5 Fundamentals of E-Commerce Websites- Success Ideas for Running an Online Store

Ecommerce Tips for Beginners on the Things That are Very Important to Run an Ecommerce Website Successfully


Ecommerce Success Ideas for Small Business Owners

Electronic commerce or E-commerce has taken over the business market, and it is to stay for a lot more years. E-commerce is nothing but an online platform that allows business to sell their products and manage their operations.

Amazon and eBay are some of the giant e-commerce enterprises offering online service to their customers and enable them to buy products from the comfort of their home. However, building an e-commerce platform requires a lot of planning and preparations at the backstage.



Fundamental Elements of an E-Commerce Website


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E-commerce covers both business transaction and consumer transaction, and it is not just limited to buying a product. It includes the e-commerce business plan, and information passed to the customers, services the business offers to its users and after sale support. So, starting from creating a business plan to after sales support comes under e-commerce.

Below let’s discuss some points that form the brick and mortar of e-commerce.



Focus Must be on User Experience


User experience is the most important thing that you must focus on an e-commerce business, and everything else is secondary. Imagine you are visiting a store and the staff shows no or least interest in helping you to find a product you are searching.

It is not same with an online business at all. When virtually you sell products, your responsibility to serve your customer’s doubles. Only if you are successful in building that trust and reliably among your user base, the business will flourish.

Websites that frustrate the users will not earn a stable user base. Work towards creating a good online experience where customers can easily find the details they need so as to check out easily.

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Add Coupon Codes to your Website


Coupon codes increase buyer satisfaction, and it tops the search data trend. A good discount makes shopper happy, and it increases your conversion rate. It is the basic nature of customers to look for coupon codes in an e-commerce platform and if they don’t find any, can leave a page. However, be wise when you chose coupon codes because you can offer coupon codes to everyone or generously. If everyone is getting discounts, there have to be conditions that limit the number of people who receive it. Simply because offering discount coupon codes to everyone implies a major reduction in your profit margin.



Integrate your Online Store with Social Media


Social media is getting important in our daily lives every day. The most popular social media platform Facebook alone has more than 1.15 billion active users per month, and that equals plenty of potential customers.

Add built-in integration with the social media to your e-commerce website so that customer can directly get a notification about latest product release and offers. Through shopping facility in Facebook, it is possible to sell directly to customers without the need for another platform. However, not all people visit social media with the intention of buying something. So, you must primarily focus on building a stable customer base in the social media, selling products must be second.

The use of converting keywords in your social media posts can increase the visibility and reach a larger audience. You can also add a visual element that makes an impact by instantly catching the attention of customers.

Also, focus on providing right content that is useful and share-worthy. Adding social proofs like user reviews that help customers to do a product assessment.



Shipping Speed


Most of the shoppers are last minute patrons who order everything only at the 12th hour. Especially when it comes to holiday gifts, there are chances that customers expect fast delivery. Nothing will make them glad than getting the package on or before time. Always focus on minimizing the shipping delays as it will increase your value and professionalism.

The main reason why people abandon online shopping especially on holiday seasons is, because of the fear of getting your delivery late. Choose a professional courier service that is prompt and quick with their delivery services for your e-commerce business.

If shipping speed and delivery are properly taken care of, you will your conversion rates going rocket high.

It is sad to see that most of the businesses don’t include shipping in e-commerce business plan. Unfortunately, most of them dismiss shipping speed as an unimportant category which is fatal. Without a proper shipping strategy, you cannot grow your business to a better level.

Choose the wrong shipping partner is the worst decision you can make. The quality of shipping and its speed level helps your customers determine your service level. High shipping costs are also another major reason for abandonment carts.




Images are Important


Pictures are important for the online shoppers because that is what they see. People hesitate to buy things online simply because they are not sure whether the images provided on the website are original.

Images are more crucial than you think. Customers will be confused whether to order products or not if images are not clear and seem to be different from the original. You also have to optimize images in your e-commerce website when you upload it. Compressing images are also significant to avoid slow loading.


Slow loading is very disgusting and forces clients to leave the page soon. Uploading a clear image can tremendously power your e-commerce business and make a significant difference in your growth. We, Humans, are generally have a tendency to analyze a product visually and within no time visual information registers into our brain. It can help e-commerce a lot. A single picture that gives out instant information about the product will help the customers take an immediate decision.




E-commerce is a virtual business platform where millions of people across the globe involve. Each minute people are logging into your e-commerce website and looking for product service or shopping products.

Every individual needs something different, and you have the responsibility to meet the requirements of each user, no matter how small or big it is! You also have to incorporate technology into your business so that customers can benefit from them.

Getting the fundamentals right is the first thing you have to do to build a successful e-commerce business. Good luck on your Journey!

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