High DA Classified Submission Sites 2020- 150 High DA/PA/PR Classifieds List

List of Classified Sites with High Domain Authority (DA), High Page Authority (PA), and High Page Rank (PR). Top Classified Submission Sites.

High DA (Domain Authority) Classifieds for Free Ad Submission. Sites for posting ads, online promotions and Internet marketing.

After the good response/ success of this post about high PR Ad posting sites, we decided to publish a new compilation of such sites. The classified sites mentioned here are highly visible in various major search engines and so they are good for SEO and content marketing as well.Learn how can you -> Post ads on Google
As you may be already knowing that due to a large manipulation practices followed by webmasters and SEO people regarding Google Page Rank, 2-3 years back, Google decided to dump the Page Rank factor from its evaluation system. Now, there is no Google Page Rank for any url. But, as an alternative, now webmasters and SEO experts go for Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) by Moz to evaluate value of any url or website. So, the new deciding factor for any website similar to Page Rank (PR) is considered to DA by Moz. And, for any url it is PA or Page Authority(PA) by Moz. You can check DA and PA for any website here: DA Checker Tool Online.


Find below links to High DA, PA classified websites on the Internet for any location where you can post free ads that may attract good search engineer traffic. The listing contains names and urls of International ad posting classifieds websites. Post free ads on high authority advertising websites for free digital marketing for beginners. High DA/PA classified sites are always in great demand by SEO experts and Internet marketers as they are also the source of good quality free backlinks. Posting advertisements on them and listing your content on such classifieds is also very helpful in improving search engine traffic to your website.


High DA/PA/PR Classifieds Sites List 600x450
High Domain Authority Classifieds
List of Global Classifieds with Good Page Rank


2020 best classified websites – A good classifieds list for for ad posting online work. Classified sites list of 190 Global advertising sites. Post free ads online on High PR sites.

190 Classifieds List with High Google Page Rank

Classifieds ad posting websites with their Google Page Rank ( all sites on C Class IP Addresses)

List of High PR Classifieds on Ads2020.marketing (Online advertising Blog).

Why these Global classified submission sites are so valuable for Online Marketing?



The classifieds mentioned in this list are very SEO friendly and they are good to generate free relevant backlinks and referral traffic. If you have a website or blog that is related to classifieds, advertising, or marketing, then this list is going to help your website a great degree. These classifieds submission sites are very useful for promoting a product, service, or business on the Internet.


The ad sites are very popular for local digital marketing. Start posting adverts from High Page rank (PR7) to low page rank (PR1). High Page rank classifieds are the ones that have very good visibility among search engines. So, if you submit your ads to them then you can rank yourself easily without paying anything.


High PR Classified Submission Sites List 2020 for Business Leads and Sales


List for Free Online Ad Submission and Marketing all over the World! You may have many times come across the links of the classifieds that never worked or opened. Broken or dead links could be very frustration for someone who often works with classified advertising websites. This happens when the people who post the classifieds advertising list never check them back whether the all links are working finely.


That’s when this list is useful and you can be assured that almost all websites mentioned here are live and working properly. We request you to please post in comments if any site is not live/working.


