USA Top 30 Local Business Listing Sites 2021- List your Business for FREE Digital Marketing

What are the Top USA Local Listing Sites to Submit your Business Online for Free Digital Marketing?

List of Directory Submission Sites in US similar to Google Local Places, Foursquare, Yahoo, Bing,, etc.

Submit your business or services for free on these best local listing sites in the USA. Find here Free Local Advertising Options for US based Small Business Owners and Digital Marketers.


Top 10 local listing sites in USA for Digital Marketing for business and sales. A List of 10 most popular Local Business Directories for USA where you can add your products or business Services free. Foursquare, Yahoo, Bing,, etc. Add a business listing FREE on these local directory submission sites 2021 for USA!


Get USA business listing sites and submit your advertisements or business listings there and see the traffic improving for your site and business services in no time. These are pretty cool business directories for United States for online business and services that are used not only by United States based advertisers and companies but all over the world over.


For ex.-Yelp and FourSquare are great local market place directories to find Local business, products and services around any cities in the United States, yet these sites are available for International locations and they have separate subdomain for every country in the world.


I hope you find the list of these good business listing sites very useful and result oriented for your business and service promotions online on the Internet.

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USA Local Business Listing Sites
Top 10 Best Local Business Listing Directory Sites for USA


Why to Submit your Business to the Local Listing Sites?


Today, in this digital era, Geo targeting has become the first option for most of the business owners. This is done with targeting your potential customers through several means of localized advertising. Even the social media giants, like Facebook and LinkedIn have included the geo targeting option in their paid advertisements after recognizing the major influence of geo marketing.


I have seen that submitting a business or company page to the local directory websites improves local search engine optimization for your business drastically. Along with improving search optimization, these business listings offer great means to advertise a small business for the US online local markets if you subscribe their paid or premium listing options.


If you are an advertising or marketing representative of your company, then you should take this seriously and make it among the first few things to do when you start marketing a business or company.

Most of them are free and instantly approve your submitted business services listings.


Free Local Listing Sites in USA – List of Top 10 Local Business Directories 2021

These sites serve great resources for business marketing in the USA local Online Marketplaces.

These are the local business directories to submit a business free online for the local online marketing. Get USA business listing sites & submit your advertisements or product listings free. In this listing we have included only the most popular biz directory sites for Local advertising and marketing.


#1- Google local places



Google Local Places is one of the top 3 Free Business Listing Sites for the US to submit a ‘service’ free online.

If your customers are looking for you either on Google search, Maps or Google+, you can be sure they will find you as long as you are on Google. Indeed, Google leads the list of Top 10 local directory websites as it is the leading search engines on the Internet.


Google local places Map-based company listings-350x250
Google local places- Get your Business Found Free at Local Searches made on Google Search Engine


It allows you to give your customers accurate information on your businesses as well as creating long lasting relationships with your customers.


Google Places allows you to create and account and provide basic relevant information on your business then submit to Google. Google+ is a social network which has tailor-made listing options for businesses. Similarly, with Google Webmaster Tools, you will be able to get a high ranking on search engines especially if your site contains a top-level domain.



#2 Yelp- Local Online Market Place for Searching any Business or Services in your city


Like most other directories, Yelp allows you to claim your business listing, respond to business reviews, analyze the activities of the visitors to your site and convert traffic into sales.


Yelp local listing site for companies business service providers-350x200
Yelp- The Popular Business Directory for Local Places across the Globe 


It is important to note that Yelp targets different audience from the one that is targeted by search engines, thereby creating a diversification option that is important for the development plans of the business. Yelp also offers advertising options that accentuate business performance.

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#3 Bing Business portal for local marketers



Bing Business portal is a great business listing option for local marketers and companies. As long as you have a hotmail account and you have accepted the Bing Business Portal Offer Guidelines, you can claim your business listing on Bing, complete and verify your profile then submit a business to Bing.


Bing Business portal for local companies businesses marketers-350x200
Bing Business Portal- Add your local company listing Free


They take a while before your business goes live on Bing.If you have filled all the citation and details correctly then it’s very easy to get listed on Bing.

