Top 8 Marketing Softwares to Generate Leads and Sales for Small Business Promotion

Internet Marketing Software – 8 Best Online Ranking Tools to Elevate your Small Business Growth.


8 Popular Software Platforms & Must have Tools for Internet based Online Marketing for Business Development and Sales.


Online digital marketing is completely incompetent and incomplete without the usage of powerful and efficient marketing tools and software programs. Believe me, this is even more true for small level marketers and expert professional bloggers in today’s age and time.The Tools and software programs as mentioned below not only make your marketing work easier, but effective and powerful too. [ Also Check: Brand Monitoring Tools for Marketers  and Instagram marketing Tools for Marketers ]



8 Popular Software Tools and Programs for Biz Marketing

The Internet marketing software listed here are the most popular tools for business promotion in the web world.
They are used for various types of online work related to marketing and advertising. The tools are highly ranked among expert marketers for business promotion and development.

They are mainly good for SEO, CRM, social media, advertising, MLM, and lead generation. [ See also- Best Online Grammar Checker Tools ]


List of the Most Popular Internet Marketing Software and Tools for Generating Leads and Sales for your Business


1. HubSpot

Hubspot- The Best Software for Internet Marketing


With more than 15000 companies using HubSpot advertising software, there is no doubt that this software meets the needs of online marketers.


There are two platforms:


1. the marketing platform and

2. the sales platform.


On the marketing platform, analytics, blogging, SEO, Social Media, CMS, Lead Management, Landing Pages, Calls-to-Action, email Marketing Automation services are offered. CRM is also offered on the sales platform. Indeed, HubSpot’s marketing platform is one of the best in the market, and there is a free trial to help users understand the nitty-gritty of the platform.

There are three membership levels: Basic, Pro and Enterprise. The prices for each plan are $200, $800 and $2400 per month respectively. Obviously, each plan is better than the one below it.

This means that the software is good for all classes of marketers, from beginners to professionals.

Visit Their Website:  Hubspot-Top Tool for Internet Marketing


2. Marketo



Marketo-Online marketing Software Tool-400x250
Marketo- Engagement Marketing Platform


Marketo’s engagement marketing platform offers marketing automation, consumer engagement marketing, real-time personalization and marketing management among other online marketing services. Marketo is the thought to be the leader in email marketing, inbound marketing, event marketing and optimized Ad Spending among other services. It offers an elaborate online marketing ecosystem that meets the needs of the modern day online marketer.

For the beginners, there is a 4 minute demo and a free trial to ensure that you get into something you understand pretty well.

Through educative eBooks and articles, Marketo unearths various marketing processes in the modern marketing scene.

For instance, the majority of visitors to a site are anonymous. Marketo’s real-time personalization strategy can be used to unmask these visitors.

Visit Their Website: Marketo- engagement marketing platform


3. Exacttarget


Exacttarget-salesforce-software-for targeting customers-400x250
Exacttarget + salesforce software for targeting Potential customers


Customer revolution begins with Exacttarget. This software offers a one-to-one digital marketing platform that encapsulates the newest trends in online marketing. By using a variety of content marketing tools, you have the opportunity to ignite your online marketing strategy and make the most of each customer interaction.

ExactTarget works with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Radian6, Buddy Media, and to form a network of experts in the world of digital marketing. The network powers customer journeys across email, mobile, web, social networks and other touch points.

By so doing, customers from all walks of life are directed to one point, and the result is increased sales volumes and returns on investment. No wonder some of the greatest customers of Exacttarget are world-known organizations like the Bank of America, Nike and Unilever.

You can member yourself with the Standard, Standard+, Premier or Premier+ success plans depending on the features that you are looking for.

Visit their Website:  exacttarget- form a network of experts


4. Marin Software


Marin Software-SEM management web tool-400x250
Marin Software-SEM and SMM Management and Marketing web tool



Marine is very popular software in the field of online marketing especially because of its customized social marketing services. It helps marketers to leverage on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram advertising options to boost their sales and returns. It also supports social ad exchanges such as Mopub and Facebook exchange.

