Best Ad Posting Software to Blast Ads Automatically over 5000 Classifieds

Best Classified Submitter Software for Auto ad posting to thousands classifieds sites on Daily basis!


Best classified submitter software program and advertising tool that helps you in posting online ads in bulk. “Total Advertising Network” provides Auto poster for bulk ad-posting purpose. You can easily submit your classifieds ads automatically to thousands of good advertising sites everyday and generate leads and sales on auto pilot mode.


Advertising made easy, effective, and result oriented!


Write killer sales pages, ad copies and use this advertising software to post on your behalf. No manual work required. Once setup, you can use it to post thousands classified ads on daily basis. Very cheap and one of the highest selling classified tool for advertisers, marketers, and online businesses to promote products and services over thousands sites at once.


Ad Submission software by “Total Advertising Network”


Blast your ads to more over 5000 classified websites on daily basis.That means post ads automatically over to 5K classifieds websites daily and around 150000 ad posting/ submissions for a month. Selling your products and services can’t be more easy and effective than this if you get to advertise that much on line!!!


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Salient Features of the Ad posting Software:

[ How this Ad Posting software works and what you will get when you sign up for this classified submitter program? ]

Once you’re signed up you will receive accesses to our member area.  You will then easily be able to download all of our software and take advantage of all of our services. You will be given your own login and password so you can return whenever you wish.


You will get lots of other tools and software once you take the membership for this paid auto ad submitter program. And there is no need to buy any extra software once you become a paid member. All of their products and program tools in the member’s area are yours to use with no additional costs or fees.


A Good thing- While using this ad posting software you will not be accused of SPAM. All of the program tools available on their website are SPAM free products. Feel secure you will never be accused of SPAMMING.


Updates to this software are made on a regular basis and completely free to all members. So, you get updated tools and software. Moreover, they are adding new tools time to time for their advertiser members.

Craigslist advertising and marketing tips

This ad blaster tool targets prospects of all ranges and types. No matter what you are selling, your ad will find the proper recipients.


Results- As far as the ad poster is concerned it does its role fantastically and sales and conversion things depend on your particular advertisement. Results will be different depending on the type of business, service, or product you offer, in addition to the content in sales message.

Great support and help–  all emails will be answered in 24 hours.  However, most of the time within the hour.

Try this product- Money back guarantee, if you don’t find it as it says:  

Download “Total Advertising Network’s” auto ad posting software and get other marketing tools FREE!

➤➤➤ Download auto ad poster software from Here!


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CL Ad Blaster : Auto Posts 150+ Ads Daily


CL Ad Blaster: Auto Post 150 Ads on Daily basis

Cladblaster is another great ad posting software for online advertisers and marketers. You can take a 3 Days Free trial to see and test its features. If you are well satisfied with its ad posting efficiency then you can take its premium subscription.


Cladblaster comes in 4 plans:


  1. Basic plan: $99 per month with 3 days free trial
  2. Pro Plan : $199 per month with 3 days free trial.
  3. Platinum Plan: $299 per month with 3 days free trial.
  4. Premium Renewal: $19.99 per month with 3 days free trial.


Visit CladBlaster to use their powerful ad posting software for online advertising automation.


Free Global Classified Ad Submitter

Download auto ad poster software to post classifieds on differently built sites, like OSclass, Craigslist and OL clones, etc.

Visit website for more Auto post ads software and programs based on Windows, Ubuntu, and iOS based systems. Visit the above website to download ad poster software to publish ads on auto pilot mode on various categories (using images and videos). Post more than 500 ads daily through this software.

The above website offers 3-4 types auto ad posters but they all come with limited capabilities. For example, Global Classified Submitter allows free auto posting over this classified site: There is another software which allows posting ads on classified sites that are built with OS Class and it is called OSCLASS Ad SUBMITTER. There is another similar software which allows for Craigslist auto posting.


6 Other online places to get Classified Ad Submitter Software:

Craigslist quick ad poster on Sourceforge

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  1. thanks for sharing this details .you can also visit this classified site

  2. The information you convey really interesting and I think very useful. Thanks

    • I have just updated my classified marketing software and made it available for download for a limited time. after Craigslist eliminated html it is even more important to make high converting ads. These new changes make posting ads using my software faster than an auto poster and keep you from violating Craigslist terms.

  3. No doubt, this is a cool software to submit bulk ads without doing the tedious manual work of visiting every classified site in order to post your ads. The ad posting software is specially good for expert advertisers, marketing professionals, sellers, affiliates who have to post thousands ads to generate massive leads and sales through free ad posting on various types of classifieds and advertising websites.

  4. Total Advertising Network Classified Ads Submission Software is a great tool to post on thousands classifieds websites everyday. It boosts up your advertising campaigns drastically in a very limited time span.Please read our blog for the cool and honest review of Total Advertising Network.

  5. Nice information and good software. Here am giving another link you can download unlimited Seo software's on here

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    Can you add this website to your auto postting software?

    I have 30000 visitors per month curently

    You can verify this from

  8. There are many classified ad posting software on the Internet, but you should choose what suits best for your business ad posting requirements. But, make sure the poster is good in submission to several types of classifieds and has in-built customization capabilities.I have been using Cyberfetch Website Submitter for posting classified ads on more than 3000 classified sites daily. I wanted to review their services as i am a happy customer of them for the last 2-3 years.

  9. Bulk ads, without getting accused of spamming, and not manually done — that is what we need! This tool seems easy to use, I can see that they can give out good results. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see what this tool has to offer. Btw, How much is the fee to become a paid member?

  10. guys can any one tell me about a software which can post ads on just automatically??

  11. Wow, that works pretty good. Can we keep adding more places to submit to please.

  12. Classified ad posting is very nice for internet seller and marketer for making money. thanks for sharing.

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  18. I've never tried this software but this seems to be working fine, I would still prefer doing it manual adposting, yes it will require time but that's worth to invest. thanks for sharing

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  20. Classified submitter software is the easy way for people who are having internet business. please check this for submitting ads within seconds

  21. this software not danger??? because can make a website de index at google .

  22. Jom Classifieds is a best open source classified software which has responsive templates along with vast features!!!

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  24. good software. i want to use this software. i think this software is also working great.

  25. SEO Company Kerala

    Does it Create duplicate contents in all the classifieds website? How does it work?

    • I think if you post your links along with the same content on hundreds or thousands sites, then, yes, your link will be carrying duplicate content. The advertising sites where you post such content will also face the same problem.

      But, if you don't use a hyperlink then your site won't face any content duplicacy problem.

      So, you should avoid using hyperlinks in your ads. Some software also offer Content Spinning options where you could make your content different for each ad using spin tags. That would be the best thing for everyone.

  26. Thank you very much for sharing this.

    Also ad it free Classified site

  27. I recommend everyone to get Jom Classifields. I'm using it for my client's website..which is one of the best PHP classifieds scripts I have seen.. It is available in Microdata format for better indexing and more advance data on sites. Check it

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