E-Commerce Website Advertising Methods -5 Promotional Ways of Marketing an Online Store

5 Advertising Tips to Promote an eCommerce Shopping Site: the Most Successful and Cheaper Ways to Market an Online Store

Online Advertising and Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Sites


If you own an eCommerce site, you’ve probably already found out how difficult it can be to get it to earn money for you. As you know, unless you promote your site to the world, your products will remain on your virtual shelves, and your bank balance will remain static.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways to promote your business or website on the web, meaning your next sale probably isn’t far away. Each of these ways of advertising will naturally come with its own advantages and disadvantages.


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The Most Popular Methods for Advertising an Ecommerce Site


If you’re searching for a method that will generate you good income, our list of Five Different Ways of Advertising an eCommerce Site may just help provide the necessary inspiration.


5 Successful Methods to Advertise any Ecommerce Site or an Online Store


Starting with banner Advertising: Use Banner Ads to widen your reach to the targeted audience


Banner advertising is probably the easiest and quickest mean of advertising an e-commerce site as it gets the results instantly. Banner advertising is simple, easier, and faster! Almost every brand uses banner ads today, more so in their starting or initial phase of promotion. As it is the most effective way to spread words about your business on the Internet web.


You can try using banner ads on different websites related to your niche for promoting your own online store->

10 best websites to be used for banner ads and advertising

If you are going to start with a very small eCommerce site and you think showing other sites banners won’t hurt your brand then you can make free banner advertising by using ” banner Exchanging” method. You can show your banner on other similar shopping sites and in exchange put their banners on your site.

➤ Visit here to find such websites that use free banner exchanging


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1. Paid Advertising: Use Pay-per-click, CPM based Advertising for your Site Effectively


Why to pay for advertising?

I have put this method of advertising for Ecommerce on top of the list. Because this is the most effective, prime, and primary way to get filtered visitors instantly on your portal. It does not matter if you are running a small online store or big ecommerce platform, you will have to investment that much for your online store if you don’t want to push your business into suicidal situation. Some website owners think that it is not necessary to invest money into advertising and they think that they can get free leads using free ways of advertising. Though, they have already used good amount on other set ups of the business but they are not that much willing to put some percentage of the budget into paid advertising.

I agree that you can get traffic to your online store with the help of organic traffic and free ways of digital advertising. But, it takes time and efforts and money too to get organic traffic. But, if you have an online ecommerce business then you cant keep waiting for free traffic. you can’t depend solely on organic traffic.


Where to invest money in paid advertising?


Now we’re into the money section of the article. No, that’s not slang for the valuable part, just a literal reference to these tips costing money. Pay-per-click is one of the most efficient ways of advertising, solely because you’re targeting your products or services to those already somewhat interested.

Only those with some degree of willingness to open their wallets will click on your ads and check out your page. Be warned though, this form of promotion can be expensive if not carried out correctly. I would suggest you some really cool ad networks where you can advertise your products and ecommerce business effectively and get some really good leads and sales in your budget. Visit here to find out the most popular and affordable ad networks for paid advertising for your ecommerce business.

You should also try banner advertising platforms and show the ads about your ecommerce business in front of the right audience. You can choose the sites that are relevant to your products or business and put your banner ads with full control on how much and how long you want to show your ads.


2. Online Forums


These days, there’s a forum for everything. Fishing forums, ballet forums, writing forums, you name it, there’s one that specializes in it. Business Forums are great Ways of Advertising. These business forums give you a chance to meet some targeted customers, if you play your cards right.

By frequenting these forums and by putting your site link into your signature, you have the chance to attract some  new customers.

It’s important to mention though, play by forum rules and try to add something valuable to the discussion. Spam belongs in 1999.

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3. Email Marketing & Email Signatures


You may send hundreds of emails each day. Chances are, at least a few of those are going to people that would be interested in what you’re selling. By putting your site link into your outgoing email signature, you’ll give a very gentle nudge to anybody who receives your email, prompting them to check out your site.

Email signatures aren’t the most prolific of advertising methods, but they can work well if you’re on a budget.

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4. Build a Targeted Email List for your Ecommerce Site


Advertising to clients who have opted into receiving your marketing emails will almost always yield the highest conversion rates. This is because they’re already warm to you, your products or your business. You can build an email list suitable for a business eCommerce website by collecting email addresses in return for money-off vouchers, freebies or news updates.

You can also include previous clients in this category, as they’ve already purchased from you so will be likely to do it again.


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5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Ecommerce Sites


Here’s an easy question: would you bother marketing your site if you could find somebody who would do it for you? Obviously the answer is no. Well that somebody (or something) that can help turn your eCommerce products into cold hard cash is Google.

Making sure you’re on the search engines is one important promotion method. Many will find what they’re looking
for via these engines, so being on them is crucial.

You’ll also want to optimize your site so that you’re seen higher up on the search results. This can be done by creating a well-planned website, as well as proving yourself as an authority in your field by gaining valuable backlinks. This is called SEO way of Free Advertising.



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Your promotion methods will depend mainly on your budget. Paid methods usually bring with them the best results, but they aren’t without risk.

Perhaps the best way of advertising your eCommerce business website is by combining several of the above methods. That way, you’ll have your fingers in several different pies, so to speak, and will increase your odds of driving home those sales.

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