Strategies to Improve your Customer Onboarding [ Tips for Sellers ]

Last updated on February 5th, 2019 at 09:22 am

7 Killer Strategies to Boost up your Customer Onboarding and Retain More Customers

For retaining your customers you have to follow certain tips and tricks, formulate strategies that will help and guide you in different stages of business. The first stage, first interaction, first impression sets the tone for your relationship with the customer so make sure that it is impressive and overwhelming.

Failing at which may bring in lot of trouble for you making it difficult to survive in the business. You must work upon improving your service and focus on things that will help you maximize your growth.


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Improve your Customer Onboarding for greater sales and revenue


Customer retention is as important as getting new customers. Many brands fail terribly just because they are on a constant lookout for new customers while fail to deliver or retain old customers. Lets learn the strategies to improve customer retention.

Here in this article you will read about strategies to revamp your customers onboarding:-

1. Individualized Welcome


Be it online or offline, the best way to start a conversation with someone is greeting them. Just like you do for an offline event i-e, having a registration table with people incharge to welcome you by greeting.


Similarly you have to handle things online as well. When the customer sign up/register or login make the process easy for them and do not complicate things. To help them get started you may as well offer them eBooks  or other bonus material.

Give them a very personalized experience and welcome them to your brand by sending a personalized welcome message. Mention the person’s name or company’s name when interacting with them be it through emails or in other form. Greeting would leave a good first impression so do not forget to greet.

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2. Product Demonstration

In general, your customers might know what  the product is meant for but they might not necessarily know about the working of the product. Therefore it is the responsibility of your team to train your customers about how the product works, making every step clear to them.


The best way to demonstrate the product when you are into online business is by creating small video tutorial showing step by step the working of the product.


Highlight functions as well as the benefits of your products because unless you do so, you cannot excite the customers to make a purchase as they may leave out of frustration of not understanding the exact purpose of the product.

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3- Set Goals


Next strategy in line is setting goals. You/Your team must know what goals you customers want to accomplish using your service. You must invest time on this front and ask your customers about it through emails or surveys.

After you get to know the goals that your customers hopes to meet through your product/service, a series of steps can be created and listed logically to help the customers guide in reaching their expected goals/outcome with your product.

Setting milestone and then training customers in the direction of meeting their goals is the strategy you must follow.

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4. Good Customer Service


A friendly, knowledgeable and regular customer support will benefit you always. Customers will always have a query when using a product as might get stuck somewhere in between and they will need an answer.


You cannot leave your customers hanging with the problem they are facing. Your service does not end with the sale of your product/ service rather you have to provide after sales assistance to your customers.


You must ensure that the staff you hire for customer service is friendly, patient, polite and knowledgeable because rude service by customer support will only damage the brands image.


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5. Deliver Value To Customers Through Great Content

Produce content that provides knowledge, guidance to the customers, solve their problems and add value to them. Be realistic and do not fake things up. Mention how your product can be the solution to their problems but do not unnecessarily make your product a solution for every problem.

Earn the trust of your audience by finding what issues they are or may face and how your product can be the saviour for them. Be logical and relevant. Do not just force them to buy.

Lay down the features and benefits that excites them to buy your product. This will help you earn more sales.

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6- Flaunt Your Achievements & Success Stories

Just like your background, past records, achievements speaks for you similarly in a business, its achievements and success stories speaks for it. How to assure customers that your service/product can be trusted?


How to develop confidence in them towards your product? Well, here’s when your success stories serves its purpose. These boost up your brand image in the eyes of prospects and increase the chances of converting them into loyal customers.


7- Regular Follow-Up With Customers



In order to stay in business, you need to retain the customers for long. For this you must look out for the ways to engage your customers regularly through calls, emails, contests and social media.

Sending personalized thank you notes, discounts and gifts to loyal customers, appreciating them, giving recognition on social media etc can do wonders for you. Maintain your loyal customer base in all the aforesaid ways and follow up regularly to retain them.



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