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5 Basic Ideas of Business Advertising- Beginners Tips for Marketing & Promotion

5 Fundamental and Basic Tips for Promoting and Marketing Online any Types of Small Businesses.

Are you a small business owner? Have you recently started your business? want to use advertising and marketing for your company by your own? Can’t afford big budget spent on promoting and marketing a business? Ads2020 is the right place to get answers to all your business marketing related issues and to offer you constant solutions for that reason.

I am sure you you can promote your Small Business effectively with these 5 basic ideas if you apply them correctly. Online advertising 2020 for Internet Marketing for smaller business owners. Use our Ads2020 blog regularly if you are a new to business or marketing or online advertising.



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Advertising and Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses


When you start a new business, you need to develop a customer base through marketing. Consists of brand marketing, advertising, promotion and public relations. Marketing also sometimes talk about the product, price, promotion and placement.


With good research, you can develop ways of marketing a small business with a reasonable expenditure.


Ideas for Developing & Marketing a Small Business


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Here are some fundamentally basic ideas and instructions that you should follow in the initial phase of your business.


5 Tips for Advertising and Marketing your Small Business:


Ideas for Developing & Marketing a Small Business:


1 . Market research


Make a Market research for your business marketing promotion success-400x300
Market Research is a foremost important part of your business marketing success


Through interviews, questionnaires , surveys and so make a market analysis for your business. Know the demographic group most interested in your product or service.

With market research, you will be able to know what a decent price for the product or service being offered.

Use Twitter to Promote your Business Online

2 .Assign marketing budget

Allocate funds for packaging, advertising, promotion, and publicity. Remember, even the smallest business needs to have the funds for brochures, business cards, and other promotions. 

50 Business Marketing and Promotion ideas

3 . Give your word of mouth


The cheapest way to promote your business is through word of mouth. Tell all your family and friends about your new business and encourage them to tell their friends.


4 . Creating a website for your small business


website for your small business-needs-400x300
Create a Website for your small business needs


If you cannot afford to hire a web designer, ask for help to a friend or family member to help you create a business website. Although the website is only for a small business, make sure free of typos , broken links, or anything that would make it look unprofessional.

Use a reliable web host for your website to be easily seen.Learn how to hack more leads from your biz website

Read these posts on Business blogging to manage and promote your website

5 . Get Familiar with Digital Media

[Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners ]


Get Familiar with media social TV radio newzpaper advertising 400x250
Get Familiar with Popular Media 



Find a way to be interviewed by the newspaper or local broadcasters. Make yourself easily accessible to them. Promote yourself and your business as an expert in your field. Now you have known several alternatives and options of online advertising for small business.


To find out what are the most appropriate online advertising resources for small businesses, stay connected with us and we will keep revealing useful, cheaper, popular, and workable ideas and secrets to promote your business or services using online and offline methods and tools.


Ads2020 for Internet marketing for small business owners, service providers, and sellers-


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3 Ways of Outsourcing your Advertising Work for Small Business Marketing. Tips for Beginners

How to Outsource your Advertising Marketing Work: Digital Marketing Tips for Beginners


If you are not a company or big business house, it’s always wise not to pay a hefty amount to some advertising or marketing company as their charges will be very high. Rather, you could hire a remote freelancer and get the work done. You can even pay someone to do the right things to make free online advertising for your small business. In this way you can cut your advertising cost up to 60%.


We will find out how to get your online advertising work outsourced completely or partially, in order to cut overall cost on advertising.

Why to advertise your small business online?if you have a newly opened business then you must promote it over the Internet as per your budget. You could cut your cost in mainly 3 ways as described in this blog post.


ways of advertising a business-550x400
Ways of advertising a business via Online Marketing and Outsourcing


This is the magic of consulting, outsourcing, and freelancing a business work on a small or big level. This is a very important strategy adopted by many of the online small businesses now-a-days.


You not only save money by cutting a lot of cost to your business, but also end up getting more of the marketing work done for your company.

How to outsource your whole marketing and advertising work to cut the overall marketing costs?



Read below some really practical tips on how to market If you have just started a new small business and don’t know from where to start promoting it to get a good jump start for your business, in terms of leads, inbound calls, and visitors.



How to outsource your marketing Work-730x300

For example, one of our clients ( i am an online business consultant ) took the following steps to insure the Internet marketing and advertising activities for his business by his own with the help of some other professional who knew very well about free online advertising.

The professional advertising expert achieved the marketing goals in only $3K. It took him 30-45 days to accomplish the task involving online advertising for the business.

See also: How to Outsource your Social Media Marketing Work


So, my client had to pay only to these 3 types of professionals:


These are the only ways where you are spending the amount to get the advertising work done.


#1 An online consultant


( you can save on this if you know very well about online advertising concepts and the ways to perform it).

#2 An advertising expert:


Who managed and directed all the activities involving the actual work. ( You can also do this by your own if you can manage all the freelancers and the outsourced work)

#3 The freelance workers:


Who actually did the “free online advertising” work for your business. These freelancers were hired or assigned the work by the advertising expert. You can also do this work by your own and save all the cost. But, are you able to spend that much time, or does your business allow you doing this way?


These are the 3 channels you will be spending your money through, you could cut any channel (s) as per your capacity and business budget.


Now, we will explain more on how to operate your work through the 3 different channels or alternates as explained above. Tips to Hire a Freelancer

3 Ways of Outsourcing your Advertising Work

How to Outsource your marketing work? Know about the 3 main Ways of outsourcing your business marketing in details: Freelancing, Online Consulting, or hiring a Marketing expert.

#A- Hiring an online consultant or marketing consulting strategist (Enterprise level)


You could find the online consultant from your local places or try on the Internet. There are also individuals who provide their services independently as a freelancer. You could find the one for your business and can discuss the things related to your business promotion and how the marketing goals would be achieved.


Or, you can take the services from an Internet marketing agency/ local advertising firm. But this could be quite costly depending upon the scope and reputation of the agency.

