almost everybody goes online to search for information or entertainment. There are many blogs that offer these services. Some of them have opinion pieces while others specialize in relaying the news to internet users.

Normally, you can comment on the articles that you read on these blogs. This is made possible by a platform known as Disqus.

Disqus is a platform that creates a community of people who comment on various pieces of information on blogs. This is a platform that can be embedded in a website.

After being embedded, Disqus allows for the integration of social media capability, community chatting, commenting on posts as well as professional administration of your website.

Applying Disqus in your websites allows it to join millions of other websites and blogs that already have this platform.

My personal experiences about using Disqus (over several of the blogs that i own or have some kind of direct connection.)


There are many advantages of integrating Disqus in your blog. You will start noticing the changes in your blog’s traffic and overall visibility score. Though, this is not guaranteed.


But, i have personally noticed some very good changes in some of my blogs while few other blogs could not receive the benefits immediately. 


The best things about Disqus i noticed:

You can see the profile and status of the persons who submit comments on your blog.

You can blog and white list users based on their activities.

You can edit the comment and add/remove links in them easily.

You get a separate dashboard where you can manage the whole system of comments.

It Comes with a large community oriented features and is packed with comments thread replies options and like dislike features.

You have a few designing choices at your disposal to make for the look of comment form.


The visible downside:

It loads slowly compared to the other comment systems.So, you need to be aware about the web page loading time and speed.

All above said, one thing is for sure: it definitely adds a great value to your blog and it also depends on the bloggers how they utilize it to the maximum benefits for themselves.

Continue Reading to learn more about Disqus Discussions and comments features and specialties …..


10 Main Reasons and Benefits of using Disqus on your Blog for Comments


1. Easy tracking of replies

Blog readers can post a comment after reading an article. They may be interested in seeing the responses to their comment. Normally, they would have to keep checking to see if there was any reply made about their comment. This is tedious work.

For active blog readers who go through multiple websites in a day, it can quickly turn into a chore.

Disqus solves this by turning any replies that are made about a reader’s comments into emails. The platform them sends these emails to the specific person who made the comment. This results in easy receipt and review of the replies.

Moreover, when a blog reader makes comments on various blogs using Disqus, they can conveniently see all the replies in their email address.

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2. It allows for easy transfer of comments


If you move your website or blog to a new domain, Disqus will assist you to move all the conversations from the old website or blog to the new one.

All you have to do is contact the Disqus customer service providers and explain that you want the conversations moved to a new domain. They will link them in to the Disqus platform in your new domain and you are good to go.

The Disqus tech support are available all day and night. Thus, you can call them whenever and they will respond. They can take less than 10 minutes to transfer your conversations. This is record breaking customer service!

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3. Easy to install

It is quite easy to embed Disqus in your website or blog. All that you have to do is register your website or blog on Disqus.com. After that, they will send you a zip file that you simply upload to your website.

After that, you should activate the plugin and give your website’s community a name on Disqus. Voila! You have successfully embedded Disqus in your website. There are various templates to choose from for this chat platform.

If you want one that matches the colors you have used in your website, simply get in touch with the Disqus customer support team and you will be sorted out promptly.

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4. Comments Ranking Feature


Disqus allows for ranking of responses. Any time a reader uses Disqus to reply to a comment in Disqus, this reply can be voted on by other readers. The higher the number of votes, the higher the rank of the reader.

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5. RSS feeds



You can use Disqus to easily follow the RSS feeds from your comments or the comments made by your friends in social media. This allows you to see what your friends are saying in blogs and sites that have Disqus.

It also allows you to see which websites they are visiting. This is an opportunity that you can use to see various articles, discussions and trending topics on the internet.

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6. Use of widgets


Disqus allows you to install widgets in your websites. The widgets can display various things. Examples of these are comments that have been made recently, the top comment contributors as well as the most popular articles.

You can add one or all of the Disqus widgets to your websites. Moreover, you can determine the theme color of your widgets as well as the ones that you would like shown as default in your website.

7. Simple to use

Simplicity creates elegance. Disqus allows the commenting platform of any website to become effective and very elegant.

Its features make it easy for readers to comment and follow their comments. It also makes it easy for the bloggers and webmasters to manage the information in their websites.

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8. Seamless integration

Disqus can work in a website of any size and any type. It can fit in a blog and also in a news website. You can also export comments from a previous comment platform to Disqus.

Thus, it is versatile. This platform also works in websites that are managed by different types of Content Management Systems (CMS).

Examples of CMS are WordPress and Joomla. Disqus will integrate smoothly into these websites and give you and your readers an enjoyable experience.

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9. Many log-in options


Commentators can log into Disqus from basically any social site in the Internet. They can also log in from various email providers. Commentators can log in from Facebook, Twitter, Google, OpenID and Yahoo too.

As such, readers and commenters are saved the stress of having to open new personal accounts in every blog that they visit. In addition to this, a commenter who has logged in from a social site can share their comment in their personal page.

For example, they can post their comment in Facebook or tweet it in Twitter. This gives it the opportunity to go viral. If it does, your blog or website will also go viral and become very well known all over the world.

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10. Personalization



A commenter who has a Disqus account will have the opportunity to view their avatar and other personal profile details in every comment they make. They can also view their commenting history in their Disqus account.

This is great for tracking one’s activity on the Internet. It also allows for easy cross promotion of blogs and websites. Disqus is the ideal platform to use for comments in

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  4. Disqus whilst being awesome does have a problem inherent with comments systems and I noticed you didn't list it. Getting a person to sign up to Disqus is initially hard and getting comments via Disqus for low-end bloggers is not easy. Comments aren't easily won in the first place so you have to think carefully whether Disqus is your ultimate solution. To be honest, it is another password to remember, which means another barrier.

    • Wonder thoughts Jackson, i really agree with you on this. Like any other system, Disqus is also suffering from some drawbacks as you pointed out. I also have a Disqus account as well as a blog where i host comments on it. I Have Enabled "Guest Posting" enabled. Yet, many people stay away from using it and there are new bloggers who are not very much familiar with this Guest posting feature.

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