Employment in Ireland -10 Most Popular Job Boards for Posting and Searching Jobs Online

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Top Websites for Job Seekers and Recruiters in Ireland for Searching Jobs and Online Recruitment.


Jobs are the requirement for everyone for living a life in a proper manner. And job boards are the helping hands to find a perfect employment and career opportunity. The evolution of employment Job boards has brought a positive change in the job market, how, thereby helping the deserving candidates to get the best jobs.

Thus, if you also want to get benefited from these recruitment portals and are a resident of Ireland, then this list of top 10 most popular job boards in Ireland is for you.

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Top 10 Online Recruitment Board for Recruiters and Employers

List of the highest used Job Portals for employment and Online Jobs searching

If you are an employer or professional from Ireland then you would find the below mentioned online hiring sites very useful and user friendly. All of these sites are built using high end latest web technologies with all the important features and functions that a good and efficient recruitment board must posses.

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#1- RecruitIreland.com

RecruitIreland is amid the best job boards in Ireland and why it shouldn’t be? It proffers vacancies of all fields and genres like accounting, banking, marketing, engineering, hotel management, designing, advertising, SEO, development, construction and so on. Thus, with many online vacancies categories available on the portal, you can choose the one in which you want to make your career.

Along with that RecruitIreland also helps students and employees with their services of best CV templates, interview advice, and career guidance. Also with their career centre section, you can get access to useful articles and blogs which will help you to prepare better for the interviews.

Thus RecruitIreland is the best as it not only provide facilities to candidates, also provides many services to recruiters as well, like viewing, addition, deletion, and editing of openings.

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#2- Jobs.ie

Jobs.ie is also among one of the most popular recruitment boards in Ireland. Here at this board you can find employment as per your convenience which simply means by sector, by location, etc. and with the help of advanced search you can also filter companies and agencies for which you want to work for.

It is the best platform for both candidates and employment provider. It is because of the services it provides for both candidates and recruiters, for instance, recruiters can advertise a vacancy, advertise a course, etc. and even for knowing more accurate about their mentioned services can check the client testimonials for their experience.

At the same time candidates can find a course, can take part in career talk to get CV tips, interview tips, job grapevine, training, how to and salary guides.

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3- Indeed.ie

Indeed.ie is known for providing best services to candidates and recruiters to find a great employment opportunity and to find high caliber candidates respectively and therefore also known as the best employment search engine of Ireland.

For joining the portal you just have to sign up on the portal, the portal has signups for both employees and employers. With this platform, you can get recruitment vacancies of all kind which includes, Full time/ part-time work, freelance content writing, online work from home, fresher professions, etc.


As an employer you can register your company profile and enjoy their free job listing services. You can get resumes of the interested candidates directly into your mail box. They also offer paid or premium subscription as well for recruiters where you can advertise your hiring very rapidly compared to the free plan.


#4- IrishJobs.ie

The fourth in the row is IrishJobs.ie. It is also a good platform to hire and get hired for employers and candidates respectively. With IrishJobs.ie employers can log in with their unique and dedicated RMS login (Recruitment Management System).

Also, recruiters can advertise a job of their own on the portal by paying an amount of €950+VAT and can get applications direct into their inbox. And can make their postings live for 28 days. Till date, IrishJobs has served 625 companies and are in the process of helping more.

Along with that for employees, there are many things on the portal, like candidates help guidelines, newsroom option to get the latest news. They just have to do login if they are already a member and if not have to register on the portal to apply and review the companies in which they have worked for, via the means of IrishJobs.

#5- Monster.ie

Monster.ie is also among the best employment portals in Ireland. With Monster a candidate can apply for any type of work profile for which they are looking for. On Monster you can browse employment by location, Company and by category and can get employment in MNCs which includes PayPal, Helix health, and so on, according to their requirements based on position, location, and category.

With Monster.ie employers can post a hiring, Search CVs, and also can advertise their hiring online and at the same time applicants can get top CV tips, interview advice, and salary calculator and apply for the ongoing hiring, etc. Thus if you also want to join the monster network you can register here and if already a member of the network you just have to do login.

#6- PublicJobs.ie


The sixth in the row is PublicJobs.ie. It is categorized as one of the most excellent portals for professions in Ireland. To become a member of the website and to apply for the vacant openings you can register on thereby filling all the details in the registration form.

Along with that users with the help of Advice centre can get advice on different topics like career advice, career information and resources, application advice, test advice, preparation, self-assessment, interview advice and a many more things. And also can information about who we recruit for with their “who we recruit for” section.

#7- CPL.ie

CPL.ie is seventh in the row and is among the best job websites in Ireland. Thus to get access to the portal you has to register on the portal. With CPL professions can apply for the different recruitment vacancies from various sectors which include engineering jobs, Marketing jobs, HR Jobs, Science Jobs, Finance Jobs, etc.

With CPL candidates can get many good permanent offers, salary guide (based on each New Year), temporary working, and career advice, etc. And employers can get services of outsourcing (in order to entrust their non-core business operations) , managed services (for outsourced customer care, back office, IT support services, and fulfillment on a charge a piece event basis), Employer Resources (in which they provide industry reports and whitepapers on how to create the most of your team) etc.

#8- FAS.ie

FAS.ie is one of the most-liked platforms for getting desired professions in Ireland. With FAS users can get employment opportunities under their FAS jobs Ireland option, Training under various training programmes based on different course types.

Thus, if you want to get prepared to get good jobs, then FAS is the option for you to go for.

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#9- BestJobs.ie



BestJobs.ie is also in the category of best employment websites of Ireland. With BestJobs users can search vacancies by location, categories; sectors, etc. and for that job seeker just has to sign-up at the BestJobs.


Also at the portal Employers can Post an unlimited number of employment advertisements for Free and hence can save their time, money & can get qualified professionals with a fast and easy process. And for that Employer just to have to register his company at the portal. Thus, whether you are an employer or candidates, you can join the portal or either can download their BestJobs employment Searching App from Google Play Store, to stay updated all the time.



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#10-  Careerjet.ie


Careerjet.ie is one of the leading online hiring portals in Ireland. With Careerjet you can search & get openings by positions, companies, and locations. To get updates on the recruitment, creating job alerts and posting CVs you can register on the portal.

You can also download Careerjet App from Google Play Store.

Hope this post will help you to get the best jobs in Ireland. Share your views, comments in the comment section given below.

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