Ways of Online Advertising- 12 Popular Methods for Advertising a Business Online

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Effective Business Advertising : What are All of the Popular Methods of Online Advertising Today in 2021?


Are you searching for more ways to advertise? Don’t you get the desired marketing results from our traditional methods of advertising and marketing?  Don’t you think that it’s time to explore all the possible ways of advertising online to make faster and good number of leads and sales for your business or services?


If your answer is a ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then please read this post to add a new campaign in your advertising project. I would suggest you to not go through this article if your answer is ‘no’ to all the questions listed above 🙂


Well, advertising is an ever changing dynamic field and we have to keep ourselves updated with all the new trends and techniques in the business marketing field.


We were planning to publish an article for those who are anxious to know all the fruitful ways and methods of advertising. And, here we are!


Please don’t hesitate to make a new addition in this list through comments if you know a different way of digital advertising which we have left uncovered here.


12 Different Methods of advertising Online 


How to Advertise your Business Online- Best Free Ways of Business Advertising

Free Online Advertising Options for Business Marketing


Many business entrepreneurs hire professional online advertising service. They can help customers in marketing business goals, identify and achieve business goals. But, Hiring professional online advertising service may seem an expensive marketing plan for some business owners.


How to Advertise your Business Online for Free-560x315
Free ways to Advertise your Business Online


But, professional advertisers are able to implement and follow effective strategy in marketing campaigns for your business. Before taking an action to hire them, it is important to do a little research on the internet about paid and free advertisement options.


Best Ways to Free Online Advertising for Small Businesses in 2021

There are many dedicated sources that offer free marketing-advertising service. Getting free service for online  advertising is the most advantages for cutting business marketing cost. With free online advertising, you only need to make decisions about the advertising methods and move a step forward to design next marketing campaigns. It can help you to build efficient and effective work for product and service marketing.


In fact, there are hundreds or thousands of websites that offer free online advertising. It is always a better option for planning free marketing options rather than going for paid online advertising mediums if you are running a small business. Free advertising has great benefits for every entrepreneur to promote and advertise their business activities without paying any fees.


Some people might say that free online advertising service can’t result in a lot of traffics and visitors at the right kind of target, but there are many dedicated websites that provide and offer free online advertising service with high traffic/visitors. You only need to research some High Authority Free advertising sources on the internet.

It is important to market and advertise any business activities on free online advertising in order to get the right targeted audience. When entrepreneur advertise their business campaign, the campaign should be designed well, attractive and informative.


A properly designed campaign will produce much better results and goals. There are many business competitors in online advertising.


Marketing on social media networks is one of the great ideas to promote and market business activities for free. Visit here fore more Advertising tips for Businesses.



Promote your Business Online using these best free online advertising options –

Promote a Small Business with the help of tips, free resources mentioned on Ads2020 B2B blog for online marketing. post ads, submit in directories, list in local advertising sites, etc. Best tools and websites to promote business services online.

Free online advertising for business. Best options to advertise your business online using classifieds, directories, forums, free press releases, search engines and local advertising sites.



12 Most Popular Ways to Advertise a Business Online:

Don’t stop anywhere! If there are more options and ways for you then you should try them at least for once. There is no harm in trying. You can later drop any method if you don’t see it as a good investment!

I have seen many advertisers who hesitate even to try PPC and Email marketing ! They don’t experiment and explore new alternates for their business success.

We all know how powerful Search engines and social media based marketing is, but have you tried SMS based marketing yet? If not, give it a thought and who knows it could become one of your favorite weapons of advertising !


1. Pay Per Click ads


This is a paid online advertising method that is associated with contextual advertising and search engines. Adverts in form of text, images or links are displayed in Search Engine Results Pages based on the site’s content.


The advertisers only pay for the actual click-throughs. Google AdWords and Bing Ads are one of the most popular PPC medium


2. Paid Sponsorships


In this method, the advertiser sponsors a certain site, section of a site or a certain web page so that only his or her adverts may be displayed on these areas for a specified period. This method is good for branding purposes or when introducing a new product or service.


One of its advantages is that visitors to the site will only see adverts from the sponsor of the site and therefore there are no distractions. It is stable and its message is likely to stick to the minds of the visitors.


3. Banner advertising


Banner ad is the most prominent form of online display advertising. Banners ads are normally graphical advertisements that are usually displayed within a page, especially at the top or bottom of the site. They could also feature video, audio or even animations.

Other interactive elements can also be used to ensure that it is more effective. They can be placed on general sites like yahoo.com or on targeted sites. Payment can be a flat fee or on Cost Per Impression basis.

➤ Learn more about the best sites that offer banner advertising

➤ Websites for Free banner ad exchanging


4. Display advertising


Other forms of display advertising include native ads, pop-ups and in-line-text ads. Pop-ups are also called interstitials and they normally occur when the visitor is waiting for web pages to load. They could however irritate some users and lead to low click-throughs, but they are popular with some sites.