But, they will be able to do the following important things for you-

They will Create Internet marketing strategies for your business, in terms of short and long time based goals. But, you should customize the strategies as per your needs. You can instruct them to use only free ways of marketing and advertising your business online.

Here, the end service provider is not charging anything for the promotions made. For an example, ‘ad posting work’ on free classifieds, like OlX, Craigslist, Gumtree, etc. These website owners are not charging anything from anyone using their services.

➤ 10 things to know for creating awesome ad copies

#B- Get services from an advertising and Internet marketing freelance expert (Pro level)

This is a middle path where you have to semi-manage your advertising campaigns and activities by leading a mediator who will be getting your work performed with the help of another small level individual freelancers/ workers.

The actual work will be delivered by the end workers. They will be completing your marketing work as directed by your advertising expert.


So, the whole task is broken down as follows :-


(i) You lead or direct an advertising expert and he will be responsible to deliver the actual work through his choice of freelance workers. BUT you will assign him the main goals and tasks; and

(ii) The intermediate advertising expert will manage your projects and hire and direct the end workers to fulfill your advertising work. He will be managing and navigating the whole work assigned by you.


(iii) The end level workers will be completing your actual work and they get and take directions and instructions from the Intermediate advertising expert who is directly hired by you to finish the online advertising and marketing projects for your small business.


#C- Hire, Manage, and direct the bottom level freelance workforce. (Economic Class )


This is the most economic method for any kind of small business owners. This is suitable for all types of small and very small kind of businesses who have just started their business from scratch.But, this is not suitable for those who don’t know much about the modus operandi of the advertising on the Internet. If you don’t know the proper ways and operations through which advertising is being done on the internet you wont be in a good situation to direct others. And, it is very difficult to get the work done in proper quality unless until you know yourself the basic level of the work.

Though, learning is an option that is always available for you, but you need at least 6-10 months to be able to understand the Internet based advertising and marketing work.

Contact the bottom level freelancers who perform small projects as per your budgets and directions.

Be active on freelancing platforms. Open project work Bids. Assign and manage the freelance tasks.


You could submit your project and hire any number of good freelancers at these of the best freelance websites-

  7. SEO Clerks (for SEO and Internet marketing )
  8. ( for content only)
  9. 10 Best Freelance sites

➤ 10 websites to hire freelance writers

Promote your Business Using these Top 9 Free Ways of Online Marketing:


( you can directly hire Freelancers and assign them promotional work through free methods (except PPC networks) as listed below. You only need to pay the freelancers to complete your task.)

  1. list your business in free and paid local business directories
  2. submit free business classified ads on 1000’s of classified websites
  3. submit your business on the 40-50 popular search engines, likes of Google, Bing, etc.
  4. Submit your business in Local advertising websites for free. 
  5. Create some article blog posts on good number of free article submission sites.
  6. Promote your business free on the Internet forums.
  7. Create some good videos on the popular video sites, like You tube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc.
  8. Take PPC paid advertising from any of the paid ad networks, like AdWords, 7 Search, etc.
  9. Post free ads on thousands of quality classified webs. For this reason, these classifieds without registration requirement would be great time savors!

Related page- When you want to hire online freelancers for your business promotion, you have to post your job advertisements in various popular job employment websites.

Here is the post that you can use to find ->

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And getting your business promoted using the above methods you can create the same visibility ( and much more perhaps) with only 10-20% of the amount you would have spent in Method #A .

Hiring a marketing agency or company to advertise/market your business is the costliest method. Though, you could easily find top marketing agencies anywhere world over!

Business News and Information Websites- Top 10 Business Sites List

Top 10 Most Popular Business Websites on the Internet!

There are plenty of business websites on the internet. But there are only a few ones which are popular and are the bigwig in the market. These are the most visited business websites which are equally liked by common users, business professionals, etc for the news related to the business world.

There are many judging parameters that make them the top choice for any biz news and Information. Read the article fully to know what are the top 10 most popular business websites on the internet and what makes them so.

Top 10 Most Popular Business Websites on the Internet-800x400
Top 10 Most Popular Business Websites on the Internet


List of 10 Award Winning Most Visited Websites for Business News and Updates


So here the business sites list begins:

#1. Yahoo Finance

[ Free Local Business Advertising on Yahoo ]

Yahoo Finance-#1 Business Portal on the Internet

Yahoo Finance is on the top of the list of most popular business websites on the internet. It is one of the most liked websites among internet users. The estimated no. of visitors which visit website in a month is about 75,000,000.

This site is a perfect business website where users get information about finance, stock quotes, international market data, latest news, portfolio management resources, press releases, etc. From June 2017 Yahoo Finance is a part of Oath, which is Verizon’s media division.

Business Advertising and Marketing Resources:



BusinessInsider-com-top-biz-portal-500x250 One of the Best business Portals on the Internet

Business Insider is next in the list of popular business websites. It is one of the most liked websites among the audience. Business Insider is a website which is growing at a fast rate, where users get the latest information about latest financial, Tech, industry, and media news.

The website launched in the year of 2009 and since then it is serving its audience efficiently in the different
parts of the world. The various parts include India, UK, Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Poland, France, China, Japan, Singapore, Netherlands, and Nordics and Malaysia.

Also, the estimated visitors, which visits this website per month defines the popularity of the website. There are approximately 23, 500,000 visitors who visit the website in a month.


Forbes_com-popular-business-news-portal-500x250 A Popular Portal in Business Community


Forbes is next in the row of most popular business websites on the internet. It is the best site which shares information about almost every sector.  These areas include business, lifestyle, investment, entrepreneurship, technology, leadership, and politics.

As the website homepage itself tells “Home Page For The World’s Business Leaders.”  It also allows experts to share their knowledge with their audience through the means of their “contributor model.” Along with that it also helps advertisers to promote their business with their “BrandVoice” program.