LAtimes Free Classifieds/  PR8

2. justlanded.com PR 7 Classified Site

expatriates- PR6 Classified Site  PR6

oodle.com PR6 PR6

Craigslist classifieds PR6

5 olx PR5 PR5

6 vivastreet.co.in PR5

7 clickindia.com PR5

8 taaza.com PR5

9 webindia123.com/ PR5

10 saralweb.com PR5

11 http://www.kugli.com PR5

12 http://www.expatads.com PR5

13 http://www.sell.com PR5 PR5

14 tcnext.com to free classified submission 5

15 Qwikad- Free and Paid Classified site

16 http://www.franceinlondon.com PR 4

17  https://www.autotrader.co.uk/ PR4

18 http://www.classifiedslive.com PR4

19 http://www.epage.com PR4

20 https://bangaloreclassic.com/ PR4

21 http://www.ablewise.com 4

22 http://www.eclassifiedsweb.com 4

23 http://www.hindustanlink.com 4

24 https://www.tradekey.com/ 4

25  https://www.bangaloreclassifieds.com/4

26 http://classifiedadsunlimited.com/ 4

27  http://www.kedna.com

28 http://www.addlistsite.com 4

29 http://www.pune.khojle.in 4

30 http://www.tips4india.in 4

Buy Sell classifieds

31 http://www.adpost.com 4


32 http://www.cityad.ws 4

33 http://www.freeadsinindia.in 4

34 http://adpiece.in/classifieds/post-ad 4

Top 10 Classifieds in New zealand

35 http://www.classifiedads.com 4

36 https://www.yalwa.com/ 4

37 http://loot.com 4

38 http://www.myadmonster.com 4

39 http://www.jobhub.com 4

40 http://www.whereincity.com 4

41 http://www.indads.in 4

42 http://worldfreeads.com/ 4

43 https://qwikad.com/ 3

44 http://www.indiacatalog.com 3

45 http://www.ukclassifieds.co.uk 3

46 http://www.ad-mart.co.uk 3

47 http://www.quikr.com 3

48 http://www.annuncitop.com/in/ 3

50 http://www.adsanddeals.com 3

51 http://www.eclassifieds4u.com 3

52 http://www.azindia.com 3

53 http://www.seattleindian.com 3

54 http://www.highlandclassifieds.com 3

55 http://superads.com/ 3

56 http://www.adslist.org/

57 http://www.newads.org 3 5

58 http://www.indiagrid.com 3

59 http://www.88db.com 3

60 http://www.adsglobe.com 3

61 http://www.yatbo.com 3

62 http://www.anunico.in/ 3

63 http://www.freecker.com 3

64 http://www.bokrin.com 3

65 http://www.mixmarket.com/ 3

66 http://www.indialist.com 3

67 http://www.boombastic.org 3

68 http://www.porkypost.com/ 3

69 http://www.ivarta.com 3

70 http://www.buyselleverything.com 3

71 http://www.indiaclassifieds.com 3

72 http://www.classifieds.amlaan.com/ 3

73 http://www.hastogo.com/ 3

74 http://www.abydir.com/ 3

75 http://www.allads.co.in 3

76 http://www.freeclassifiedssites.com/ 2

77 http://www.worldfreeads.com 2

78 http://www.droik.com 2

79 takarat.com publish a new ad 2

80 http://www.post-ad-here.com 2

81 http://www.sitoshop.co.uk 2

82 http://www.emoment.net 2

83 http://www.zikbay.com 2

84 http://www.freelocalads.in/post-ad/ 2

85 http://www.freeonlineads.com/ 2

86 http://www.desishades.com 2

87 http://www.biggestclassifieds.com/ 2

88 http://www.yadsi.in 2

89 http://www.freeadsglobal.com 2

90 http://www.classifieds-market.net 2

91 http://www.hotfreelist.com/ 2

92 http://www.iwantosellnow.com 2

Top 10 Classifieds Apps

93 http://www.tirupur.com 2

94 http://www.klist.com 2

95 http://www.abacin.com 2

96 http://www.salesbuddie.net/ 2

97 http://www.dymm.com 2

98 http://www.benefito.com 2

99 http://www.buyandsell.com 2

100 http://www.webdayads.com 2

101 http://www.freelocalclassifiedads.in 2

102 http://www.bharatpatal.org 2

103 http://www.muamat.com 2

104 http://www.epageindia.com 2

105 http://www.adslink2u.com 2

106 http://www.localindia.in 2

107 http://www.chillyads.com 2

108 http://www.maxi24.in 2

109 http://www.twarak.com 2

110 http://www.q8classifieds.com 2

111 http://www.viewfreeads.com 2

112 http://www.help9.in 2

113 http://www.admanya.com 2

114 http://www.adsglobe.in 2

115 http://india.bestbuyplanet.com/2

116 http://www.bestclassified.in/ 2

117 http://www.advert.in 2

118 http://www.freeads24.com 2

119 http://www.indiaonapage.com 2

120 http://adpress.in/ 2

121 http://www.adsriver.com/ 2

122 Adsnity.com 1

123 http://mumbai.123list.net/ 1

124 http://www.adresourcechannel.com 1

125 http://www.ekshahar.com 1

126 http://www.indialistclassifieds.com 1

127 http://www.adsnclassifieds.com 1

128 http://www.realty.co.in 1

129 http://www.mybandra.com 1

131 http://www.classiopen.in 1

132 http://www.yobaba.com 1

133 http://www.aapkaclassified.com 1

134 http://twicat.com/ 1

135 http://www.meetpark.com 1

136 http://www.a2zads.info/ad/publish 1

137 http://www.indianfreeclassifieds.com/ 1

138 http://www.freeretiredstuff.com 1

139 http://www.calcuttaclassified.com 1

140 http://www.internetlocalclassifieds.com 1

141 http://www.namanas.com 1

142 http://www.aapkiads.com 1

143 http://www.everyonepost.com 1

144 http://www.sticknobills.com 1

145 http://www.classifiedspk.com 1

146 http://themirch.com/

147 http://www.indiad.com 1

148 http://www.indianreunited.net 1

149 http://adsnity.in

http://adsbangalore.com/ 1

150 http://www.adrevu.com/submit.php 1

151 http://www.netads.in/ 1

152 http://www.yello.in 1

153 http://www.metro-ads.co.in 1

154 http://www.postad.in 1

155 http://www.aumsale.com 1

156 http://www.classifieds-zone.com 1

157 http://www.newfreeclassifieds.com 1

158 http://www.Worldstuffer.com 1

159 http://www.albanyindian.com 1

160 http://www.postings.in 1

161 http://www.everythingglobe.com 1

162 http://www.buysellauctiononline.com 1

163 http://www.theadsbook.com 1

164 http://www.mirzaslist.com 1

165 http://www.admag.org 1

166 http://www.dillibazar.com 1

167 http://www.adtrack.in 1

168 http://www.kiclassifieds.in 1

169 http://www.myvigyapan.com 1

170 http://www.citineeds.com 1

171 http://www.myadpost.com 1

172 http://www.classi4u.com 1

173 http://www.qtellfreeclassifiedads.com/ 1

174 http://www.adzonenow.com/ 1

175 http://www.kifaa.com/ 1

176 http://adsadvert.com/publish-a-new-ad.htm1

177 http://www.puneclassic.com 1

178 http://www.freeads13.com/ 1

179 http://classified4free.net/ 1

180 freead1.net post free ad to USA1

181 http://www.u2freeclassifiedads.com/ 1

182 http://www.chalali.in/ 1

183 http://www.classifiedsolution.com/ 1

184 http://www.freeclassifieds2.com/ 1

185 http://www.accessoriesfreeads.com/ 1


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