Remember the popularity and effectiveness of an online advertising method largely depends on the advertiser needs and the nature of the audience. What works with a certain advertiser may not work with the other.


5. Email Advertising


Email marketing is also a popular online advertising method that is used by most online marketers to advertise their businesses. It can be solicited or unsolicited. Though the unsolicited (spam) emailing option is considered unethical, it is still used by many advertisers.


The solicited emailing option entails creating email lists from various sources and sending promotional emails to the contacts. It is a very cheap method and various email advertising platforms are available for advertisers to choose from. Here are the top 5 email marketing platforms for business advertising


6. Social Media Advertising


Social networking sites have really changed the way we communicate with our friends and relatives as well as revolutionizing advertising campaigns. Businesses can open social network accounts where fans can share their experiences with others.


On these accounts, the advertiser can post ads and other promotional messages and encourage the fans to share the messages with their friends and relatives.


Facebook is one of the best places to advertise your business and ensure that people all over the world know about it. Other social networking sites for social media ads include, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, to name but a few.



7. SMS based Advertising


Though not very common, SMS on steroids are very popular with the online advertisers who know how they function.


These microblogs allow the followers or fans of the advertisers profile to be updated on the latest information about the business. The integration with the mobile phone technology is a step in the right direction as people can get SMS alerts on their mobile phones.


With the lion’s share of the world population having access to internet-enabled mobile phones, one can reach a large number of people through this method.


The fact that it allows direct communication adds color to the already good package.

➤ Find out more on SMS based advertising


8. Search Engine Advertising (Free and Paid)


This is the easiest method of online marketing if used wisely , There are two types of SEM: the free or organic or natural and the paid one. In the free method of SEM, you have to well optimize a website in order to rank it higher in SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). Your website or business may get organic visits through the various search engines. You should add your website url to major search engines.


In this method of getting your advertisement reached to the target audience you need to promote and optimize website content as per the best SEO practices.

For an example, You can submit a business free in Google Local listings and it will start getting calls/visits from the Google Local places whenever people search something relevant in your locality. It is free; probably the only challenge is the competition that is associated with it.

➤  Add your business free in Top Business Directories


While in the paid method of SEM, you have to spend money to get traffic or visitors from search engines by using the sponsored ads in the related SERP’s.

In this way the URL or contact number is being advertised to the search engines.

The number of websites in the world increases by the minute, and with each one of them being indexed by search engines, it is difficult to get the cutting edge over and above the other sites.

  8 Tips for getting success with Search Engine Marketing


9. Affiliate Advertising


This is a very old and popular advertising method that allows both the advertiser and the affiliate to benefit. The advertiser allows the affiliate to advertise on his or her behalf and the affiliate gets paid in return.


A special tracking code is used to identify the sites which visitors come from so that the affiliate in question can be compensated accordingly. It is also possible to track the visitors who actually sign up for newsletters or buys things from the site.

There are many advertising models that are followed while advertising with the help of SEM or affiliate marketing. Get here the list of most popular terms being used in paid advertising

Top Ad Networks for Affiliate Advertising


10. Online classifieds advertising


It is also possible to submit your business to the various classifieds advertising sites that are available depending on the nature of the business.


You might also like to know- > Why you should use classifieds for business promotion?

Yellow pages is one of the most popular classifieds advertising sites that lists businesses and makes it easy for people looking for any information on these businesses to get them easily.


Craigslist, OLX and eBay are other classifieds advertising sites that you can use to advertise whatever you want the populace to know.


With some classifieds sites, you just need to claim your listing because it already exists, having been posted by a client or a customer.


11. Article/Content advertising


You can write articles on your business and submit them to various article submission sites.


Those who will visit these sites will get a chance to read the articles and get a sneak peak of what you are trying to advertise.

You can also post these articles on blogs either on your website or on other websites. These are the best websites for content marketing.


12. Other Methods of Advertising


Online advertising is dynamic. It changes every day. What was relevant yesterday is not necessarily relevant today. It is safe to state that there is ‘no better’ advertising method than the other, and that the list of online advertising methods grows every day, such that it is always inexhaustible.


Newsgroup advertisements, Signboard advertising, electronic kiosks and chat rooms are other methods of online advertising that are still popular with some advertisers. Online radio advertising was  introduced recently and we are waiting for Online Television advertising.

Forum advertising-  online Forums are also used by expert marketers for advertising. You can find here a list of more than 50 great forums for advertising.

Overall, more effective and popular online advertising methods are expected sooner rather than later.


What are 10 Most Used Free Methods of Online Advertising and Marketing

How to Promote your business Online? Find below 10 Best ways of Free Online advertising and marketing of your Business. Get here tips to get search Engine traffic & Online visibility of your business website. Through these methods you can make free website submission & Internet based marketing.