Its monthly statistics can quickly evaluate the popularity of the website. The estimated monthly users who
visit the website are 65,000,000.


MSN_com-a-top-portal-for-business-500x250 One of the Most Popular News Portal in business community is next in the list of top business websites on the internet. The site shares the information about every sector which is vital to present date including news, weather, sports, money, entertainment, lifestyle, travel, health and drink, autos, etc. Along with that it also endows users with the internet services and applications for mobile phones and windows.

It was launched in the year of 1995 on August 24 and hence shares the same release date with window 95. The  services for which it provides access are quite useful for its users from a business point of view. These services include Skype, OneNote, Office Online, One Drive, etc.

The website is also quite popular among the audience which is visible in estimated monthly traffic of the site which is around 60,000,000.

#5. CNBC.Com

CNBC.Com- One of the Most Popular Business Portals creates the next one on the list of popular business websites. It is a portal which shares information amid its users related to stock quotes, in-depth programming information, and news bulletins, exclusive online interviews of business leaders & known personalities, original special reports, etc.

It is a website which is serving its users efficiently from past 28 years as it was launched on 17, April 1989.

The evaluation of the eminence of the site can be seen simply by viewing the statistics of the website. The statistics show that the number of visitors who visits the website in a month is around 27,000, 000.


WSJ.Com-a Popular Business News Portal

The wall street journal or is next in the list which is one of the popular business websites on the internet. It shares information related to almost every sector which includes latest stories, videos, photos, detailed study and in detail reporting from the United States and around the world.

It started on 8 July 1889, by Edward Jones, Charles Bergstresser, and Charles Dow. And the online version of it The Wall Street Journal Online launched in 1996.

The website is well-known amid users across the world, and the statistics for the website shows the same. The statistics show that the estimated unique monthly users of website count 42,000,000 which is a huge figure in itself.



ft_com-financial-times-business-news-site-500x250 Financial Times Business News Site or more commonly known as Financial Times is yet another best business website among the popular ones on the internet. The website shares everything which can be considered as vital for a company website. The site shares information about world, companies, markets, opinions, work, and careers, life and arts, etc.

The Financial Times is one of the globe’s top news organizations, renowned globally for its influence, honesty, and correctness. It is a division of Nikkei Inc., which endows a wide variety of information, news bulletin, and services for the worldwide business society.

Also, the valuation of the popularity of the website can be seen just by viewing the figures of the website. The statistics illustrate that many unique visitors who visit the website in a month are around 17,000,000.

#8. Fool.Com

fool-com-biz-news-update-portal-500x250 a biz news update portal or The Motley Fool is yet another popular business website on the internet. It founded in the year of 1993 and since then serving its audience base fascinatingly. The website mainly endows advice on investment, to invest better. It endows advice for better investment employing stock investing and personal finance services.

The website sincerely works on its goal of giving better investment advice along with its sister sites named Motley Fool Funds and Motley Fool Wealth management. Along with that Motley Fool provides its services in different regions of the world and hence making it a global name. The areas where Motley Fool serves its services include USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and Germany.

Along with the facts above the website also shares a good repo regarding traffic or I can say in unique monthly visitors. The unique monthly visitors who visit the websites are around 26,000,000.



Ibtimes_com-500x250 International Business Times

International Business times or popularly known as is also one of the well-known business websites on the internet as its name indicates. It is also known by another name “IBT.” The internet site of international business times launched in the year of 2005, and it is a division of IBT Media.

The website shares the information related to most important issues which are vital for businesses in every aspect. It shares information related to business, economics, technical problems and political issues.The website serves its audience worldwide in four different languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian.

Along with that, the site gains a good amount of traffic every month as the unique monthly visitors of the website counts around 16,000,000.

#10. CNN Money

CNN Money-good-business-news-site-500x250
CNN Money- a Popular Business Site from CNN



CNN money is next in the list of popular business websites of the internet. It is a website which shares information about markets, economy, companies, tech, investing, economy, videos, autos, and India.

The website was launched in the year 2001 and since then it keeps informing and updating its audience with latest updates of every genre.

The website itself tells about its eminence with the number of users visit the website every month. The number of unique visitors which visit the website every month is 58,000,000.

Hope this list of top 10 most popular business websites on the internet will help you in the real sense. If you find it, helpful then don’t forget to subscribe to our posts and to comment on our posts and to share with your family and friends.

Also, if there are any more suggestions you have to add in that case let us make aware in the comment section below, we would love to incorporate that in our list of popular business sites on the internet. We would like to hear from your side.

3 P’s To Profit Maximization: How to Achieve Maximum Profits

How to Grow your Business Big and Maximize the Overall Profits Maximization is the Key


It is the short run and long run process in any business through which it aims to maximize the profits over the time. As an owner, you have to look after as to what kind of strategy must be formed that could help your business in maximizing long-term profits.


As already defined it to be a whole process which includes multitude of factors directly and indirectly affecting it to achieve the maximum output with the given inputs. This remains the sole aim of profit maximization i.e to get the marginal profit equal to the marginal cost.


This achieves the maximum profit target for any product when the marginal revenue is equal to the marginal cost.


Revenue is the money that any company receives from the business it is carrying on like sale of goods or services.

Fixed and variable costs included together as the total running cost of the business.

In this article we are listing down the 3 P’s that are crucial for any business whether small or large, to maximize its profits which are purpose, partners and proactive approach.



3 P's To Profit Maximisation: How to Achieve Maximum Profits-800x400
How to Achieve Maximum Profits with 3 P’s To Profit Maximisation: 
Killer Success Tips for Startups ]



Let us study these 3 P’s in detail in the light of profit maximization:


Every action starts with a purpose in mind. You must know the need, the reason that’s making you do thing. When starting a business, have a clear mindset, clear purpose as to:



> Why did you start your business? > What is your objective behind it? 

> How can your business serve others? 

