Top 7 Social Media Sites for Job Seekers and Employers in 2022

Top Social Media Recruiting Sites for Searching Jobs and Making Hiring: Social Platforms for Posting Jobs, Online Recruitment for Employment Vacancies


Social Media Job Posting Sites for Online Hiring and Recruitment for Employers and Job Seekers.

Best Social Networking Sites for Employers where they can post free jobs for Hiring and Online Recruitment.

Social Media sites nowadays have become a synonym of finding almost anything. We not only do interact with our family and friends on social media platforms but we also do or can do other activities on these social media platforms, such as promoting our business, generate leads, create a poll to know opinions that matter you, hire and recruit suitable candidates by posting jobs and a lot more.

And one of among these activities is finding the best employees with the help of these social networking sites. There are many social media job search engines that are very popular among users all over the World, for ex- LinkedIn. Almost, every working class people have at least heard about it if they have not used it. They are great specially for work from home jobs, entrepreneurship development, self employment, remote work, content writing, designing, online jobs, and freelance work.


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Some Popular Social Media Sites for Employers


So, if you want to recruit candidates for your firm or company then don’t forget to include these sites into your list of Job posting sites. I am sure, you already know well about some of the most popular social media where posting jobs is free for anyone.

Thus, if you also want to know about these top social media sites for employers then read this post till the end.


The list begins Here:-


Top 7 Social Media for Searching Jobs and Recruitment


Today, Social Media is popular everywhere for everything that we can see on the Internet. So, career, employment, jobs, and recruitment sector is also cashing on the increasing use and presence of social media platforms. That’s why the number of social recruiting sites is growing rapidly. Similar to e-commerce sector which has utilized social media hugely, job and recruitment industry is also relying on social networking sites for generating leads for the hiring needs for their business.

For many, recruiting and searching jobs on social media is a favorable task. The reason is simple: they are already familiar with the platform and no need to learn and understand new things.

Posting a job is quite easier for employers and recruiters as they are already spending a good time on such sites. For an example, today, every noticeable company is listed on LinkedIn and their employees and other staff is already connected on LinkedIn, so it becomes quite easier hiring from there.


So, find out what are the 7 Best Social Media Job Posting Sites for Employers:


#1. LinkedIn: Number One Social Media Platform for Posting Jobs and Searching Employment



LinkedIn-social media professional-job-network for employers-400x400
LinkedIn- The Number One Social Media Platform for Professionals


LinkedIn is one of the best professional networks for the better business connectivity and establishment. Here you are not only able to make the business connection will also be able to find best employees for your organization with the help of Linkedin’s Job placement option.


Another better option you can go for is to go for small business employer brand account where you can attract top talent job seekers and make them show why your business is unique to work with. Along with that, you can also become a part of LinkedIn groups which match your criteria’s and help in finding the best employees. Apart from that with the aid of personal LinkedIn messaging option you can get perfect employees for your organization.

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#2. Glassdoor: Job Searching Social Media Platform



Glassdoor-social media site for employment-400x400
Glassdoor- A Great Social Media Site for Employers, Employment, and Employees


Glassdoor is also one of the known names in the business industry where you can find employees for your company. You can simply do it by creating an employer account on the Glassdoor website by following this link by doing so you will be able to find right employees at the right
time and place.

Along with that, you will also be able to influence highly qualified candidates or hob seekers to work for your company.

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#3. Mogul


Mogul-social network site for professionals-400x400
Mogul- Social Network for Professional Women


Mogul is one of the best social websites where employers can find talented women employees to work for their business. The website has already served around 18,000,000 companies in the search for the best women employees.

Thus all you have to do to get benefited from their services is to create a business profile on their website, or you can also contact them for corporate partnership at

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#4. Facebook:- The Number One Social Media Site is also great for searching Jobs and Careers


facebook-social media job posting site-400x400
Facebook-The very Popular social media job posting site on the Web


Facebook has become a known name in finding almost everything after Google. Yes, you can also find employees on Facebook for your company. If you are thinking how? Then let me answer this. You can do it by posting vacancies on your Facebook Business Page.

Also, you can do create groups to post job vacancies of your organization, can add individuals who relate to your industry to the group created by you.

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#5. Twitter: Post latest Jobs and Hiring in front of your Followers


Twitter is one of the best social media channels with millions of active users. Here you can connect with the various kinds of peoples, organizations, employees and job seekers. Thus, all you have to do to get best employees for your organization with the help of Twitter is to create a professional profile.

And fill it up with all the details about your business like the professional logo of your company, your business location, your business website, business description with a valid and effective username.

For example, if you are a food company then you can go for @foodcareers or something which suits best according to the job opportunity you are going to provide.

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#6. Myspace


Myspace is also among one of the best websites where you not only can share pictures, music videos and simple but also can utilize this platform to hire best employees for your organization. Wondering, How?

So let me answer you this question. You can do it by creating a professional profile of your company just like this company has done. And you will for sure get the best employee for your organization as it is a network where people of different interests meet.

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#7. Google Plus

GooglePlus has been discontinued since the last 2-3 years. We will update here once Google opens another platform for the replacement.

GooglePlus- Place and Promote a job posting free on G+


GooglePlus is one of the best social media sites to stay tuned with different communities, groups, and professionals as well. And hence it is also in the category of the platforms where you can get best employees for your organization.

You need not get connected to the candidates unless you are completely sure about him or her. Also, you don’t have any word limitation so that you can better explain your job requirements and get the best one for any required position in your company.

Thus, on being an organization if you want to hire the best talent then you should consider the above mentioned social sites.


Hope these sites will help you realistic manner to achieve your goals of hiring best employees. Also, don’t forget to share your experiences and views about the sites and with the candidates with us in the comment section given below. And show your love for the post by sharing it over different channels. We would love to hear from your end.

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