15 Best Business Software Tools for Social Media, SEO, Sales Marketing, CRM

Most Popular Business Software and Tools that every Marketer Must Have


15 very useful software program tools for Small Business Entrepreneurs (SME’s) that may be used for Marketing, Web Traffic, Management, CRM, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.

Are you an Internet marketer? Do you need to promote your small business with the help of Digital Marketing, SEO, CRM, and Social Media Marketing? Read on…


Digital marketing is backbone of every business house today. And, marketing software, programs, and tools are the strongest arms of any digital marketing that perform the every kind of task related to leads, sales, and business growth. The Business tools mentioned here put your marketing on automation mode. Most of their processes work on automation base.

Digital marketing and Advertising is incomplete without the use of such kind of helpful tools. (web based and stand alone software programs for desktop computer machines)

Digital or Internet marketing plays a very crucial role for any business in today’s Internet age. No marketer can survive or be really successful without the usages of such software program tools as mentioned below.

We have researched a lot and have come up with some of the very popular and widely used tools and programs that are being used by most of the online marketers today.

The below described marketing tools are either in the form of software or they are web based or both types!
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Online Business Tools for Marketers


Major types of Business Software:

  • Accounting software
  • Business intelligence
  • Construction software
  • Customer relationship management
  • Decision making software
  • Dashboard (business)
  • Digital solutions provider (DSP)
  • Document automation
  • Document management system
  • Electronic business
  • Electronic data processing
  • Electronic performance support systems
  • Enterprise software
  • ERP software
  • Inventory software
  • Legal matter management
  • Management information systems
  • Operational risk management
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Project management software
  • Retail software
  • Supply chain management
  • Production support
  • Workflow management system


List of the 15 Most Popular Small Business Software and Web Tools for Digital Marketing:


The below mentioned tools for online marketers are for the following segments of the digital marketing: Web Traffic, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Management, CRM, Social Media Marketing (SMM).


Online Tools for SEO


#1. Directive Consulting


There is nothing as important as a successful SEO campaign in small businesses today. Directive consulting offers small businesses workable SEO plans that not only lead to traffic generation but also ensures high conversion rates.


Directive consulting-online-web-tools-for-seo-traffic-marketing-400x250
Directive Consulting-Boost up your SEO, Traffic, Conversions, and Marketing Goals


In particular, the content marketing and PPC plans offered by Directive Consulting are quite effective in improving the Returns on Investment spend on internet marketing.

[ Visit directiveconsulting.com ]


➤ SEMRush- The number Tool for SEO and Website Ranking

SEO Power Suite- All in One SEO Tool and Software


#2- Digital Current


Digital Current offers some of the most effective SEO tools for small businesses. Precisely, the process of testing, analyzing and calculating websites to produce short term and long term SEO ranking success are incorporated in the business model of Digital Current.


Digital Current -High Quality and result oriented marketing Solutions for all types of Businesses


It is important to note that no business needs traffic that doesn’t get converted into sales, and Digital Current is keen to ensure that the traffic generated is likely to make purchases.


[ Visit digitalcurrent.com ]

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#3- Boostability


The Boostability team provides the innovation and expedience that is required to make a successful SEO campaign and keep businesses miles ahead of their cutthroat competitors.


Boostability-Transform your Business with a Big Boost to your SEO and Marketing Departments


SEO is dynamic and Boostability offers SEO packages that understands this ever changing nature of search engine optimization and keeps businesses up-to-the-minute on the various SEO practices.

[ Visit boostability.com ]


Business Tools to Generate Website Traffic


#4- Free Traffic Generator


The amount of web traffic on a website gives a clear indication of the websites’ net worth. A website that does not have visitors does not add value to a business. Free traffic generator allows websites to get traffic in a very easy way.

This is so because this software allows you to transform your website promotion methods into the Free Traffic Generator links and you are ready to go. Any link is transformed into a traffic link and you can track signups and sales conversions for any link.

[ Visit  freetrafficgenerator.net ]



#5- Traffic Swirl


If you want your website to go viral, then you can’t ignore the traffic generation services offered by traffic swirl. Whether it is your blog, website or social media account, traffic swirl provides you with what you need: traffic with real human views and high conversion rates.