10 Free Ways to advertise and Market a Business Online with advertising & Internet marketing.

How to Promote your business website on the Internet? 10 Best ways to get free search Engine traffic & Online visibility of your business website. Free Website submission & Internet Marketing methods to Grow your website or blog on the Internet.

How to Promote a Business with Online Advertising and Marketing?


TOP 10 METHODS OF-Free Advertising-marketing-730x300


Two major methods to advertise online- More than 80% of the people who make online queries use Google Searches. So, to get your business or company to be found by your potential customers, you will have to take the Google route.


Well, you could get your business in Google Searches easily with these two methods-


#1 Organic Google searches.
#2 Paid Google Searches (via PPC).


Mostly, the traffic growing methods mentioned here use Ways of “website submission” “SEO”, and “Internet marketing”.



Top 10 Free Ways of Online Advertising and Marketing 


10 Best methods to drive traffic to your business or company website through website submission, referral & Google search traffic.


#1. Online Ad Posting (Classified Advertising )


Post free online ads on classifieds websites and get free referral traffic directly to your website. This is the very basic method to promote or advertise a business online now-a-days. In this method your business website may not get links from all of the sites you put your ads on. But, there are several good advertising sites that accept links whenever applicable.


#2- Add your Business Listing


Submit your business to free business submission directories in order to rank in local searches. (directory submission). This is the second most common and popular ways to increase online reputation and visibility score of your biz portal.


#3- Search Engine Submission (SEM)


Adding your website to search engines is the crucial step in search engine marketing. It tells most of the major search engines about your content and that is when various search engines include your website in their indexing to show that in search result pages for the queries related to your site.

So, dont forget to submit your website to all the major search engines. It is a free process and takes no time.  Add your website url to best search engines in order to include your website in various major search engines on the Internet (search engine submission).


#4- Online Forum Marketing:


Use forum posting to drive referral traffic back to your content. Use your website in your forum-signatures. Find here a list of 50 Best Business Forums (forum advertising).



#5. Submit Business Press Release:


Submit press release articles about your business or company to Free Press Release (FPR) websites (website submission). You get free traffic, and high quality backlinks to your website. To do so, get here a list of the most popular FPR sites on the Internet by clicking the below given link.

➤ Press release Sites



#6- Make Use of eMail Marketing


email marketing plays a pivotal role in a business or website promotion. No need to talk about how important or crucial email marketing is for getting dedicated leads and sales. If you are new to it, learn it from a step by step guide on email marketing.

Use email signature in every email ids that you created for your business, website or company. (part of email marketing).


#7- Design Fan Pages on Major Social Media Platforms


Create social media fan page accounts of your business on at least 10 best of social networking websites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Myspace, etc. (part of social media marketing).


This way you generate high social signals for your content and this again helps in search engine rankings too. Search engines rely heavily on the social presence of any content.


#8- Content Marketing


Make full use of content based marketing for your website or business in order to drive traffic and leads.


Distribute free content via blogging- Create a brand new blog to promote your company or business and start deliver useful content. This is a great tool for inbound content marketing.


Build a list of email subscriber through your business blog and send them occasional emails promoting your new services or products.(Internet marketing). This article will help you to building a robust mailing list of subscribers


#9- Article Submission:

Submit or publish articles relevant to your business services on article directory sites (and always include the url of your business/ company website or blog). Submit your business over 100 International Directory Listing Free Sites.
article marketing:Article submission is a great way to provide a website the much needed stability and Integrity along with online reputation. By submitting quality articles with a few backlinks pointing to your own site, you can easily improve search engine traffic and Google Page Rank (PR) of your business website. Find here a list of Instant Approval Article Directories.


#10- Promote your Content over Document Submission Sites


Create some useful documents, brochures for your business and share them free on these 30 best document sharing websites. They are caller document or PDF uploading sites.

This will help your business to get promoted before millions of registered members + guest users on these popular media sharing sites.(Document submission).

Use similar to these 100 Business ideas for online advertising and marketing


Learn more on How to Promote your business Online


If you have a website or separate blog for your business then you have infinite opportunities to get leads for your services via it.Though, you can still use lots of means on the Internet to publicize your business without a website. For an example, you can list your business free at Google Places. The latter is one of a free advertising services offered by Google


You can also use paid advertising services offered by hundreds of ad networks on the Internet. You can opt for CPC, CPA, CPM based popular ways to advertise any business on the Internet.


Another successful technique to market any business online is to get registered free on popular online business forums where you can market your services in front of the millions of users.

➤ Top 10 Social Networking Sites for Business




If you include the above mentioned methods and resources in your marketing plan then you can reach a very large target audience where you could find really good leads and sales for it.

If you want to dive dipper in the online advertising and marketing field then i would suggest you to regularly read these outstanding blogs which are mainly based on content marketing.

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