> Will it have a positive impact on society? ..etc


Everything that forms a part of your business must be purposeful. Be it your business goals, product or service, process & decisions or whatsoever action.  There should exist a purpose behind it all.

Having a clear purpose contributes to financial performance as well as branding. It is believed that companies that prioritize purpose grow faster than those that do not.

Though some people believe that money making is the major purpose of any business but to be honest here, with this purpose no business can thrive. This is the reason why businesses have mission, vision & values.

A purpose driven business model makes the employees see a clear picture as to why business exist and motivates them to work towards the accomplishment of goals maintaining consistency in their work which ultimately leads enhanced performance and higher profits. [ Best forums to Discuss and Advertise your Business ]


2. Proactive Approach


In the business world many unexpected situation arises which you might not have even thought of. When you react in that uncertain situation then maximum chances are that of  delivering less effective results. The reason behind it is that you don’t get time think how to cope with that situation, what will be the consequences of your action.



Proactive Approach

This is where it becomes important to have:

– a proactive approach that works for your business and handle the situation in the best possible manner to get the most effective solution.

Reacting instantly to some uncertain situation can affect something somewhere in a negative way if not done thoughtfully which may in turn affect the productivity and quality that ultimately will end up ruining profits. Therefore, it is necessary to stay proactive in the business and to have reason for every action taken.

Also, you must lay down all the possible outcomes positive & negative that can occur as a result of the action taken or decision made, so that you are ready to deal with any kind of situation.

Proactive companies are more adaptive and keep themselves updated with on going business trends. Proactive approach helps in utilizing resources the best, makes the business ready to face any challenge and keep it alive.

[Best TED Talk every Entrepreneur Must Watch ]

3. Partner


A very unfortunate thing that exist in the businesses is that it fails to realise that before anything else, the partners are humans. In the business world, partners are considered merely as organizations or units. Who is a partner basically? Let us define that first in generic terms.



If you talk in context of any business then there are considered five main partners which are:


> Customers

>  Suppliers

> Investors

> Community 

> and above all, the employees.


To put in simple words, a partner is someone who shares something or associates with the business.


Look out for this while choosing a right co-founder for your Business ]


Good relationships with each of these segment of partners leads to greater profits for the business.

Employees when happy & satisfied will put in their maximum efforts to deliver the best performance.

Positive customer experiences will increase customer loyalty that will bring in higher revenues for the business.

Similar goes for suppliers, good relationship & mutual understanding helps in obtaining products & services at less prices.

Contributing to community be it local or global helps in increasing the awareness of your business/brand amongst people which also increase your chances of earning more revenue as a result of more customers.

Lastly, talking about investors, then the ones who are focused towards long-term growth & profits must be engaged with as these will help in creating the environment of growth & innovation which will eventually take the business higher.


5 Fundamentals of E-Commerce Websites- Success Ideas for Running an Online Storefront

Ecommerce Tips for Beginners on the Things That are Very Important to Run an Ecommerce Website Successfully


Ecommerce Success Ideas for Small Business Owners

Electronic commerce or E-commerce has taken over the business market, and it is to stay for a lot more years. E-commerce is nothing but an online platform that allows business to sell their products and manage their operations.

Amazon and eBay are some of the giant e-commerce enterprises offering online service to their customers and enable them to buy products from the comfort of their home. However, building an e-commerce platform requires a lot of planning and preparations at the backstage. 

Fundamental Elements of an E-Commerce Website

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E-commerce covers both business transaction and consumer transaction, and it is not just limited to buying a product. It includes the e-commerce business plan, and information passed to the customers, services the business offers to its users and after sale support.

So, starting from creating a business plan to after sales support comes under e-commerce.

Below let’s discuss some points that form the brick and mortar of e-commerce.

Focus must be on User experience

User experience is the most important thing that you must focus on an e-commerce business, and everything else is secondary. Imagine you are visiting a store and the staff shows no or least interest in helping you to find a product you are searching.

It is not same with an online business at all. When virtually you sell products, your responsibility to serve your customer’s doubles. Only if you are successful in building that trust and reliably among your user base, the business will flourish.

Web sites that frustrate the users will not earn a stable user base. Work towards creating a good online experience where customers can easily find the details they need so as to check out easily.

Best Plugins to Convert a WP Blog into Ecommerce Site

Add Coupon codes to your website

Coupon codes increase buyer satisfaction, and it tops the search data trend. A good discount makes shopper happy, and it increases your conversion rate. It is the basic nature of customers to look for coupon codes in an e-commerce platform and if they don’t find any, can leave a page.

However, be wise when you chose coupon codes because you can offer coupon codes to everyone or generously. If everyone is getting discounts, there have to be conditions that limit the number of people who receive it. Simply because offering discount coupon codes to everyone implies a major reduction in your profit margin.

Coupon Submission Sites
Coupon Marketing Ideas

Integrate with social media

Social media is getting important in our daily lives every day. The most popular social media platform Facebook alone has more than 1.15 billion active users per month, and that equals plenty of potential customers.

Add built-in integration with the social media to your e-commerce website so that customer can directly get a notification about latest product release and offers. Through shopping facility in Facebook, it is possible to sell directly to customers without the need for another platform.

However, not all people visit social media with the intention of buying something. So, you must primarily focus on building a stable customer base in the social media, selling products must be second.

The use of converting keywords in your social media posts can increase the visibility and reach a larger audience. You can also add a visual element that makes an impact by instantly catching the attention of customers.

Also, focus on providing right content that is useful and share-worthy. Adding social proofs like user reviews that help customers to do a product assessment.

Shipping speed



Most of the shoppers are last minute patrons who order everything only at the 12th hour. Especially when it comes to holiday gifts, there are chances that customers expect fast delivery. Nothing will make them glad than getting the package on or before time. Always focus on minimizing the shipping delays as it will increase your value and professionalism.

The main reason why people abandon online shopping especially on holiday seasons is, because of the fear of getting your delivery late. Choose a professional courier service that is prompt and quick with their delivery services for your e-commerce business.

