Why Adopt Upselling & Cross Selling Strategies for your e-Commerce Business?

How Upselling and Cross Selling is crucial for your Business?


Products Selling Tips to Upsell on your ecommerce Store and Increase the Average Order Value with Every Single Sale.

Upselling can be the most effective weapon to curb the ever soaring customer acquisition cost for the ecommerce websites. Discover the art and science behind Upselling Strategies.

Before getting into the details let us first understand the concept of Upselling.


What actually is Upselling? 


To put it simple words, Upselling is the practice of encouraging the customers to purchase more than what they want to.

There exist definitions that treat add on sales or bundle sales alike to upselling considering it to be similar practices. But it will be good for more elaborate learning that we look at these as entirely separate strategies.

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e-Commerce Tips for Sellers: Upselling Strategies


What is Upselling- An Introduction


We need to understand how can we add more to our average cart value as a result of our upsales strategies. Let us take a brief look into this concept.

As we know that Upsales are often confused with cross sales, add on sales and bundle sales. Therefore, we must first throw some light on these 3 different practices to derive out & highlight the difference between them.

Cross Selling:


Very firstly talking about Cross Sales, then basically cross selling is when you persuade your customers to buy the related or say complimentary products or services as an additional advantage when they come to purchase any product or service from you. Like pen-drive, speakers or external hard disk when they come to purchase a laptop.

You tell them how these additional complimentary products will support them when using the main product. You tell them its importance for them and encourage them to purchase altogether. 


Add-on Sales Strategies:


Coming on to Add-On-Sales, these are extra services (small) that increases your customer lifetime value. These could be tech-support subscriptions, product training or protection plans, extended warranties etc.

Any act of service that gives your customer any kind of guidance or support from your end.

These services increases your revenue and also get you customers for life.



Bundle Sales Strategies:


Last but not the least Bundle Sales. It is when companies bundle two or more products together to sell as a package at discounted price or relatively cheaper price than otherwise individually it would have charged for every single product.Mc Donalds “Happy Meal” can be the example here.

Sales soar as a result of product bundling. Companies adopt this strategy because it wants to raise the worth of the service or product in the mind of the consumer or to keep it short let us say the perceived value of the product or service.

With this strategy you are able to sell multiple products to more and more customers and the traffic you get is because customer believe that they are paying less for the products as a package.

It is a win-win situation for both the parties. But you must make sure that customers are aware that individual products are also available for sale.

You need to understand certain things before adopting these upselling strategies and get answers to a few questions.

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Why Up-Selling is Effective?


Because people find it hard to take decision when offered with multiple choices. Now when you relate or link the products be it as a package or complementary or emphasize on the importance of the new advanced version of the product or service in a clear cut manner via upselling then they are able to decide quickly.

Giving them too many choices leaves them with making no choice at all which is not good for the business.

Customers want to get value for the amount they pay for the product or service. When in any way, you – by adopting upselling strategies- succeed in convincing and satisfying them, then your sales graph tends to move upwards giving you huge profits.

Find out What Should you Sell Online?

What Products you should be Upselling?

The products that best fit the needs of the customers would be the best answer here. You must understand what kind of products customers usually prefer to buy and what products could best compliment these. Like, CD player with TV would do great and there are lots of other examples that can be quoted here as well.

You must also display what next model is going to come up as an advanced version with more additional features so that your customers can make up their mind to grab it as soon as it comes.

Look out for the ways to read customers mind and attract them accordingly. This is the way you can boost your sales via upselling.


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