On the Marin display platform, you get display advertising solutions such as intent-powered audience segmentation, Unified cross-channel reporting and Cross-device targeting and conversion tracking.

You are in total control of your own destiny in business. The ability of Marin to transform complexity into opportunities has drawn businesses to it like moths to flames.

Its transparency, comprehensive User Interface and elaborate customer support service are some of the features that make it one of the best providers of cross-channel performance advertising clouds.

Some of its clients such as Symantec, iProspect and eHealth can attest to this.

Visit their Website:  Marin Software- A Powerful Marketing tool for many reasons

5. Raventools


Raventools-SEO-SMM-Web-ranking marketing tool-400x250
Raventools – SEO SMM and Digital Marketing Web Tool


Through Raven, you get to separate what is right from what is wrong in your digital marketing campaign. The reports produced by Raven are the best that you can get from the market. Its tools are robust enough to capture the most striking features such as keyword research, link building and competitive analysis.

Here, marketers get new clients and strengthen their links with the existing ones. Raven reports on your SEO issues, marketing research data, link building campaign and integration with other tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

There are membership plans for Pro level that go for $99 a month and Agency level that go for $249 a month.

There is a free trial version for each plan.

Salient Features:

  • Site Auditor ( uncover on-page SEO issues)
  • Marketing Reports (Website Analytics, Social Media, and PPC Campaign Reports)
  • Data Connectors (access more than 20 data connectors, such as: Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console (GWT) or Webmaster tools, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
  • SEO Tools ( 6 SEO and Reporting Tools)
  • Social Media Reports (take hold of all your social campaigns from a single place)
  • SERP Rank Tracker (check your website rank position, keyword positions)
  • Local SEO Tracking – Track Rank of your website By Zip Code & Device

Visit their Website: Raventools- SEO marketing


6. Vocus (now Cision)


Vocus-now cision-social-media-ranking-software-400x250
PR and Social ranking Software- Vocus + Cision


Media intelligence has its place at Cision. This is the company that understands modern online marketing problems and provides solutions especially in the field of content marketing, social media marketing and communications.

Using powerful marketing tools, Vocus offers comprehensive Public Relations software, Global insights and rich analytics which ensure that marketing is as successful as it can be. It is also on this software that you get Government relations and PAC software.

PR professionals can access vital information that can make their campaigns very successful. All the information you need is provided in one convenient location and therefore you have nothing to worry about.

Visit their Website: Cision for Social media Content marketing


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7. Webceo:



Webceo for SEO and Web Site ranking Tools


Search Engine Optimization is a real problem for most websites. Perhaps that is why Webceo provides SEO software that has been ranked top of the world.

This software enhances the SEO rank of your website, ensuring that all those looking for your site finally land there. Some of the most important features of this software include keyword research tool, keyword suggestions from Google and HitLens, Keyword competition summary, PPC competition and website audit tool.

This is DIY software that allows you to accentuate the SEO ranking of your website, attract a large number of targeted visitors and convert them into buyers. The prices of the products is very reasonable, given the results each product provides.

For instance, HitLens website traffic analysis costs $9.95/month, with additional charges accruing to additional services offered.

Visit their Website:  Webseo- SEO Tool for Web Marketing


8. SEMrush- SEO and Website Ranking Web Tool


SEMrush-The Highest Popular SEO Web based Tool for Marketers SMEs Bloggers and Web masters


The importance of analysis reports, tools and projects in online marketing cannot be overemphasized, and SEMrush is keen to ensure that its services satisfy these needs. SEMrush helps you to learn from your competitors and beat them in the digital marketing scene.

Whether you are on the Pro, Guru or Business membership plans, there are a lot of digital marketing tools that you can take advantage of and reach the next level in your business.

The pro level costs $69.95 per month, the guru level $149.95 and the $549.95.

Visit their Website:  Semrush- An Awesome SEO Tool for Web marketing and ranking

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Over to You!

If you are using a marketing software which is not listed here, then please tell us about it in your comments. All your suggestions and opinions about any software related to marketing, advertising, CRM, SEO are most welcome!

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