If shipping speed and delivery are properly taken care of, you will your conversion rates going rocket high.

It is sad to see that most of the businesses don’t include shipping in e-commerce business plan. Unfortunately, most of them dismiss shipping speed as an unimportant category which is fatal. Without a proper shipping strategy, you cannot grow your business to a better level.

Choose the wrong shipping partner is the worst decision you can make. The quality of shipping and its speed level helps your customers determine your service level. High shipping costs are also another major reason for abandonment carts.

Why Free Shipping is Crucial for any Ecommerce Platform
Tips to Choose a Good Domain Name for your Ecommerce Online Store
Top 10 Ecommerce Sites in USA

Images are important


Pictures are important for the online shoppers because that is what they see. People hesitate to buy things online simply because they are not sure whether the images provided on the website are original.

Images are more crucial than you think. Customers will be confused whether to order products or not if images are not clear and seem to be different from the original. You also have to optimize images in your e-commerce website when you upload it. Compressing images are also significant to avoid slow loading.

Slow loading is very disgusting and forces clients to leave the page soon. Uploading a clear image can tremendously power your e-commerce business and make a significant difference in your growth.

We, Humans, are generally have a tendency to analyze a product visually and within no time visual information registers into our brain. It can help e-commerce a lot. A single picture that gives out instant information about the product will help the customers take an immediate decision.



E-commerce is a virtual business platform where millions of people across the globe involve. Each minute people are logging into your e-commerce website and looking for product service or shopping products.

Every individual needs something different, and you have the responsibility to meet the requirements of each user, no matter how small or big it is! You also have to incorporate technology into your business so that customers can benefit from them.

Getting the fundamentals right is the first thing you have to do to build a successful e-commerce business. Good luck on your Journey!

Why Businesses Fail? 5 Major Root Causes

Ever try to come across the reasons, the causes why businesses flop? 


If we look carefully into the records, the statistics, we will find that most of the businesses have failed within a few years of their establishment.


Why? What lead to this failure?


Is it the lack of leadership qualities, poor management, planning or a wrong strategies?


More and more startups and small businesses that face this loss of not being able to survive in the market. Unless and until we know the causes, the sources that lead to the failure of businesses, we can’t work upon finding solutions.


Startup Marketing Ideas


This article will highlight five common, very basic reasons due to which businesses lose its existence. Let us take a look at these:



Why Businesses Fail?



1. Ego & Pride


Along with dedication, commitment & focus, it is humbleness with which great things can be achieved. Although it applied to all but now that we are talking in context of business & entrepreneurs, therefore entrepreneurs must learn to stay humble towards others.

Ego and Pride


They must learn to listen to the opinions, views & advice of others too. They must learn to take seek help from others in times of need. They should understand that it won’t make you small. Giving & extending help is a way of life.

We see that because of too much ego & pride often we ignore great suggestions, ideas, solutions, advices of people which we later realize & regret.

Grow your Business Multifolds with Word of Mouth Marketing Therefore we must understand the importance of taking guidance & help of the experts, the ones who we know are better & experienced in certain area and not just trying hit & miss method out of not willing to take help.


You never know what opportunity or idea you may miss out on. Remember, ego takes you nowhere be it business or personal life.



2. Market Doesn’t Need Your Product & Service


Another root cause of business failure is that the product or service your business wants to offer has no demand in the market or say it is not needed by the people. Before finally diving into any product idea, do proper research as to whether there is potential demand in the market for the product or are you just going to force your offering in the market (which won’t even work anyway).



No Need



Your business cannot survive unless you offer something that satisfies or fulfills any need of the customers, unless the customers see your product as a solution to some kind of their problem.


How to Choose the Right Products to Sell Online?


Useless product or the product which is not required by the people will not let you stay in the market. Eventually you will end up by closing down your business.


3. Poor Cash Flow


The reason we see many entrepreneurs passionate about starting a business because they believe they have idea of the problem that exist in a particular market. There may be some with finance & accounting background (not compulsorily though).


Poor Cash Flow


But maximum entrepreneur are not from the finance background or possess finance & accounts knowledge. Which is a major disadvantage for the business.

”A business tends to go slow & shuts down at the end because they can’t pay their bills (in the words of Bill Carmody). ”

Vendors and creditors think only for their own benefit.

How to Negotiate Better Deals with the Vendors?


A company is able to generate profit or not initially or say at any stage/phase of business, they are least bothered. They take interest and care till they are getting paid timely.

It is not because a of the fact that a business not able to make good amount of profit that it shuts but instead it is due to fact that a business is not able to manage its cashflow.


4. Careless Hiring/Wrong Hiring


No matter how successful a business or a brand is, a few bad hires is all it takes to ruin it completely. When a business hires wrong employees, the productivity gets affected which in turn affects the financial condition of the business & simultaneously its reputation.


The chain is connected to each other. On wrong step and the whole organization gets affected. A lot of cost is involved with hiring a new one like their training, development and more.



Wrong Hiring

A bad employee is like a liability, it will only take from you and won’t give you. Your efforts right from hunting for him to its training & other things are a waste if he’s of no good to the business.

A business can come under a huge cost burden with the wrong hires putting the whole organization in a risky situation.

Hiring the right Freelancer or a Remote Worker

5. Inefficiency Of Operations


Everything being sound and apt yet a business fails. Why? No, nothing to be shocked about. It can happen. It has happened to many. The reason is operational inefficiencies. It is this thing which can trap a business in between & not let it grow.

The cost incurred in the form of rent, labour, machinery, machinery, shipping, delivery etc eats up your profit margin leaving no base for a business to survive on.

Figure out How Automation Can Save your Drowning Business


So, in order to not face such a thing, as an owner/entrepreneur you must reevaluate, negotiate & revive the rates, the rates & terms of contracts with the parties involved therein.


Let not yourself suffer the burden. Make sure you don’t get to earn less than what you set as your profit margin as standard after covering all the the operational & other costs.


