Customer Retention Tips- 8 Ways to Retain your Shoppers Successfully

Retain your Online Shoppers and Lower the Per Customer Acquisition Cost


Online shopping can be more of impersonal experience as we all know but there is always a way out to utilise things in the best way.

Customer retention strategy forms to be an important part for any business and it should never be avoided or taken in light perspective. Remember, customers can make or take your business.

Retaining customers in offline space is easy than retaining them in online world. Reason being your online customer must be sitting miles away, just reading about your brand, checking website etc and you being online retailer have customers from distinct places with different taste/preferences, needs, demands etc.

Establishing a good rapport becomes a difficult task which could have helped you in building trustful, personalized relationship with your customers. But nevertheless, there are few tips you can follow in order to grow your customer base online and retaining them for long term. Here you go!


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e-commerce: Customer Retention


8 Online Business Tips for Customer Retention and Engagement

If there is no proper customer retention plan a business is tend to suffer losses due to increase in per customer acquisition cost.So, To increase profits and get more margins even with low volume some basic tips can prove to be a Savior. Check them out!


1. First Impression

“First impressions are the most lasting!”


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First impressions are very crucial for long lasting customer engagement


As they say first impression is the last impression. Well, indeed it is. First impression usually is unforgettable. Try to woo your customer on the very first interaction. You must be thinking how is it possible in case of online shopping.

Not to worry, you can still do so by some good gestures from your end to your online shopper. For instance; a thank you note would do, an attractive website that speaks of your brand clearly, easy return & exchange policies, fair delivery charges and so on.

All the possible ways of showing customers that they matter and their happiness, satisfaction is priority.

First Impression mostly depends on these 3 things (in priority order):


  • Body language;
  • Voice tone;
  • Spoken words.

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2. Manage Expectations


Try to set customer’s expectations in a way that he/she feels satisfied with what you deliver and also you are under no pressure as to whether you will be able to meet the expectations or not.

Setting realistic expectations by under promising and delivering more than that would leave a customer happy.

Do not tell them your best level of service that you can deliver. Keep it a little low and then surprise them with the best of offering.

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3. Stay Connected


Stay Connected with your Customer for Retention-810x450
Do Stay Connected with your Customer for better Retention Rate

Make it a point to stay connected with your customers. Don’t let your image fade away in your customers memory.


Best Ways to Stay Connected?


This largely depends on the type and scope of your business.

For some businesses it is advisable to meet with their customers personally in a certain gap.
For some, making purposeful calls over a period of time is apt.

Keeping in touch via way of email marketing is the best here for the most of the businesses that run online. It is one of the most effective marketing channels.

Few things that need to be kept in mind before shooting emails to the shoppers include;


  • The limit and frequency;
  • The tone of the message;
  • Subject line;
  • No spamming.


You can also utilize various tools that are available like Mailchimp that lets you track whether the recipient has opened the mail or not and other such tools.

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4. Be a Good Advisor


A good and trusted advisor paves way for customer loyalty in return. Make sure you are always ready to help by giving suggestions and advice whenever the customer needs.

Moreover it happens in case of technology products that customers wants you to assist him/ her. Be active and give the advice that is in the best interest of your customer.

This will help in building strong & healthy relationship between you and your customers.

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5. Online Personalized Experience


Personalization is the key to long term retention of customers. In offline cases it is easy.

Your favourite cosmetics shop retailer knowing you by name, know what brands you often love to buy, know your taste & preferences etc but same is not the case in online shopping but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to make the shopping experience a personalized one for your customers.

To a certain extent it is indeed possible. You can always maintain a level of personalization by way of using customer’s first name while communicating.

This will make them feel like buying from you over and over again.

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6. Be Transparent


Some people are skeptical of online shopping This is so because they are more habitual of clarity in terms of shopping & product and the best space they found for the same is purchasing from stores and retailers directly, talking and clarifying stuff on one to one basis.

They feel they may get misled or cheated by retailers online who they hardly know. So, to vanish out this thinking from people’s mind, you need to be open to your customers. Allow customers to give feedbacks, write their issues and concerns with regards to the product or service, delivery or returns, communicate their requirements etc.

Let your customer express and be fair and transparent to them. Do not ever give vague information regarding anything.

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7. Establish Long Lasting Trust


Establishing Trust is very important for Retaining your customers


It takes a lot to build a long lasting trust with your customers.

Take complete interest in your clients and what they have to ask or say as well your business. Trust once built cannot be shaken easily unless you change.

  • Stay true to your customers;
  • Show interest in them;
  • Get their feedbacks;
  • Solve their queries;
  • Be actively responsive and make them feel important.

This will develop their trust in you and help in building long term relationship with them.

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8. Customer Focused Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)



Customer satisfaction key indicator


The businesses lose their customers when they fail to oblige them, when they fail to provide the required service level and much more.The business must be focused towards its customers and try to find out what is crucial for its success. It should develop customer oriented programs that helps in retaining customers.

Like, customer satisfaction score is an indicator that shows how likely your customers are to buy again from you.


Apart from the above mentioned, there are various other tips that help in retention of online customers which are jotted down below:-


– Standardizing Processes;

– Be Proactive;

– Offer Gifts & Surprises;

– Develop Social Media Connection;

– Discount Offers & Schemes;

– Take Feedbacks.

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