Practical Tips To Keep Your Customers Asking For More.

Get Your Customers Keep Coming Back to you and Asking your More


Many businesses especially the SMEs consider customer service as a burden. They fail to understand the importance of customer service and how it gets them repeated sales which in turn generates more and more revenue for them.

Online reviews and relationship plays a crucial role and are key driver for about or more than 80% of the new customers. Having said that, there is a great need to go out of the way to show more support to the customers.

You must know  who are your loyal customers, who are just merely satisfied and who are new ones. Make sure you bridge the gap between these. The ones who are loyal customers can be your best brand advocates and can get you more customers. So there is a huge need to show extra care & support to your customers.



Tips to Keep your Customers asking for More

Now, this article will throw light on some of the practical tips that will keep your customers begging for more. Let us take a look at these:

1. Avoid Long Waits


No customer would like to wait for long before or during the chat is on. Also until and unless some meaningful action is seen taking, no customer likes to put in any kind of details or information.

Therefore, it is recommended to make the process fast and without any long pauses. Giving unnecessary stress & frustration to customers by making them wait for long will only damage things.

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2. Train & Empower


Different solutions are needed for different situations. The solutions can be provided when there exist authority.

Mere written policies and commands are not enough. Providing training and empowerment is much needed.

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3. Personal Touch


Customers prefer to talk to human being & not a machine or automated response. Although automation is less expensive but it is a waste when customers are not accepting it.

They like to to talk to someone who can understand, relate to their emotions, their values and generate solution accordingly in the best of their interest.

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4. Engage & Connect


Do not think that  just answering the questions is enough. No, it is not. The work does not end there. You must connect with the customers, build relationship with them.

Today, due to social networking, people are more into relationship building & connecting. This is what liked by all. So moreover focus on empathizing, understanding and connecting with your customers through different ways like social media, texting, mails etc.

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5. Show Promptness in Your Actions


Be quick in responding to emails, starting the chat with the customer etc. Show in every possible way by every gesture that their satisfaction is your priority and their urgency is your urgency.

If you fail at this front and delay things than they will switch to your competitors and will give no mentions to you anywhere which will result in loss for your business.

6. Generate Trust, Stay Proactive & Do Not Hesitate To Admit Mistakes


Often it is seen that new prospects are given special offers while the already existing customers pay more for the same service.

This creates a feeling of partiality in the mind of existing customers and leave them thinking that what wrong have they done to receive such partial treatment of paying higher rates as compared to what the  prospects are paying.

This thing can damage your business and get you into losses. Therefore, focus must be given towards winning the trust of customers, giving them due respect by admitting mistakes when wrong and offering fair service so as to enjoy the repeated patronage of these customers.


7. Match Performance Against Competitors


See how your competitors are performing on this front and match your performance against them. Your support team can be asked to sample the support of competitors, not on regular but monthly basis.

As far customer repeat business is concerned, make sure your goal remains to exceed every time against your competitors. This should even be used as the criteria to give rewards and bonuses i-e judging the performance/wins against the competitors.


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