Graphics by

10 Low Investment Business Ideas to Yield High Profit

Start Making Profits Immediately with These Low Investment Business Ideas

10 Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit


Everyone wants work freedom and making money at the same time but starting a new business usually involves a whole lot of investment and financial backup to sustain and sail through the competitive market. [ This is just a glimpse of the upcoming e-book with 100+ low investment and passive income ideas. So keep subscribed to our newsletter.]


If you are looking for passive income or a full time low investment business plan you have reached the right place.

Aspiring entrepreneurs look out for cost effective business ideas wherein they are not required to invest much in their business setup or so. Therefore, for these people we have some really cool low investment business ideas which can get them regular income and that too in good figures.


Low Investment Business Ideas -ads2020-to Earn Money-683x1024
Low Investment Business Ideas to Earn Money

Let us throw light on some of these Ideas:

1. Mobile Car Wash Business

This business is trending today. As we know that there’s a huge increase in the number of car owners and as the economy prospers and booms, more people will become car owners and they will need to get their car washed.

We see in our daily life that usually the car owners are busy people who hardly get to time to wash their cars on their own. So this service requirement can be fulfilled by you by taking it as your business idea. The capital requirement for the business depends totally on you. How big or small you want to take it.

You can select a proper location to set up your business & hire employees/ workers to provide the service or you yourself can do so if you don’t have capital to invest by providing car washing service at customer’s own place.

This business of mobile car wash on roads is trending worldwide is getting great acceptance.

14 Ultimate Tips for Marketing your Mobile Apps ]


2. Courier Service


Although this service zone is dominated by DHL, Federal Express (FedEx), United Parcel Service (UPS) etc which are some of the leading ones in this service business yet there is a large room for new entrants to try their hand & fit into the courier industry.


To start here make sure you have reliable transportation which can pick up and deliver packages on regular basis.

If not so, then you yourself can start out with your own car or van. Initially you can manage with car as you will have less clients later as the business grows you can hire truck on rental basis to provide courier service.

10 Best Mobile Based Ad Networks for Paid Marketing ]



3. Window Cleaning


A small amount of investment and there you can get started with this service business of providing window cleaning facility.

This is a service which will be needed on repeated basis. Customers will get back to you over and over again as windows get dirty irrespective of anything.

You don’t need any physical place to set up your business like office or shop. You will be your own boss. Hence, it is one great business idea and you can earn handsome amount out of it.

4. Party Planning


If you have even a bit of experience in party planning then what can get better then going ahead with this line of business. Party planning business is one profitable opportunity that exist today. It could be official parties, couples celebration, family parties, birthdays, anniversaries or others.

5. Food Delivery


Food delivery business is also a great idea to generate regular income from home. You can offer tiffin services to hostels, PGs etc or provide regular food delivery service to households on request.

Best Mobile Apps Building Solution Provider Companies for e-commerce ]

6. Home Tutoring

One of the most respectable work is of teaching. If you are expert in any subject and you have skills to teach others then you can start this home tutoring business by arranging tuition classes at home for the students. Organizing timely batches and make good amount of money & earn respect as well.

Best Tutoring Websites
Home based tutor jobs

7. House/ Office Cleaning


This is another mobile business idea that will help generate great income other than your regular job. You can provide house cleaning service to the local households and offices, i.e within your city, with cleaning equipment from your end. You can make good amount of money from this service.


8. Food & Ice-Cream Truck


People prefer to eat evening snacks, lunches, breakfasts that are not very expensive and which can satisfy their hunger & cravings.


Therefore, Food Truck is one business idea you can go ahead with. It is like setting up kitchen in a truck and doing rounds in the city at the places where you see more & more crowd.

Same goes for Ice-Cream truck business idea. It is like opening the ice-cream Parlor in a truck. This is fun & happening business idea for the ones who wants to join entrepreneurship line.

9. Fashion Boutique

People have become more and more fashion conscious. They are keeping themselves up to date with upcoming fashion trends and this has given the fashion and lifestyle market an upthrust.

Fashion Business Ideas

There can be noticed a huge scope in fashion and lifestyle related products. The demands for such products has swept the market. Many fashion designers and people with interest and affinity towards designing have found their niche within this sector.

Online Fashion Jewellery Shopping Sites



10. Pet Care


Craze for pets have taken over almost all classes of the society. In this fast moving life people find pets their cherished and beloved ones. They are becoming excessively conscious about their pets.

With increase in per capita disposable income they are spending a lot not only on their pets food and health but also glamorizing them with accessories and what not.

Best Sites to advertise your Pet Business


Public Relations Ideas- 5 Beginners Tips to Improve PR for your Business

A lot of work goes into creating successful PR campaign. Making it to news articles, creating blog posts, building relationship and much more. Public relation involves things like public affairs, community relations, public press conferences, media events, internal communications but it also involves a lot of non-public activity as well.

It is all about building relationships to advance, promote, and benefit the reputation of you yourself, your department/company/brand. If you talk about defining what a good PR is then it is the one that tells a good story. The better the story the better you get accepted by the public and hence better public relations.

To make it more clear, here’s listing a few tips that will help you turn your PR into great success.


Public Relations Ideas to Improve PR for your Business-427x640
Ideas to gain more value from your PR Campaigns


5 Public Relation Beginners Tips for Small Business Owners


Tips to Make your PR Campaign More Effective by Putting A Little Extra Effort on the Marketing.

When you plan the PR strategy you have an immense opportunity to extract the maximum results from the same. By controlling the PR you can easily get instant hype and required visibility and mileage. Let’s discover some quick tips to get the most from your PR Campaign.

Let us a take a look at these-


1. Improve SEO Value for more Coverage


Once you have published your press release, it starts gaining momentum. As a result, it starts getting picked by different media outlets. You need to make sure that no media coverage is missed out. To ensure this, it is suggested to check out Google News and Fresh Web Explorer.