You also get targeted traffic, in this era where targeted traffic moves businesses.

[ Visit trafficswirl.com ]


PPC Marketing Tool for Small Businesses


#6- Google Adwords (Now, Google Ads)


We all know that if a business is not marketing itself and getting involved in innovations, then it is as good as dead. Google AdWords offers the best PPC advertising that delivers the results desired by the advertisers.

It allows people to place targeted ads next to their online content. These ads can be customized to suit the needs of the visitors who can then click on them and get directed to suitable landing pages.

[ Visit  Google Adwords ]

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Business Tools for Social Media Marketing


#7- Hootsuite


Passion in Social Marketing Management has its place at Hootsuite. From publishing, to monitoring, Hootsuite offers all the tools needed by an SMM manager to boost the social media marketing campaign.

All your social media accounts are displayed in multiple streams, making the marketing plan as easy as ABC. The availability of a free plan adds color to the already good package, but there is a paid plan that offer more refined features.


[ Visit : hootsuite ]


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SocialAdr for Instant Social Media Traffic


#8- Sprout Social: Social media management Software


Sprout social allows small businesses to engage their social communities in their businesses easily. Sprout social has really changed the way small business communicate.

The publishing tools and analytics offered by Sprout social are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer to ensure that the needs of all customers are met to their satisfaction.

[ Visit : Sprout Social ]


Management Tool for Small Businesses

#9- Windward Point Of Sale software

Since 1984, Windward Point Of Sale has continued to provide solutions to small businesses which want to reach their full potential. The businesses environment is very competitive nowadays, and Windward Point of Sale is keen to make sure that businesses start, grow and thrive to full potential.

[ Visit:  wws5.com ]


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software for Business


CRM or Customer Relationship Management Software is not a single type of software/program/tool, but it is a combination of many types of software programs that deal with customer relationships, interactions, management, and development.

a CRM software encompasses many aspects related to a business, such as business development, growth, sales and marketing, and business success. But, the important property of a CRM software is that it focuses mainly on customer relationships and dealings with a customer though many aspects which are correlated with other areas of a business, such as leads, data management, customer service, branding, etc.


#10- Salesforce


Small business can sell smarter and faster by making use of the world’s number one CRM solution, which is salesforce.com. There are no limitations here, as businesses can get high quality leads, grow their pipelines easily, make proper decisions and automate sales effectively, to name but a few.


Managing relationships with customers is the most important thing for small business, and Salesforce is there to ensure that businesses relate with their customers in the most professional and efficient manner.

Indeed, getting and keeping customers is a major task for small businesses.


[ Visit  salesforce.com ]


#11- Team support


If you are looking for customer-centric features that will move your business to the next level, Team support is the way to go. This is a customer service software that meets all your needs, and makes your customers feel appreciated and valued.


[ Visit teamsupport.com ]


#12- Infusion soft

You can harness the power of automation in order to organize your contacts, convert leads into sales and make your customers raving fans by making use of infusion soft.

Organizing, automating and growing form the backbone of what infusion soft does to its clients. By managing your contacts and scheduling your activities effectively, you are able to simplify your business for your own benefit and make success an automatic transition.

[ Visit infusionsoft.com ]


#13- Pipedrive


Pipedrive manages sales for small businesses in a way that no other business can do. All the important activities and conversations are well tracked to ensure that the small business does no miss any important information.

Sales forecasting and incorporation of CRM as well as software such as Google Apps and MailChimp makes Pipedrive the favorite tool for the small businesses that want the most important services to their business offered on one platform.

[ Visit  pipedrive ]


#14- Teamgate


Teamgate offers small businesses cloud-based intelligent CRM system that serves the salient needs of growth and development of businesses. It’s simple and easy to use interface gives sales people critical reports and insights.

Additionally, the team gate team walks with its clients all the way from the beginning to the end, assisting them wherever there is need.

[ Visit  teamgate ]


#15- AmoCRM


You only need 10 minutes to set up AmoCRM and join the world of the most intuitive web-based Customer Relations Management in the market today. This is a very powerful tool for performance analysis as well as integration with other important services for businesses such as voice calling, analytics and reporting.

[ Visit amocrm.com/ ]


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