SEO Vs PPC Advertising – Which is Beginners Choice for Marketing’s Best Results

Pay Per Click(PPC) and SEO Techniques for Online Marketing and Advertising: Advantages and Disadvantages 

How to get Best Results for Digital Marketing through SEO and PPC based advertising


Once you involved in the e-commerce business, you need the promotion of the web resource on the Internet. What tools it’s better to choose for this? As a rule, the choice is narrowed to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC (Pay Per Click) promotion.

Let’s start with the definition of these two concepts. SEO-optimization – this magic phrase includes a number of actions aimed at promoting in the search engines and, consequently, the attraction of searching robots to your website.


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Pros and Cons of Online Marketing via PPC and SEO


SEO and PPC Advertising: Beginners Tips to get Best Results for Marketing


In other words, a number of SEO optimization measures includes, for example, such as:


  • Optimization of the internal structure of the website;
  • Correct prescription of meta tags (title, keywords, description);
  • Registration in catalogs;
  • Accreting with the external links;
  • And much more, which is not included in the concept of contextual advertising.


As for the PPC promotion, it is so mysterious sphere that in a simple way it can be defined as the purchase of text ads on other websites. Moreover, this contextual advertising is offered by our favorite search engines.

Now, let’s talk about what is the best – PPC or SEO optimization. Thus, we will analyze several parameters.


SEO Versus PPC for Digital Marketing


If you are newbie to SEO and PPC then you should know all Pros and Cons of using them separately or together. You should keep in mind that Search Engine Optimization is a long and lengthy process and getting good SEO results depends on several factors. If you use PPC based advertising for your website then it could make a good addition to your overall digital marketing campaigns and goals. But, you should clearly understand the difference between SEO and PPC based marketing before making a final decision.

To decide between SEO and PPC based marketing you need to see things from many angles. To help you see things through we have pointed below some important differences between SEO and PPC, Pros and Cons of SEO and pay par click:



1. Cost


Usually, SEO is much cheaper than PPC, of course, if you do not purchase backlinks in batches. Internal optimization consists of your salary and the salary of a programmer.

As a rule, catalogs are free of charge. In general, in SEO you have a choice of what and at what price to buy and you can measure these inputs according to your budget.

But, it will not work with PPC. You need to get a return. To get a return in a form of a certain number of visitors (potential buyers) to your website, you should pay a certain price, which is determined not by you. It is specified by the local market, where you operate + the PPC ad network that offers you services.

So, contextual advertising or PPC is usually more expensive.


2. Inertia


You have run out of money. What will happen at the front? In the case with PPC, you will get no visitors without money, while there won’t be same problems with SEO. The results will have the effect only after the next indexation.

And even then, they clearly are not known, and unlikely they will sharply get much worse. Do not forget about the free SEO (backlinks in directories, etc.). You will be able to stay afloat if you run out of money for SEO optimization.

The effect of the PPC promotion does not have inertia, unlike the SEO optimization effect.


3. Time to get results


The situation is similar to the above one. PPC will help to get almost immediate results, especially, if you did not skimp money to hire a professional copywriter, who wrote the text of the ad. In the case of SEO optimization, you can take a long time just for the sake of art.

The effect can appear unexpectedly. Perhaps, it can be after the next conversion of Google PR, and possibly later. And, it may happen right tomorrow. SEO is a hard work that pays off not right away.

So, the time of getting the results from PPC advertising is almost instant, from SEO – not very fast, but it lasts longer.

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4. Predictable Results


Despite its mystery, it is easier to predict the effect of the PPC promotion. There are many formulas (for example, CTR, Conversions, etc.), which cannot be said about SEO as you should simply constantly work on it.


5. The Ability to Manage the Process


It is much higher for PPC. At any time, you can stop the campaign or change the text of the ad. In the case of SEO, if, for some reason, you’ve decided to abandon the backlinks from directories, of course, you will not you remove the existing ones.Or you’ve changed the keywords in meta tags for your site and no one knows how, when and what will be the effect.

Thus, the possibility of operational management is higher for PPC advertising.


6. Setting


You can customize time and geography of contextual advertising. In SEO, there is only conditional geographic targeting. But on the other hand, with the use of SEO, you can capture a lot of non-target or narrowly targeted queries, while it will be much more expensive for PPC.

In the case of contextual advertising, you pay for every visitor.


In the case of SEO, each unplanned visitor is free. For example, someone decided to put a link to your resource on their website, because this person got a positive feedback from another friend, or someone just liked the content on your site. And roughly speaking, any visitor from such source does not cost you a penny.


7. Monitoring


PPC advertising requires constant attention, working on ads, prices, and so on. If you do SEO, the effect can either be or not. Actually, it will be, but you could not immediately check and control it, as it has been said above.


8. Psychology


There are people, who basically do not look at contextual ads. SEO will be the most effective way to approach to them. But, there are also those who love to watch and click PPC advertising. For them, SEO is almost an empty phrase.


So what is better? You should decide it for yourself. Don’t forget that this decision should also be based on your budget. It’s not effective to start PPC campaign and finish it in one week. The more areas you cover – the better will be the results. Still, we recommend starting with the quality SEO.

Without any basic SEO, your contextual advertising will be just a waste of money.

Good luck!

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