This will help you track how good your campaign is performing. Once you are tracking your press release performance, you can use variety of keywords for the same. Fresh web explorer and google news will help you track number of web mentions.

On tracking this information, you need to see what more you can do to optimize your SEO. Check what links are missing which if was there would have done great and try to add these for more wide coverage around the web.

➤ Best sites to Publish Press Release Articles about your Business



2. Presence in Social Media Channels


Media outlets covering your press release must be asked to share your article on social media.

It is very obvious to know that top publications have impressive social media presence and great amount of following.

Today, if you not making use of social media space than you are missing out on a lot of audience which otherwise you won’t be able to reach.

So make sure as your article/blog goes live on web, you request your contact to asking social media manager to share it on social media.

This will help your campaign go viral.

➤ Why is it Crucial for your Business to Hire a PR Agency?


3. Highlight your Accomplishment through Company Blog


Running a story about your campaign by a reputed publication will no doubt increase your credibility but one thing more that would add to your credibility, your reputation is when you share the success story of your campaign on your website or company blog.

Creating brand awareness is not the sole aim of public relations rather it is also needed that your existing customer must know your worth.

They must be assured that they have trusted the right sources.

Share your PR success story through your company blog where you share your company news. Sharing article highlight your achievements in the area of PR will only boost your image in the eyes of your customers both old/current as well as potential.

➤ How to Choose a Good PR Agency?


4. Facebook Ads


Facebook is a great platform to get your things talk about and so are Facebook ads.

Facebook ads work great for the people working in PR.

There are numerous advantages of sharing your article on company blog and Facebook ads improves this strategy tenfold.

All you need to do is use “boost” on your regular Facebook update.

When you post an article in which top media publication talks about you/your brand and this comes into knowledge of your target audience via Facebook ads, then this leads to a great impression in the the eyes of them and they instill a sense of trust and authority in you.

So try and experiment with Facebook ads as it will build your image even more.

➤ Facebook Ads Targeting: Increase Facebook Advertising Performance


5. Count the Local Journalists In

It is always a matter of pride for the local publication when a business in their area gets national recognition and attention.

Therefore, as a part of PR you must inform your local publications about your accomplishments and make them aware of your story.

To put it in other words, you should turn your national recognition into local coverage.

Moreover, emphasise on local element greatly.

This will help you in benefit more from your PR campaign making it more effective and successful.

➤ Top 10 social networking sites for business


10 Tips to Help You Become a Successful Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Business Success Ideas for Property Agents


Real Estate Business Tips for Beginner Agents


Every Real Estate Agent wants to be successful but only a few are able to make their mark in the competitive real estate industry. It is only you who would need to figure out what it takes to be there. The success in any industry is directly proportional to the amount of efforts you put forth and so does here.


tips to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent-550x400
How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent


Being a successful real estate agent demands perseverance and persistence. Focusing on your clients, both past and present, remaining committed to your goals and being determined for long term learning can help you reach new levels of prosperity.


Let us have a look at the Top Tips that can help you become a Successful Real Estate Agent:


1. Put your Goals in Writing:


Well it may sound funny, but creating your goals in life can help you to be successful in not only real estate but every aspect of life. The reason is, putting your goals on a piece of paper would help you to stick to them, to be more accountable towards them and to strive hard every single day in order to achieve them.

Advertising Sites in India for Real Estate Agents


2. Be An Expert In Your Local Market:



Be An Expert In real estate Market-500x250
Be An Expert In Real Estate Market


A good real estate agent is known by his responsiveness, professional expertise, experience and the way of dealing. Being an Expert in your area refers to gaining all the information regarding the industry and staying on the top of it always.


Proper knowledge of the current market statistics, the market trends, the ins and outs of the local community and competition is what differentiate a successful real estate agent from an unsuccessful one.  The clients feel secure and confident in their decision with an expert real estate agent by their side.


How to Market a Real Estate Business over Facebook


3. Maximise your productivity by using a system:


Maximise your productivity-to be a successful agent-500x250
Maximise your productivity to become a successful real estate agent


To be a successful real estate agent, have proper systems in place. Adopt a systems-based approach where you can very well reduce the amount of time spent on any given task or get some free time to concentrate on important tasks.

This will help you remain more focused and on the top of mind with every new prospect coming your way. Using a system can help automate the entire process and maximize your success.


Best Apps to Increase Productivity


4. Invest in marketing:


Well, the biggest mistake that many of the real estate agents do is that they ignore marketing or underrate its importance. Marketing is perhaps the most important factor to gain success in your profession as a real estate agent. If you don’t have a great marketing budget, start small.

You can even start with things like monthly referral marketing system. Invest in marketing and make a robust start to your venture.


Use these Best software for Marketing
Top Blogs for Content Marketing
Top 10 Tools for Marketing
Online Marketing Ideas


5. Use available free resources:


Today, with the evolution of technology, there are ample of free resources available at your fingertips. Don’t ignore their potential.


Use them and make them an important part of your business regime:


#1. Successful Peers: Watch what your successful peers are doing and how are they doing it. Try learning from them and apply the learning in your real estate agency.


#2. Brokerage: Ask for the various resources your brokerage has and make use of them.


#3. Professional Organizations: Today, there are many organizations regulating the real estate profession. Visit their websites and see what they have to offer. They might offer much more than just your imagination.

Top 10 Real Estate Websites in USA



6. Recognize the Power of Networking:



Networking is good for every business but it becomes all the more important in case of a real estate agent. Don’t just keep yourself contented with the age old list of the service providers that you might have. Keep on looking for ways to exponentially expand your professional network.


Think out of the box and prepare a comprehensive list in order to present your clients with an all resource list. To name a few can be  Restaurant owners, Caterers,  Florists, Wedding planners, Insurance agents, medical practitioner, painters, etc.