This will open the doors to prosperity, where you will join a large group of businesses which are already flourishing on Bing. Learn here more about  Bing Local Business Listing Site- A step by step guide 

 Top 10 Directory Submission Sites 



#4 Merchant circle- Promote your business-services in Local places


Merchant_Circle_online-listing-usa-site-350x250 One of the Most Popular Listing Site for USA


If you want to promote your business, Merchant Circle will allow you to do so by listing your business and owning a page in its database.

It retrieves business information from the listings on Yellow Pages and allows a business owner to sign up and provide contact information among other business related information.

One can actually add videos, widgets and advertisements. Posting a link to the business is the icing on the cake.


#5 Top Business Listing site


localcom-usa-based-local-listing-directory-350x250 USA based Local Listing Directory


With over 16 million listings currently, is a business directory with a difference. Actually, your business could even be listed without your knowledge, after which you should claim that particular listing, or check whether it is listed correctly. If it does not exist, creating one is a sweet piece of cake.

You are only required to provide basic information about your business, and you are ready to go.


#6 for Multiple Business Listings


If you want to see to it that your customers can find you online, build a profile and list your business with ExpressUpdate.The listing is send to top search engines, libraries and other local directories to ensure that whoever wants to do business with you does not get bogged down in the process as a result of lack of contact information.

In fact, your business information is updated regularly to ensure that it is up to date.


#7 Yext and MapQuest Business Listing Site


Yext and MapQuest work together to allow businesses to claim their listing by providing basic information about their businesses. They offer you a professional business submission services through which they submit your online property to more than 50 Local listings.

This information includes name, address, city, state, Zip code, phone, business owner, email, location and website.

You also need to provide a short description on the business. This is so for those whose businesses are already listed. For those who would like to get listed, the process starts with creating an account and following simple instructions to completion of the sign up process.


#8 for business reviews and recommendations


The fact that this is a new business directory does not prevent it from widespread acceptance and goodwill from the business community. This is so especially for those interested in beauty and health services, Catering business, medical services, auto and pet-related services.


Additionally, if you are looking for business reviews and recommendations, Insider pages provides you with tailor made solutions to this end.


#9 Get Your Business founded Locally in Foursquare


Foursquare for business is an application that connects over 50 million users from various parts of the world.

It allows you to list your business, get connected to your local customers, know what the other businesses are doing and let the entire audience to talk about you.

Actually, one of your customers may have listed you on the site already, whereby you only need to claim your company listing and take control of it.

However, if you are not listed, you can create an account and get ready to connect with the 1/3 of the world’s population that has access to the internet.


#10 Local Business Listings at Yahoo


Yahoo does not lag behind in local advertising. With Yahoo Local, you can make it possible for the populace to know your business address, URL, contacts, working hours and even payment options, to name but a few.


Yahoo Local Maps-Business Listing Service


There is a Basic business Listing Option which is free but with reduced privileges. However, it still serves the purpose of driving traffic to your site. You can even determine whether your listings are up to date, to avoid disseminating misleading information to your customers.


On the hand, there is the paid advertising option on which your business will be listed with more than 50 local business directories, among them Yelp, Bing, WhitePages, MapQuest and Superpages.

How to Advertise your business Free on Yahoo owned Online Web Services

International Business Listing Sites 2021


30 Best of the Business Listing Sites USA for 2021-22:


Top Listing Sites for Local Marketing in USA


If you are looking more resources to list your business online then you should check out the below given websites as well for business marketing in local places of the United States. We have handpicked these sites for simply because of their good online reputation, searchability, and domain authority. Just register free accounts at these sites and list your business free for digital marketing and SEO benefits.
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Read more about Useful Resources for Business Marketing and Online Promotions-


Post free ads. Online advertising and business submission sites to post free classifieds and business services ads for any local place in the United States of America. Best business submission websites for local advertising on the Internet.

Post free ads for USA, India, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia. Free ads and advertisements site!

Post free ads Classifieds list. Want to sell something online? Use these Buy and sell sites list to market and generate leads for your biz in the United States.

Add your business or company listing over various other kinds of sites in the popular categories, like-


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➤ List of B2B Sites in USA


Over to you- Please leave your comments :- your thoughts and ideas about these so we can improve the listing by adding more such sites and don’t forget to subscribe the blog as we will be adding more useful advertising sites for business and companies.

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