Google Webmasters Tools and Website Ranking -A Beginner’s Guide

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A Beginner’s Guide on How to Setup and Use Google Webmaster Tools for Ranking your Website


Google Website Tools, earlier known as ‘Google Webmaster Tools’ (GWT) and recently renamed as ‘Google Search Console’, helps you with website optimization. It helps to monitor your site’s performance in terms of online ranking of various keywords, Indexing, Mobile Responsiveness, AMP, and overall website ranking, etc. And it also helps in identifying any issues like crawling errors, security issues, manual actions, and malware issues.

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Google Webmasters Tools-A beginners guide


Google Search Console: 4 Steps Simple Guide for Beginners on Start Using Google Webmasters Tools


Search console is easily accessible. All you need to have is a Google sign-in account from where you can visit the Search Console. Just go through its guide to make yourself familiar with its various tools and features.

Using Google Search Console, it becomes quite easy to assess your website’s current performance globally. Also, it facilitates your official launch in the website business.


The lower the ranking number, the better it is and becomes a useful tool to determine the traffic on your site. Please note that personal pages as well as blogs are ranked in the same format like those of other websites.



However, you would need to follow the below simple steps:


Step 1 – Sign in to Google Search Console

(you need to have a Google sign-in first)- 

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If you have never used Google Webmasters Tools or you are a first time user then the first step is to signup for the one. It is pretty easy to signup for Webmasters Tools. You must have a Gmail id for signup. When you click this link at here-> (Google Webmasters Signup or signin ) it will ask your Gmail id, simply put your id and password and you are in! It is very simple to signup or login for Google Webmaster Tools.


Step 2 – Add your website-


You would be required to add your website on the Search Console. You can do it either by clicking on ‘Add a Property’ link to your Console page or you can do a right click on the name of your website and click on ‘Add Site’.

Once your site is added, you have to go through the authentication process to verify that you own the site.

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Step 3 –Create Your Dashboard-


Click on the ‘Search Traffic’ tab on the left side hand bar, followed by ‘Search Analytics’ tab. It asks for certain information, hence you can select the options you want to add in your dashboards.

You can select all the four metrics to have a view of your website, i.e. No. of clicks, Impressions, Click Through Rate (CTR) and Position. The function of these metrics is to know the total and average number of clicks on certain keywords and the number of  times your website has been searched. ‘The Click Through Rate’ is clicks divided by impressions in percent.

The higher, the better!


– The second set of radio buttons, asks for what data you want to view like queries and pages. For website ranking, you would need to select ‘Queries’. Queries provides the information about certain keywords for which search results make the users to view your website.


– Select the appropriate filters, in terms of geography, search type, devices etc. Select the country’s name, update the search type as ‘Web’ and leave the devices’ filter as blank since it will give you a holistic rank instead of just focusing on a single medium through which your website has been viewed by the end user.


– Define the date range, you would like to view the ranking for. It’s advisable to select a shorter date range, since it will give you the current and the most updated ranking. The historic data or rank will not really give an accurate current position. It also depends on your purpose of viewing the website rank – whether its short term or long term data that you want to analyze.



Step 4 – Review your Dashboard-


The tool summarizes the outcome data as well as visual format. There are three different visualized analyses shared on the tool which include sitemaps, crawl errors and search analytics. These give you an overview of your site’s health and performance.


On the dashboard page, you can also view its settings to understand the different features like search traffic, google index and the messages. Although the visualization covers all the updates and messages, yet the Console will keep on sending you messages with every update on your site’s performance.


It is indeed quite straightforward to view your website’s ranking through Google Search Console, however, there are a lot of other quick links which you can use to view immediate results:


In case, you would be required to change the website’s address or add owners, if there are multiple websites in your Console, you can do it by using the settings option in the tool.


For change of address, you would need to add the new link (please ensure that you are using this option only if you are replacing your primary website). Once you’ve added the new link, you have permanently transferred the content of old to the newer one. However, do check the verification methods before submitting the change of address request.


On the other hand, you can view the user access levels on the ‘Users and Property Owners’ tab. You add multiple users and can define the level of access. Every user who has been added, would have the access to view all the reports and tools.


The users who have been given full permissions, can use the tool in totality accept adding additional users. There is an option to give restricted access as well, wherein you would have to define the restrictions in terms of reports, also, they can’t submit URLs, sitemaps, etc.


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Advanced Web Ranking


It’s a Google Analytical Tool which was initially a desktop application only but is now accessible through mobile phones as well. It provides advanced options to further track and analyze your website.

Ranking tracking is one of its tools which gives the accurate ranking from more than 50 countries with an option to customize Google’s location and select specific keywords.

You can compare your website’s ranking with other competitive websites by

i.) identifying your competitors,

ii.) comparing all the websites at the same time, and iii.) effective tracking performance over time.


There is an advanced filter which is set up for you to decide upon the frequency of the rank report you would like to view. It could be daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly or on demand. However, it is a paid tool, hence, less popular.

Hope you have got a fair insight on how Google Search Console assists in the website ranking work.


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