Things to research on before joining an MLM Company


7. Know Your Expenses before Becoming a Real Estate Agent:


Acknowledge your expenses before becoming a real estate agent. Opting a career of a real estate agent doesn’t cease the need for food,  shelter, clothing and many other expenses.

Make a rough estimate of your regular expenses and make a plan ensuring that such expenses are paid while they still allow you time and budget for your new business.



8. Choosing a Marketing Niche for Your Real Estate Business:


While this is not the first step to take but it’s important to assess the market and come up with your core niche. Having a specialised knowledge about a particular niche will always help you excel in your field.

10 real estate advertising tips and ideas


9. Continue Learning & Keep yourself Updated with the Industry:


The success of a real estate agent to an extent depends upon how well he is able to educate his clients. Thus, to educate others, it  becomes important to be educated first.

Keep yourself updated on the latest news, trends and issues in the real estate industry. Learning never ends and no knowledge is complete.
Continue to study, practice, and gain experience in your field.

Free Real Estate Advertising


10. Be Patient and Persistent:


Even after making all the possible efforts, having all the plans, systems, technology in place and applying the best of the strategies, you may not see any result for weeks or even months.

 The key is persistence here.


The people who are able to succeed are the ones who don’t give up in times of despair.  It is very difficult to keep persistence when things don’t seem right but that is what is required.


Don’t get feared with failures or rejections. People often get emotional over these tiny setbacks or failures in life Remember, failure doesn’t make you unsuccessful but not trying again after the failure do.

Do you know many times did Thomas Edison fail before inventing the light bulb? Can you believe, he failed 10,000 times before inventing the light bulb?

Keep persistent with your goals and follow up consistently to get more and more deals.


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How to Become a Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur- 7 Business Startup Tips

Entrepreneurship Development Tips and Ideas for Real Estate Business Entrepreneurs. 

Real Estate development Ideas for Property agents and Entrepreneurs.
Why is it that almost every entrepreneur wants to invest in the real estate? The answer is very simple. To make a lot of money. This is a dream that almost each one of us holds. However, not everyone who invests in the real estate ends up being successful.

The main reason for this failure is lack of critical information about this business.

✪ Small Business Building Ideas for entrepreneurs
✪ Startup marketing tips for Entrepreneurs
✪ Email marketing tools for real estate Agents
✪ The Common Mistakes Committed by new Entrepreneurs

Tips to Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur-550x400
Success Tips to Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur of your Choice!


Below is a list of tips on how to become a successful real estate entrepreneur:

1. Look at Plenty of Properties

This is the number one trick if you want to be successful in this business. Don’t be the entrepreneur who just takes the first property that you come across. This is a mistake that many real estate entrepreneurs make. They simply end up buying property because it looks attractive without going an extra mile to see whether there is something better.

Look a plenty of properties before you zero in on any ones


You have to be willing to push yourself to the limit and look at what is really out there. Never make your business decisions based on your personal preferences. You will not be the one living there. It is your client. The best thing is thus exposing yourself to a wide range of options that are out there.

You can then narrow these options down depending on your business goal and criteria.

✪ The 5 Most Useful Ideas for real estate Entrepreneurs
✪ Top 10 Real estate websites in USA

2. Do a Comprehensive Financial Analysis.

Don’t run away from the reality. The best way to do this is by determining the alternative that makes a more financial sense. This will prevent you from buying property on terms that go against your financial analysis. You should be aware that there are sellers out there that will always try to over-estimate property value through use of pro forma data.

Do a Comprehensive Financial Analysis-300x200
Doing a Comprehensive Financial Analysis Plays a crucial Role

These pro formas are not always correct. You should thus have the real numbers on your mind before closing. The best way to come up with the real figures is by looking at the previous year’s maintenance records, tax returns and tax bills.

This information will give you clear information on actual expenses and income. Ensure you remain fully updated on figures such as cash flow, net income, cap rate and total ROI. If you have a clear understanding of these figures you will have sufficient information of determining whether the property you are investing in suits your financial targets.

✪ Tips to be Successful as an Entrepreneur
✪ Post Free Ads for Real Estate Business

3. Don’t Purchase Property that a Seller isn’t Motivated to Sell.

The only way to get a price that matches with your financial targets is if the one selling you the property is motivated to sell. I know you are wondering how you will determine whether the seller is motivated to sell or not.

“The answer is very simple.”

Just look at his/her asking price. If the property has been in the market for some time e.g. a year and there is no price reduction, it’s very clear that he/she isn’t motivated to sell the property.

However if the property has been in the market for quite some time and he/she has reduced price considerably, he/she is ready to sell the property. The trick comes on how to find motivated sellers.

The best strategy is by attending as many open houses as possible. You can also look for unattractive properties that you can improve then sell out.

✪ 10 Most Trending Ways to Promote a Real Estate Business.

4. Invest on Seminars, Audio Tapes and Books.

Knowledge is power. The more you get informed about what goes on in the real estate sector the more successful you become. You should thus ensure that you learn all the basics.

Buy books, tapes and attend informative seminars that will enlighten you. You should get informed before you venture in the business.

✪ Find out what are the Top Real Estate Websites in India

5. Come up with Financial Goals.

Before you purchase your first property, know what return you expect. You can determine your financial goals by looking at the time versus money concept.

If you have more money, you need more time to achieve your financial goals. The more time that you have, the less money you need to achieve your financial goals.

✪ Tips for Promoting a Real Business over Facebook

6. Don’t Wait for a Perfect Time to Invest.

Most real estate investors waste a lot of time waiting for a better deal to come your way. This might make you miss a lot of great deals.

A perfect deal rarely exist. Your first deal might feel difficult but it is worth taking.

✪ Free online apartment advertising Websites

7. Understand your Market

This might sound very simple and obvious but it plays a big role in your success. Know basic things such as job prospects and what the area relies on economically. Weather factors are also critical since different clients have different tastes.

The more you understand your market the faster you will be able to spot potential clients.

✪ 10 Best Real Estate Forums in India